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A Sri Lankan Wedding   (published in Sri Lanka)

June 29, 2010 by   Comments(1)

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By Anne Quirijns

Soon after my arrival in Sri Lanka I heard that the son of my host family would get married soon and I started secretly hoping to be invited! During the week before the wedding, there were a lot of people in our host family’s house to help with the preparations for the wedding. And all week Alice (my roommate) and I were still hoping to be asked to attend! The day before the wedding we finally got the call: we were invited!! We were so excited, even though we had no idea what to wear!

The day of the wedding we went by bus to the Mount Lavina Hotel. There we met our host family, dressed in nice suits en beautiful saris. The son (Subash) was wearing a very impressive king’s outfit! He told us it took him half an hour just to put it on! First some typical Sri Lankan dancers entered the room, singing and dancing. Behind them were Subash and his groomsmen. Alice and I followed him together with the family. We felt somewhat uncomfortable because we could feel everyone looking at the two white girls, but at the same time we felt so honored to be treated as part of the family! When Subash was standing in front of the altar, the bride entered the room, also accompanied by dancers, bridesmaids and her family. She looked stunning in her golden dress with lots of beautiful jewelry! During the wedding ceremony Subash and his family stood on the side of the altar and the bride stood at the other side. Unfortunately the monk (at least, I think it was a monk..) who performed the ceremony spoke in Singhalese, so it was impossible for us to understand what exactly was going on. After some words from him, Subash and Pradeepa (his bride) said something (I suppose something comparable to ‘I do’) and stepped on to the altar. There they stood for a ...

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A Sri Lankan Wedding
A Sri Lankan Wedding

Monthly Dinner party in June 2010   (published in Cambodia)

June 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

The last social event of this month was a monthly dinner party. It was so excited that a lot of our volunteers and all staffs joined this party. It was on 25th June 2010 in the evening we started from 7:00pm. Most of volunteers decided to walk to restaurant as it was located nearby the apartment, except some volunteers who had finished their work around 7:30pm they used motor taxi to go to restaurant.

There were a varieties of food in the party served with soft drink, we listened music and ate. Then, some of our volunteers who finished their eating moved around and had a conversation to each other while some of them were watching a world cup live and some of them still enjoying eating. The last, we enjoy dancing altogether. As we had a big space it is easy for us to move and dance happily.

I am sure that all volunteers really had a good time as a good weekend. Thank you so much for your participation. I hope that next month we will have it again and hope all of you will enjoy one again:-).

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Monthly Dinner party in June 2010
Monthly Dinner party in June 2010

Medical Outreach   (published in Mongolia)

June 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

     This month saw our second medical outreach programme with homeless youths in Ulaanbaatar.  This time our medical volunteers visited the Children’s detention centre; where they examined and gave talks to the children.

This medical outreach project will continue twice every month for the rest of the year.

     Volunteers:    Fiona Greig, Alexander Pollock, Korinna Ringendahl, Kelly Allen, Maria Binder, Bo-Chao Wang, Bryony Milner, Bo Wang, Rebecca Buttar, Sunny Mai, Artemis Fedder, Derek Reinhold

     In Mongolia, many physical and mental disabilities are actually caused by malnutrition during prenatal and early natal development. It is especially difficult for Mongolians to maintain healthy levels of nutrients like Vitamin C that can only be found in foods that have to be imported. This is why daily vitamins can be life-changing gifts for pregnant women and developing children. The United Nations estimates that about 4,000 children live on the streets in Mongolia, most of who live in Ulaanbaatar. These children often have no safe place to stay, food to eat or clothes to wear. The World Health Organization also estimates that 23.5 percent of children under 5 in Mongolia are stunted in growth (2004). For these reasons, on June 9th 12 Projects Abroad volunteers and 3 staff members packed up as many vitamins, key medications, toys and smiles as they could to take with them to a children’s detention center in Southern Ulaanbaatar.

This detention center can hold up to 60 children, but currently it only holds about 40. These children are usually between 3 and 16 years old, but they can be as young as 2. All of the children are found by the police living on the streets for various ...

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Medical Outreach
Medical Outreach

Dirty Weekend at Love & Care   (published in India)

June 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Last Weekend  Projects Abroad India conducted the most interesting social event – The Dirty Weekend..Many of our staff members and volunteers made an exquisite expedition to one of our new placement – Love & Care orphanage on Saturday..

We planned to clean the area in-front of the school building. Also we accepted to the fact that we should train the kids over there as well.. So we parted the children into 6 teams with our volunteers as Team leaders.Every team was taken care by these leaders and they taught the children about cleanliness with games and instructions.

While in the afternoon,all the volunteers and staff had our Lunch together…Before winding up,we played some group games with the children. With heavy heart, we left the place in the evening by distributing some sweets to the children.

And am pretty sure that our work will be remembered always and our mission continues…

Contributed by Nadia Chellam – Social Manager from Projects Abroad India

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Dirty Weekend at Love & Care
Dirty Weekend at Love & Care

Eva Peron Home for young children: a very special makeover   (published in Argentina)

June 28, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Saturday July 26th was a special day for the kids of Eva Peron Children’s Home, one of our Care placements. They had just spent what was going to be there last night in one of the very sad looking bedrooms of the house. Little did they know that a couple of months ago, Inés Mariani, our Volunteer Manager, started planning a Dirty weekend to makeover all the bedrooms. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is something Projects Abroad does in many of its destinations. What is it about? Doing some hands-on work which makes a difference for the communities that we reach.









With Projects Abroad support, we brought together Projects Abroad volunteers and staff for this very special weekend. A donation of cushions, plastic covers for mattresses and a CD stereo was being done at the same time to complete the event. We all met around midday at the Eva Peron Children’s Home to divide into four groups – one for each room. These rooms needed a serious makeover – filling and cement for the many cracks in the walls, sandpaper and liters and liters of paint!

With a lot of effort we succeeded in finishing the four bedrooms since by late Sunday afternoon curtains and lamps were up bringing the last finishing touch to each room and its theme.

I would like to thank all of the Projects Abroad volunteers for having participated in the Dirty Weekend and dedicated some of their time to this Project, and a special thanks to Ines Mariani, our Volunteer Manager, without whom this Project would have never arisen.

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Eva Peron Home for young children: a very special makeover
Eva Peron Home for young children: a very special makeover

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