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Sports Day in Aseibu   (published in Ghana)

July 9, 2010 by   Comments(0)


Aimee Townley, a volunteer living in Cape Coast and working at Children’s Home of Hope has been involved in a new community project in the town of Aseibu, just outside Cape Coast.   Aimee was spending her free time assisting Elvis, the director of Children’s Home of Hope, with some side projects.  One of these was a community sports project, which involved organizing after-school sports activities for the local children.  Elvis had already established a boys’ football team and asked Aimee to help him organize a program for the neighborhood girls. After establishing some guidelines for the project, like enforcing that the children must attend school in order to participate, and devoting one afternoon each week to discussing a social issue with the children, Elvis, Aimee, and the other volunteers met with the village chief to discuss the project.  The chief and the council were happy to have our volunteers involved and accepted the project proposal.   On the first day, about 40 girls arrived, eager to play sports.  By the second day of activities, the number of girls had nearly doubled.  As the third week of sports activities approached, Aimee, along with a few other volunteers, organized a sports day for all the Aseibu children with the social theme of gender equality.  They planned it for Saturday, the 3rd of July and recruited other Projects Abroad volunteers to assist on the day.  The volunteers organized prizes for the winners, and invited the chief of Aseibu, who happens to be a woman, to speak about gender equality. 

Events began at 9 a.m. and continued throughout the day until the late afternoon.  There was football, track races, ping-pong tournaments, and other events.  ...

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Sports Day in Aseibu
Sports Day in Aseibu

School Play At Christ King of Kings, Kumasi   (published in Ghana)

July 9, 2010 by   Comments(0)

When Mary Fisher volunteered as an English teacher at Christ King of Kings School in Kumasi, she noticed that her students had quite a creative side.  Using this to her advantage, she decided to try out some simple drama exercises to see if they could channel their creativity.  The idea worked so well, Mary decided to organize a short play.  Her students would have 2 weeks to rehearse and they would perform it in front of the whole school.   The story they chose to perform was the story of Jesus.  Each student was given a role in the play and everyone helped to make set backdrops and simple costumes.  On the day of the performance, the children were sufficiently rehearsed and ready.  The school provided a sound system and microphones for the children to use.  All the students and teachers gathered in the courtyard to watch and several Projects Abroad volunteers attended to show their support for Mary’s hard work.  The play was a success, and as it was Mary’s last day before returning home, a lovely send-off.   After the play, some of the girls did some dances and everyone, students, volunteers, and teachers were invited to join in, resulting in a giant dance party, with Mary at the center. It couldn’t have been a more perfect ending to a successful volunteer project. 

By, Jenny Shulman

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School Play At Christ King of Kings, Kumasi
School Play At Christ King of Kings, Kumasi

Preparing for Naadam   (published in Mongolia)

July 9, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Hello again!

This week has been quite a busy one here in Mongolia- lots of new arrivals and plenty to do! We are also busying ourselves with preparations for the highlight of the Mongolian calendar- Naadam festival, which starts this Sunday!

Naadam is short for "eriin gurvan naadam" (эрийн гурван наадам) meaning "the three games of men". These three games are Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing. The festival will take place across the country for three days. We will be celebrating it in the bustling capital, Ulaanbaatar, where festivities are undoubtedly the biggest and most exciting!

All the volunteers and staff will squeeze ourselves into the National Sports Stadium for the Opening Ceremony on Sunday morning which promises to be a great event featuring dancers, athletes, horse riders, and musicians.

On Sunday afternoon we will go outside the city to watch the horseracing. Boys and girls aged 6-12 take part in the horse racing.

We are all looking forward to taking part in this festival, it has got to be one of the best times to be in this country!

We’ll keep you updated on our celebrations!


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Preparing for Naadam
Preparing for Naadam

Kodai Trip for 2 weekers   (published in India)

July 9, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Last weekend Projects Abroad India organised the weekend trip to Kodaikanal for our 2- weeks special Medical programme volunteers and it turns to be wonderful..

We all had a group trekking for 3 hours in the Kodaikanal valley and then headed to go for site seeing to places like Pillar Rocks, Green valley View, Suicide Point , Upper Lake View and the volunteer kids were really happy to view around these places..

Also we had a visit to the Museum where they have displayed the preserved specimens of various flora and fauna in the Kodaikanal hills.

Finally, we headed back to their respective placements after having a look at the Silver falls, Coaker’s walk and the Park..

Contributed by Nadia - the Social Manager

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Kodai Trip for 2 weekers
Kodai Trip for 2 weekers

The Birds and the Bees   (published in South Africa)

July 9, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Wednesday July 7, 2010

  Today was another very cold start as the temperature hovered around the 5-6 degree mark when we shuffled into the kitchen area just after 6am.  There was a burnt amber glow just over the horizon as the sun prepared to peek over and vanish the carpet of stars for another night.  A couple of the staff members were taking another long road journey (there is no other kind in Africa!) to pick up some more supplies for the new arrivals due this weekend,  leaving myself and Rachel left at camp to take the 13 volunteers about their activities for the day.  We decided to split into 2 groups and I took my group on a leisurely walk along the river to see what kind of bird life we could spot. 

  This morning was one of those times where I catch myself thinking that, instead of putting on a shirt and tie before queuing for the bus to some office in a big city, here I am walking along the banks of the Limpopo River in Africa, looking for exotic birds! 

  Straight away we saw ‘Go Away’ birds - named after their piercing cry that really does sound like someone shouting exactly that.  For those of you that have seen the film, ‘The Lion King’, Zazou - otherwise known as the Red Billed Hornbill - is everywhere. We spent a good couple of hours along the river and spotted loads of beautiful birds for our database.

  When we returned, we took a short drive in the land cruiser to a spot off the track to look for some insects.  Staff member Rachel has extensive experience in working in places like Peru, and brings with her a wealth of experience in all things creepy-crawlie!

  The volunteers went off into the bush armed with large butterfly nets to see what they could catch. ...

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The Birds and the Bees
The Birds and the Bees

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