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Cricket Match at Madurai   (published in India)

June 28, 2010 by   Comments(0)


Taking a break from travel, the Projects Abroad team stayed in Madurai this weekend and held a Sports Weekend for both staff and volunteers.

Morning games of cricket pitted volunteers versus staff against one another in a tough, entertaining game that ended with a win for Pandi’s team.

Our social coordinator wrapped up the match with a congratulatory speech for both teams before all headed to lunch at a nearby hotel.Volunteers cooled off in the afternoon at the pool, and even taught some of our local staff how to swim!

Contributed by John Qua - Staff member

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Cricket Match at Madurai
Cricket Match at Madurai

Expedition 2 – Girls on tour   (published in Sri Lanka)

June 27, 2010 by   Comments(0)


This weekend we have been to the Ancient Cities – not that far away as the crow flies, but on these roads with this public transport a long way, so we hired a driver and a van for the weekend.

The weekend actually started on Thursday with a ‘birthday party’ at Sukitha, which is where I am working. All of the volunteers arrived, we had cake, made Chinese food for lunch and played games with the girls. I’m sure that pleased the teachers as we had to take them out of school to do it! It was lovely having company for a change. After we had finished the party it was off to a local hotel for a buffet lunch and then on with our journey.

First stop was Sigiriya, and it took about 6 hours to get there including a stop for dinner. On the way we passed through Dambulla and the cricket stadium – and hundreds of saddened fans as Sri Lanka lost the finals of the Asia Cup to India that evening.  On arrival the hotel was in darkness. Our driver roused the owner and we claimed our rooms and went to bed.  In the morning we had a lovely breakfast – fruit, hoppers and pancakes.  First stop was Sigiriya Rock. Only 1000 steps to the top. Oh, and it was a Poya weekend, celebrating the first time Buddhism came to Sri Lanka, so only slightly busy. Much pushing, shoving and jostling later we made it to the top, having passed through a cave containing some rather old pictures.  The view from the top was spectacular and since the ruins covered pretty much every part of the top of the rock, the palace that was there must have been huge.  Back down was easier, not so many people in the same place at the same time, then off down the road to Pollonaruwa, with a lunch stop at a place for locals. This meant eating ‘rice and ...

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Expedition 2 – Girls on tour
Expedition 2 – Girls on tour

A warm welcome to our new Assistant Manager, Anna Munro   (published in Peru)

June 25, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Anna Munro  Since last year I had been hoping an opportunity would arise with Projects Abroad and finally I have the chance to come Peru and take part as the Assistant Manager and Social Manager.  In the last few weeks I have heard a lot about the Sacred Valley, the people and culture of Peru, the projects that you all take part in and I can´t wait to come and get involved helping out the volunteers and the community. 

Currently I am living in Spain where I have been teaching English and doing some volunteer work with Outward Bound, an organisation that helps people to discover more about themselves by providing challenges in the wilderness.  Here I got a chance to take part in programmes involving trekking, kayaking, climbing and working as a team to overcome obstacles.  Prior to that, three months ago, I was living in New Zealand, my hometown, working at Auckland University of Technology.  There I coordinated a Student Mentor Programme that helps new students integrate into university life and provides a way for current students to get involved and experience the satisfication of helping new students to find their feet.  It was a very rewarding role.

I love travelling, learning languages and meeting people from all around the world - perhaps as I was brought up in a family that always hosted language students from all corners of the world!  I am very thankful to my parents for this wonderful experience that opens your mind to different cultures.  This will be my second trip to South America as two years ago I spent a few months in Argentina - I will arrive with my very confused Spanish accent - partly Argentinian, partly Spanish, partly ...

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A warm welcome to our new Assistant Manager, Anna Munro
A warm welcome to our new Assistant Manager, Anna Munro

Trip to the Zoo with the Nutrirional Rehab Centre   (published in Nepal)

June 25, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Lea-Isabell Blaumer and Benny Yau are the 2 volunteers working at NRH right now. Today, they decided to take all the patients at the Nutritional Rehabilitation Home and their carers to the zoo for a special treat.


Once everyone got squashed into the good old micro-bus, we headed off to Jawlikhel. We wandered round in the sun with all the children, looking at the rhinos, hippos, dear, monkeys, birds but unfortunately weren’t lukcy enough to see the Tiger.


Then, in true Nepali style, we had mountains of food; tastey snacks with potato curry and chura (beaten rice). We then joined together with another of our placements here, MSPN who were also on a trip to the zoo, for music and dancing!

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Trip to the Zoo with the Nutrirional Rehab Centre
Trip to the Zoo with the Nutrirional Rehab Centre

Asim's cowboy day and Canadian duets in Excelsior   (published in Nepal)

June 25, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Asim is a volunteers who has been in Nepal since mid May, working at a childrens' orthopaedic hospital out in Banepa. One day this week, he decided to go all a guitar, a leather cowboy hat and a funny looking coat...check out the photos!

When we met in Excelsior, Alex was giving Asim a guitar lesson and we discovered that Alex and Kate (both from Canada) sing great togethre! Unfortunately she was leaving the next morning, but we had a bit of a sing-along at the hotel before everyone headed to bed.

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Asim's cowboy day and Canadian duets in Excelsior
Asim's cowboy day and Canadian duets in Excelsior

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