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Argentina - a love story...   (published in Argentina)

June 24, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Two days ago I came back from an incredible 4 day trip to the Northwest of Argentina. The landscapes, the change of colours of the mountains, the Salt Lake, the indigenous people and the small villages lost in the middle of nowhere made it all very different to what I had already seen of this beautiful country – the falls of Iguazu where one of the 7 wonders of the world makes you dizzy by its immensity; the famous wine region of Mendoza; the snowy mountains of Bariloche and the lakes of San Martin de los Andes; the city of tango Buenos Aires & finally the Sierras of Cordoba, my home town for the past 8 months.

I arrived in October 2009 not knowing much of Argentina but with the feeling that my stay here was going to be a life changing experience. As a Projects Abroad volunteer I discovered how generous the Argentineans are and how easy it is to feel at home when your thousands of kilometers from your family. Travelling not only opens your mind to other cultures but enables you to meet lifelong friends. Now, as the Social Manager, I try to share this feeling with volunteers and hope that they too will fully experience their time with their host family & at their placement.


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Argentina - a love story...
Argentina - a love story...

World Cup in Ghana   (published in Ghana)

June 24, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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   There were a lot of high hopes held for the African teams before the World Cup started, due to the fact that it was on home soil and the numbers of stars abroad were growing. Yet 12 and a half days after the start of the World Cup, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria and Algeria were all out of the group stages, falling short at the first hurdle. I personally don’t think it was it due to a lack of passion or effort. Noteworthy mentions go to South Africa’s triumphant victory against the French, Ivory Coast’s passionate display against the Brazilians while coming up against a terrible decision to allow Luis Fabiano’s second goal to stand, and Nigeria’s valiant effort against the South Koreans.

   There was a lot of excitement and tension in Ghana because they were the sole country waving the flag for Africa. The whole continent’s hope rested on them to go through to the next round. So it was understandable that the staff in Kumasi were shouting, screaming and running about the office during the game!

   The Ghanaians lost the game, but due to the Australians beating the Serbians in the other game, they managed to limp into the next round. They will now face USA on June . I will try and get a video of the crazy staff here for next time! The cars on the roads were all honking their horns after the game and the whole city was full of cheering Ghanaians. I can’t wait for the next game.

              More importantly though – Japan vs Denmark tonight!



By Minato Kobori

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World Cup in Ghana
World Cup in Ghana

SNOWLAND'S GOT TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (published in Nepal)

June 24, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Arriving at Snowlands, you could feel the excitement in the air as it lead up to the first EVER talent show at the school in Bishalnagar.







                                                                            All the volunteers currently working at this school worked hard to organised  and put this show on for the children. When they announced that it would happen at the beginning and asked the children if they would like to perform, I don’t think they expected them to sign up over 30 different performances!

There was traditional and modern dancing, singing, poems and drama acts all performed by the children. Some of the volunteers were even brave enough to get up on the stage and perform themselves. All the children and volunteers were blown away by Eliazbeths’ solo performance…she was even called back for an encore.


It was such a great atmosphere at the school, and I think children and volunteers alike had an amazing experience. Check out the videos and photos for a small taste of the talent that was bouncing around at Snowlands last Friday.


 Once again, a big BIG thank you to Genevieve Cox, Judith Work, Grace Johnson, Amilcare Caselli, Daniel Schaefer, Elizabeth Hernandez and Adrian Khan, for all the work you put in to organise this show for the children. I’m sure it is one they will never ...

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My wife and I spent 7 weeks in wonderful Ethiopia.   (published in Ethiopia)

June 23, 2010 by   Comments(0)


My wife and I spent 7 weeks in wonderful Ethiopia. For the first month we were volunteering through Projects Abroad. We lived with a local family in the district of Maganga, Ethiopia. The house was simple, sure, but we had a comfortable bed, hearty portions of enjira and shiro, and were treated to the fascinating coffee ceremonies that make up an integral part of life in Ethiopia.


I volunteered as a teacher and got to work at both a local primary school and an adult education centre. The kids at the school were so full of energy and such a pleasure to teach. The school principal allowed me to organise a football tournament at the end of term and we had a team from each class and over 300 children either playing or cheering on from the sidelines. The adult education centre required a completely different teaching style and enabled me to conduct discussion groups with students of a variety of ages on different hot topics – like economics, politics, history and Ethiopian society – it really gave me a fantastic insight into everyday life in Addis Ababa.

My wife is a qualified physiotherapist, and so she volunteered for a charity in the city. During the month she was able to help disabled children in various orphanages around Addis Ababa, as well as conduct an outreach programme for children unable to get to a clinic or hospital.

We found both placements incredibly rewarding and educational. We are very grateful to Projects Abroad – they took care of everything. They met us at the airport, gave us a guided tour of the city, and ensured we were settled with both our families and our placements. They organised cultural nights, meals out and cinema trips where we could meet other volunteers, and were always ...

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My wife and I spent 7 weeks in wonderful Ethiopia.
My wife and I spent 7 weeks in wonderful Ethiopia.

Three Questions To Eldana   (published in Ethiopia)

June 23, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Three Questions To Eldana – Host sister

1.    Are you happy to host volunteers? Why?

Æ  Definitely, me and all members of the family are very happy to have volunteers in our house - any time welcome. You know, before we hosted volunteers my knowledge of western people and their countries was very much limited and unclear but now, thanks to volunteers from different countries, my knowledge about their culture and country grows from time to time and my life style and philosophy has changed. I really appreciate their thoughts for humanity and that they gave out free service for the needy – I like that the most.

2.    How do you help out volunteers at the house?

Æ On my first meeting with volunteers I say Hello and inform them to feel free and consider the house like their house and to ask anything they want. I know still there is a gap in cultural differences but if we have discussions openly  all the time, there will be solution to that as well – this is what I say to volunteers every time. I am happy to help volunteers in any way.  So far I id different trips with  them, out to cinema, tea and coffee and took them to Merkato.

3.    Any unforgettable moments with volunteers?

Æ I am like a friend to most of the volunteers who stayed in our house. I will not forget  when we did the trip to the north part of Ethiopia with kim- when we had to change the car wheel seven times – you would not believe this was in one trip. And the other thing, again with Kim, we travelled until one

    o’clock after mid  night because we missed the way from Bale mountain to Harer. This happened because we decided to have an adventure and the driver did ...

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Three Questions To Eldana
Three Questions To Eldana

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