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Weekend trip in our 2 week special programme!   (published in Mexico)

July 28, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Hello everyone!

I just came back from the Turtle camp where the activities for our 2 week special programme is taking place. It was a great trip in which I had the chance to spend a really fun time with the guys who are taking part of this project.

As part of the activities in the 2 weeks programme we arranged a trip to the beautiful town of Melaque, a beach destination that is located in the state of Jalisco! We packed our bags and we had a good time, really nice food, good climate and an amazing beach just two steps away from our hotel!

More pictures are on the way so keep an eye on this blog!!!

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Weekend trip in our 2 week special programme!
Weekend trip in our 2 week special programme!

Culture on the Roof in Jamaica. Written by Denise Morgan (Social Manager)   (published in Jamaica)

July 27, 2010 by   Comments(0)

The two-week special volunteers at Projects Abroad Jamaica had a taste, literally, of their first Patois and Culture class on Thursday, July 22, 2010. The group of twenty-seven volunteers, hailing from various parts of the world- some including France, Ireland, Japan and Canada was given a concise patois lesson on greetings and introductions. “Wha a gwaan,” they all said. That’s patois for what’s happening. Each volunteer was asked to take centre stage to issue a greeting and introduce themselves in patois, adding a little Jamaican attitude.  They were also taught the various body parts and members of their family in patois. At the end of the patois session prizes were given to volunteers who could repeat an entire sentence in patois. The Social Manager spoke the sentence first and then the volunteer, who repeated the original sentence close to perfect, got the prize.

A brief overview of Jamaica was given and questions were subsequently asked, volunteers who answered the questions correctly were rewarded for listening keenly. Some of the prizes included Bob Marley cups, Jamaican drinking mugs, Jamaican key rings and maps. The Culture segment continued by offering volunteers a buffet of Jamaican fruits and local sweet treats such as, Drops and Busta-Both are made from the flesh of the dried coconut. It’s either grated or cut up in small pieces, boiled until the flesh feels softer, then sugar and ginger added. This mixture is left to boil until it somewhat caramelizes. A spoon is then used to drop the sticky mixture unto cooling sheets. When cooled the finished product is a hardened sweet treat enjoyed by many Jamaicans.

Mangoes, Guineps, Papaya and Sugar Cane were some of the fruits sampled by the volunteers. There was a ...

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Culture on the Roof in Jamaica. Written by Denise Morgan (Social Manager)
Culture on the Roof in Jamaica. Written by Denise Morgan (Social Manager)

Renovations!!   (published in Sri Lanka)

July 27, 2010 by   Comments(0)

SO, Projects Abroad gave us some cash for paint and stuff...let's see what we did with it!!


That's the dining room - now one tone of paint complete with fish, flowers and butterflies

That's part of the garden before...


...and after. The rest of it looks pretty good too, but you're going to have to wait for photos :)

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Chicken coop built at Vrygrond Community Centre (Etafeni)   (published in South Africa)

July 27, 2010 by   Comments(1)

(By Rachel Giansiracusa, USA)

(Rachel, volunteer from USA, and Fransisca, local manager of the Kitchen Garden in Capricorn, in front of the completed chicken coop)

The Vrygrond Community Centre in Capricorn has established a Kitchen Garden. The Kitchen Garden is managed by Francisca with the help of Ishmael and Linzey. Projects Abroad Volunteers Rachel Giansiracusa (AUS) and Helene Brun (FRA) have been working at the centre for a few months and identified the need/want through Francisca for a chicken house and chickens to support the kitchen garden’s aim to be fully sustainable. The Kitchen Garden aims to provide fresh organic vegetables for the community centre’s Preschool, Income Generation Program (VIGG) and Fit For Life Fit For Work Program.

Thanks to Projects Abroad’s ‘Dirty Weekend initiative’ (Projects Abroad fund a particular effort to develop and improve the projects, according to what the volunteers identify and apply for) we were able to build the chicken house with the help of local construction workers  Darryl and Richard. The chickens were sourced locally, supporting the local economy. There are 5 hens and 2 roosters and Francisca hopes to use eggs as well as breed some more chickens. The chicken house has created a lot of positive energy and the people at the community centre are excited about it and have been checking regularly on the progress of the construction. It was an exciting event moving the chickens into their new home.

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Chicken coop built at Vrygrond Community Centre (Etafeni)
Chicken coop built at Vrygrond Community Centre (Etafeni)

2 Week Special Trip to Mana Island!!   (published in Fiji)

July 26, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Last weekend Elenoa and I took the 2 Week Special Volunteers to Mana Island for the night, and what a treat it was!!

I've only been in Fiji a short while myself and had not yet managed to fit in an Island trip, so it was a first for me too.  I was blown away by the beauty and tranquillity which lies so close to Nadi’s coast!

On Saturday morning all 10 2WS volunteers plus Elenoa and myself waddled through the dark waters of Wailoaloa beach to a speed boat, and an hour later we left the speed boat and stepped into the translucent waters of Mana Island beach.

We were welcomed at Mana Lagoon with a traditional welcome song, each of us found ourselves a bunk in the dorm and then we hit the beach.  Some of the volunteers made the most of the activities available on Mana Island – a couple of them went snorkelling and saw a sea-snake!!  Rebecca and Euan rented a kayak and Bo, Steven and Zoe went for a long walk all around the island!  The rest of us just parked ourselves in the sand and let the tanning begin!



We were recommended to take a walk over to the other side of the island to Sunset beach to watch, well, the sunset… which some of our group decided to do.  The walk there was longer than expected however and they missed it!  So everyone gathered at Mana Lagoon again and we enjoyed an absolute feast!  The staff had cooked us a Lovo – the Fijian bbq – in which the food is slowly cooked in a deep whole in ground.  In true Fijian style we all got a mountain of food consisting of lovo fish, pumpkin and sausages; there was some spinach-like green, dalo, noodles and salad!  Too much for any of us!

After dinner we were entertained by some traditional dancing – which ...

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2 Week Special Trip to Mana Island!!
2 Week Special Trip to Mana Island!!

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