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2 weeks Cookery Programme in India   (published in India)

July 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

The on-going Cookery 2-weeks program in India started from 18th of July onwards and is going to finish by 31st of July 2010. The volunteer is taken for the famous hotels in Madurai and had given an opportunity to learn and cook the traditional dishes of south-india as well as north-india. Also she got a chance to visit the famous bakeries in Madurai to get to know how the baked dishes are prepared in India.

Projects Abroad India organised the weekend trip to Kodaikanal and as a part of social events she was taken to famous temple,palace,museum around Madurai after her work hours.

Contributed by Nadia – the Social Manager

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2 weeks Cookery Programme in India
2 weeks Cookery Programme in India

Sender ref: Make a difference for Romania   (published in Romania)

July 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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  As (almost) every morning, I walked into my office, turned on my laptop and started writing some emails. Ten minutes later, a knock on the door insistently interrupted my 'Dear...'s, 'All the best's, and 'Yours truly's and made me grab the key. My colleague Lucian was faster: he'd already opened the door. Only to step back from the door holding the paper that the man knocking had given him, and come to me with a very puzzled expression on his face:

- We've just received 385 kilograms of something. Do you know anything about it?385 kg? Gosh, what could this be? Half a car, a really big motorcycle, cattle...I grabbed the paper he was holding: it said 'Sender ref: Make a difference for Romania'! Luckily, I also recognized a name, Daniela Cristea, my Care and Teaching Supervisor for Projects Abroad Romania. Maybe she can unravel the mystery...On the phone, she sounded bemused as well: - I have no idea, I don't know what it could be...Hold on! Are they in many little TNT boxes? (yes, they are) It must be a donation from Melanie then, but I had no idea she was sending anything.

Well, it took us a while (and all the space in the hallway) to unload the whole truck of all the tooth paste, clothes, baby food, tea, toys and many other things that Melanie Persson from Sweden - one of our former volunteers - had sent in an attempt to 'Make a difference for Romania'. Melanie - and two of her colleagues from TNT Sweden, Clara and Robert - collected the goods from many different places in Sweden, from TNT employees and their family and friends. Well, they will definitely make a difference in the lives of quite a few poor, disadvantaged families around the city of Brasov, that's for sure. Not that this is the first time they've made a similar ...

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Sender ref: Make a difference for Romania
Sender ref: Make a difference for Romania

Eating Bees - The Biggest Projects Abroad Dinner... EVER   (published in China)

July 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

"It’s quite fun arranging dining events during the summer because there are such a lot of people. It all starts with a phone call to reserve the places at the restaurant. Inevitably they will ask for how many people it is for, which is met by a request for me to repeat the number a couple of times before a screech for a manager to 过来 (come over).

If the manager is the owner (as was the case in this instance) then you normally find you will be warmly greeted. This owner, named Feng, was particularly friendly and even before ringing I was aware of his reputation for conviviality. Immediately he invited me over for drinks, describing to me the philosophy behind the restaurant and how it all got started. In fact, all the food there is from Yunnan which is in the South West of China. He also owns a chippy in Beijing, which I thought was quite amusing (being British an’all). Besides the gregarious owner the restaurant is famous primarily for 3 things; the delicious goat’s cheese, the extensive beer collection, and the serving of insects. The key to Feng’s philosophy is that Yunnan food goes great with good quality beers. He has just recently opened this new addition in the Lujiazui area of Shanghai to add to his portfolio of eateries.

To describe briefly this area, it is more similar to how you might have imagined Tokyo to appear; clean and orderly streets that lay under the shadows of giant high-rise corporate buildings. Lujiazui is an expanse that is quite a contrast to the sleepy French concession on the Puxi side (the east side of the Huangpu river). Whilst the former is famous for the elderly locals sauntering around in their pajamas and having a bit of a gossip, the latter is known to be populated (in working hours at least) by the ...

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Eating Bees - The Biggest Projects Abroad Dinner... EVER
Eating Bees - The Biggest Projects Abroad Dinner... EVER

Closing time   (published in Sri Lanka)

July 29, 2010 by   Comments(0)

"Closing time - time for you to go out, go out into the world...Closing time - you don't have to go home but you can't stay here...Closing time - every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"

It's really time to go. I'm packed (almost) and I'm being picked up to be taken to the airport in about 4 hours time. I don't want to leave; I've been made to feel so welcome at home and made some good relationships with the girls at work that it feels so much longer than 2 months since I said goodbye to the UK. I've even just had the pleasure of a free trip on the bus thanks to one of my regular conductors on the way to work!

Things I have learnt:I am practical, proactive and (apparently) stylish. I'll do what I see needs doing, and not just make plans to do it which I then forget about when things get tough. You can't change the world, but you can help to make it a little better in places.

And some advice if you're thinking of coming to Sri Lanka:Don't bring a white towel to Sri Lanka, it will only show how badly you have cleaned yourself in the shower (feet in particular never seem to be clean!)

Keep your eyes open. On my way to work I've seen more animals than I saw on safari. Elephant, lizard, bearded dragon, giant lizard (water monitor I think it's called), porcupine, mongoose, giant snail, millipedes, rat, giant spiders, water buffalo, parakeets, monkeys, fireflies and of course dogs, cats and cows. I've also seen the variety of life than is Sri Lanka - men pouring over the pages of the Race Card, women at the temple, men playing cards outside the coffin shop, children at school.

Ride the buses. They can get so crowded you have to stand on the steps and hang out the door (don't tell my mum!) and they take an age to get anywhere but they are dead cheap. If you ...

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Closing time
Closing time

PART 1: “Before” photos of Where Rainbows Meet Container   (published in South Africa)

July 28, 2010 by   Comments(0)

  By Zak Tabatznik (CAN, Care Project)

This 40 foot blue storage container was donated by Sebastian Mader from Germany in hopes that it will one day become a computer/software classroom for the Where Rainbows Meet organization.  Before the computers are donated, however, the container needs to be fixed up.  That is where Max Piltz and I (Zak Tabatznik), two volunteers from Canada, come in. We are planning to paint the container to make it more presentable for business partners interested in the organization as well as add in a window to bring light into the soon-to-be computer room.  More photos and updates to follow in the next few weeks to track the progress of the improvements.


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PART 1: “Before” photos of Where Rainbows Meet Container
PART 1: “Before” photos of Where Rainbows Meet Container

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