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New Placement   (published in Cambodia)

July 18, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Starting in 2006, Projects Abroad Cambodia has just only a few of placements or orphanages. Year by year, the amount of volunteers has increased, and we try to fine out more placements for our volunteers working. Until now we have around 20 placement for Care and Teaching project. All of those placements always need help and support. So we keep allocated our volunteers to all those placement according to requirement of our volunteers.

Recently, as the number of volunteers increase in June 2010, we have new cooparation with a new placement which name Riverkids. It take care of around 200 children who was abused and trafficked.

In July we have allocated our volunteers to work at there and hope that they will happy to help and work at the placement. And hope the children have a good time with them.



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New Placement
New Placement

it's not all play, play, play   (published in Sri Lanka)

July 17, 2010 by   Comments(0)

SO, I thought since I've been here a while I should let you know what I'm doing when I'm not swanning around the country! My host family are lovely - Mum and Dad are Lanka and UK, then there's Rayan who at the moment seems to be taking a lot of leave from work to study (=staring into space ;) ). There's a German Shepherd called Blackie and a 'lady what does' called Mala. I have my own room and the other two volunteers are sharing the other room. It's a great house, the food is lovely and the family are really friendly. Work, now that's a different matter. I'm at an orphange for girls with special needs. Although it's not really an orphange in the truest sense of the word since a lot of the girls go home for the holidays. Oh, and there's some boys living there too! Anyway, there are about 65 girls and women there, most of them go to school and those that don't are expected to help out around the house - cleaning, cooking, washing, looking after the younger girls. On my first day there, they gave me a class of 6 teenage girls and said 'teach them'. These girls don't speak English, I don't speak Sinhala (I'm getting better, but then I had no words at all) and I didn't know where they were at. We did some numbers and some colouring and then they went off for a music lesson and I didn't see them again. The next day I stayed up at the house and helped occupy/stimulate the ladies who don't go to school. We do puzzles, play games, draw, make things from tissue paper, make necklaces and generally have a lovely time. I have lunch there, which is always rice and curry and is supplied by someone locally as 'alms' - usually in remembrance of a family member. I have done some other things too. When I arrived I didn't know anyone's name and no one seemed able to tell me. There's now ...

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it's not all play, play, play
it's not all play, play, play

July – busy, busy, busy!   (published in Argentina)

July 16, 2010 by   Comments(0)


This week has been so far one the busiest weeks in July – 12 new arrivals, a monthly Social & a mini Dirty Weekend have contributed to the rush of this month. On Wednesday we were over 48 to meet at a Pizzaria for a fun evening all together. It’s always great to see the new volunteers meet the old ones and socialize!

Last night we had our monthly Mini Dirty Day at the Querrubines Foundation, a home for young children. Every month they organize a clothes fair to collect money for different projects and they asked Projects Abroad to give a hand. We spent a couple of hours there preparing everything and organizing the clothes for sale.

Tonight, is the two week special’s last night and we are going to be meeting at a local Parrilla Restaurant to eat a typical Argentinean barbecue!! The best in the world, I can assure you.

I wish you all a great weekend!

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July – busy, busy, busy!
July – busy, busy, busy!

TIME FOR CARE CHANGE   (published in Peru)

July 16, 2010 by   Comments(0)

After a complete evaluation we have decided to offer a new option in our Care programme, currently offering 3 options in special needs, day care and kindergarden, of which the latter has been by far the most popular, we will offer 4 options soon.


After years of collaborating with kindergarden teachers, training them, networking, elaborating materials and offering alternative educational activities, we must agree with the Ministry of Education when they conclude that our resources would be better served in different type of institutions, the PRONOEIs (PROgrama No Escolarizada de Educacion Inicial), which are early years programmes run by members of rural communities, called “animadoras”.

PRONOEIs are an alternative for rural areas where there is no such thing as a kindergarden, most of the times, the “lessons” are done in a room made available by the community and there are no educational materials available. Animadoras only receive a “propina”, a tip for their work of around 120 US$ a month and they work with smaller groups. More quechua will be spoken and this makes intermediate Spanish necessary, we expect the rewards for a volunteer to be higher though as more possibilities are offered.


The evaluation of our CARE programme was done by Yessika, Tim and Patricia Luksic (early years educational specialist from Regional Educational Authorities) and although there is still room for improvement in the kidnergardens, especially in diversity of activities and teacher training, the fact that “our” kindergardens had better logistics, infrastructure, programming, learning experiences and children competencies was a direct result of having had years of help from supervisors and volunteers alike. It soon became ...

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2 weeks Special Programme in India   (published in India)

July 16, 2010 by   Comments(0)

The 2-Weeks special Medicine program in India started 28th June onwards and ended up during 2nd week of July. The volunteers were splitted off into three groups and each group got the opportunity to visit the famous hospitals in Madurai and observe the treatment procedures which was carried over by various famous doctors in Madurai.

Also they got a chance to visit the famous Leprosy hospital as well as Ayurvedic treatment centre in the near-by town of Madurai.

Projects Abroad India orgnised the weekend trip to Kodaikanal and as a part of social events they were taken to famous temple,palace,museum around Madurai after their work hours.

As a whole the volunteers as well as the staff were very happy with this programme.

Contributed by Nadia

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2 weeks Special Programme in India
2 weeks Special Programme in India

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