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Monthly Social at Mama's Pizza!!   (published in Fiji)

July 26, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Last Thursday all the volunteers and staff in Fiji gathered together for our monthly social at Mama's Pizza in downtown Nadi!  With all of our regular volunteers, plus the 2 Week Special volunteers we were almost 30!!!! It was a very large group and we took over most of the restaurant!

We gorged on veggie pizza’s with everything, Mama’s infamous chicken pizza, Hawaiian pizza and of course the overloaded meat feast pizza… Yummo.  As ever there were tons of leftovers again, but that’s half the fun!

A couple of our volunteers who have been here for almost two months are on their way out again, so it was great to catch up with them and hear some of their stories of volunteering and travelling… I think all of them have planned to miss their planes and never leave ;)

We also had a large number of new volunteers there, so it was fun to see them all getting along and planning their weekends together… the islands really do have great pulling power and no matter how many islands the volunteers manage to see, there are always more they haven’t discovered!!  

At about 10pm the staff more or less asked us to leave (!) and we all dispersed to our homes away from home!!

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Monthly Social at Mama's Pizza!!
Monthly Social at Mama's Pizza!!

La Falda Tango Festival! Our past Social!   (published in Argentina)

July 26, 2010 by   Comments(0)

It doesn’t matter that tango as we know it today emerged in Buenos Aires city, because La Falda town in Córdoba province is one of the favourite spots of local tangueros. If Buenos Aires offers daily gigs in different venues, La Falda welcomes the country’s finests musicians in several nights of pure tango in only one place.

It all started when in the 60s, La Falda’s residents envied Cosquín folk music festival. La Falda looked up to Cosquín, wanted to be like them because people were driven crazy by the event, which drew huge crowds. They knew that culture can rescue a city, so they thought that tango could foster tourism in La Falda. Following Cosquín’s example, people from La Falda created La Falda Tango, which opened in 1965 with 9 nights in a row.

During La Falda’s nights, artists feel welcomed by the warm audience, which counteracts the cold weather. La Falda is important not only because of its name and history, but also because it brings together high quality artists. Good art prevails above all things. Mythical artists who are no longer alive will also be part of the festival: a special section pays a tribute to late tango artists and musicians.

Saturday 24th of July, I took the volunteers to discover this Festival that is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. We enjoyed the show and discovered some very talented tango singers and dancers!

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La Falda Tango Festival! Our past Social!
La Falda Tango Festival! Our past Social!

Projects Abroad Volunteers extend a helping hand   (published in South Africa)

July 26, 2010 by   Comments(0)


by Rachel Giansiracusa (AUS)

(Above: Projects Abroad Volunteers team up with a local organisation to help do a 'makeover' for Overcome Educare)

Projects Abroad volunteers Rachel Giansiracusa (AUS) and Helene Brun (FRA) spent time on Tuesday 19th July at Overcome Educare cleaning out the ‘wendy house’ where the crèche is run. Truth North’s Director Vicky, has been working with teachers Christine and Lolo at the crèche to help support program development as well as helping them to access resources like educational equipment and fresh food and vegetables.

(Above left: Rachel Giansiracusa (AUS) and Helene Brun (FRA) in the process of sorting out the contents of the crèche)

(Above: The children of Overcome Educare eager to go back inside their new and improved crèche!)


Projects Abroad volunteers have met and worked briefly with teachers and children at Overcome Educare (non-Projects Abroad) and were more than happy to spend a day helping to sort out and clean the crèche. Everything was moved out of the crèche onto the surrounding grounds and materials were cleaned and sorted. The space was then re-organised to help teachers to be able to work more effectively within the space and therefore directly helping to increase the quality of care and education provided for the children. 

(Above: The 'after' of the dramatically more organised and clean Overcome Educare.

Below: Projects Abroad Volunteer, Rachel, with the extremely grateful staff from Overcome Educare!)

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Projects Abroad Volunteers extend a helping hand
Projects Abroad Volunteers extend a helping hand

Coconut Tree Plantation at an Orphanage   (published in India)

July 26, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Last Sunday, Projects Abroad India conducted the Tree Planting activity at an orphanage named Anbarasi Social Action in Dindigul which is one-hour drive from Madurai.

I met about 18 volunteers at the Bus station and we all took a bus that takes about an hour to reach the town – Dindigul. Since we felt hungry we had our breakfast in the nearby hotel then we took an autorickshaw to the orphanage.

All the children at the orphanage were eagerly waiting for our arrival and once we arrived they greeted us with flowers and kumkum. Then I just explained the kids and the Volunteers about that days work that we have targeted for.

Volunteers were very much happy and they started their work with the tools that were provided. Each of the volunteer planted atleast two saplings of shade-giving trees like neem,etc. Then all the volunteers just divide them into small groups and started digging very large pits of 4 feet depth to plant the coconut saplings. Our volunteers struggled a lot to dig the pits because it was a very rough surface.

The children over there also were so happy in helping our volunteers and they just followed the volunteers in doing work.Atlast we planted about 9 coconut saplings on that day and the placement supervisor assured us they will plant remaining 40 saplings with the help of the near-by farmers in the village.Since all the volunteers were very much tired, we just finished our work and played some games like football, cricket with the children.

While in the afternoon, we had a very good Lunch at the orphanage along with the children and the whole expense for the meals was taken care by Projects Abroad India.

After the lunch also our volunteers played few nice games with the children.In the evening, All the volunteers and me(Nadia) left the ...

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Coconut Tree Plantation at an Orphanage
Coconut Tree Plantation at an Orphanage

Weekend Excursion to Kanyakumari   (published in India)

July 26, 2010 by   Comments(1)

Recently, Our volunteers in India had their weekend trip to Kanyakumari (the southernmost tip of India)and it was one of the most interesting one.

Our volunteers got a chance to visit the famous palace, beach and the waterfalls and it was amazing!Volunteers also spent some time at the world renowned Hanging bridge and had a very good time over there.

Our group of volunteers also visited the famous Vivekananda Memorial Rock and Thiruvalluvar statue during the weekend trip and they criticized it to be worthy trip.

Contributed by Nadia – the Social Manager, India

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Weekend Excursion to Kanyakumari
Weekend Excursion to Kanyakumari

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