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Container donation from the German company “Hamburg Süd"   (published in South Africa)

August 2, 2010 by   Comments(0)

My name is Sebastian Mader and I'm from Rostock, Germany. From April to July 2010 I was in the project "Where Rainbows Meet" in Vrygrond, Cape Town.  My placement involved working in small business development with the residents of the township. In addition to teaching workshops on business administration, the creation of promotional material for small businesses and consulting businesses, my tasks were to work in the office of the organization. In the office our daily work included the organization of events, editing, promotion and coordination of donations of the workshops.

(Above: Sebastian helping in the office of Where Rainbows Meet)

"Where Rainbows Meet" has to raise its own funds and we could quickly see where help was needed. The current childen’s nursery, a 2.5 x 6 meter overseas shipping container, was very damaged by the weather. My idea was to procure a new container for the project.

I searched the webpage of one of the largest German shipping companies, and wrote an email to the board. Initially, I merely wanted to arrange a telephone interview to discuss my idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a reply to the mail, and I was sure that my mail had gone into the trash. But three weeks later the answer came with the positive response that Hamburg Süd would provide a container for us. A 12.5 meter-long container was donated, which was transported to and placed in our yard. Thanks to the assistance of Projects Abroad, the truck with the new container arrived on June 6th, bringing a new piece of hope to Vrygrond.  

For all those volunteers also looking to contribute to their projects, I can only say that it is a very good feeling when the work is done. The heartfelt joy of all the members of the Rainbow family is really ...

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Container donation from the German company “Hamburg Süd"
Container donation from the German company “Hamburg Süd"

Komfo Anokye Sword   (published in Ghana)

August 1, 2010 by   Comments(19)

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              Being the most powerful empire in West Africa during the 18th century, the Ashanti have a lot of history and the Komfo Anokye sword is one of them.

              Okomfo Anokye was an Ashanti priest in the 17th century, and although he was a historical figure, the people have turned him into a hero who had supernatural powers. Okomfo Anokye founded the Empire of Ashanti alongside King Osei Tutu I. The guide told me that the King and Okomfo Anokye organised 11 divisional chiefs in the Ashanti Empire, and parts of their finger nails and hair were burnt and buried and was marked by Okomfo Anokye by planting a sword on the spot. He said that if anyone were to remove the sword, then that will mark the end of the Ashanti Empire. The mythological story goes on the say that he conjured the ‘Golden Stool’ from the sky.

The Golden Stool is a mark of unity for the Ashanti and is actually a physical object that exists today. No one except the king and his trusted advisors know where it is. It is brought out during the Akwasidae festival. The Ashanti have never lost the stool. In 1896, they even allowed their king, Prempeh I, to be deported rather than lose the stool. It is considered to be so sacred that not even the king is allowed to sit on it. In 1900, after a British governor in Ghana demanded to sit on the Golden Stool, war broke out. The Ashanti eventually lost the war, but it was a victory for them because they never lost the stool.

The sword is now located just outside the C ward in the Komfo Anokye Hospital, named after Okomfo Nokye. The sword has been on that same spot since 1667 and no one has been able to ...

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Komfo Anokye Sword
Komfo Anokye Sword

2 Week Special Volunteers build an incinerator at the Children's Home!!   (published in Fiji)

August 1, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Our 2 Week Special volunteers who came here for a Care and Construction Placement, have not only managed to paint all the gate posts at the Treasure House Children's Home, but in their last five days also completed the construction of an incinerator.

The Children's Home specifically asked for an incinerator as they find that buring their garbage openly in the back yard poses a safety risk for the kids.  So an incinerator it was - not the most glamorous construction project, but a very necessary one!

The first step was to level out the area the incinerator would be built and create a sturdy base for the structure.  The volunteers had to mix the cement by hand (!) which turned out to be quite the strenuous task so everybody took turns to try and get the cement to have the texture of ‘cake mix’ as Mr. Khan, the project supervisor, put it! 

Over the next two days the volunteers started laying the bricks.  Again cement was prepared and then scooped onto the base and bricks to work as glue and slowly slowly the walls of the incinerator grew.  Once a couple of layers of bricks were laid, they had to be filled with cement so that the walls would be solid and able to contain heat.

On Thursday the volunteers were busy filling in little holes in the structure with soft cement and creating a rounded ledge around the top of the incinerator, and on the final day we painted the structure.  

Mr. Khan and myself, and all the staff at Treasure House Children’s Home were astounded at how fast the volunteers had worked!!  We thought the incinerator would take a couple of weeks to complete, but this group of volunteers had it done in five days!!


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2 Week Special Volunteers build an incinerator at the Children's Home!!
2 Week Special Volunteers build an incinerator at the Children's Home!!

Asenema Falls, ER.   (published in Ghana)

July 31, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Asenema Waterfall is one of the hidden gems in the Akuapem Hills. There are many waterfalls in the Eastern Region, but Asenema is only 15 minutes in tro tro from Akropong (where our regional office is).  The drive to get there is wonderfully scenic, with beautiful views across the rolling hills that are so typical of this region. There is no entrance fee, and it's just a 5 minute walk from the main road along a marked trail.  Ok, so aside from taking a few pictures and enjoying the cool spray from the water, there's not much to do, but as it's so near it's definitely worth a visit all the same.  Perfect for a half day outing, just like myself and seven of our volunteers did this morning!



Volunteers left to right: Paul Kastner, Benedict Gillard, Elle Houby, Laura Wainwright, Alexandra Pare, Tiphaine Mollard, Philippine Terisse


By Anne Buglass



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Asenema Falls, ER.
Asenema Falls, ER.

A tope!   (published in Argentina)

July 30, 2010 by   Comments(0)

“A tope”? An expression used often in Spanish-speaking countries to mean something that is lived fully. July has definitely been a tope with over 68 arrivals, weekly Socials & Dirty Weekends. I’m going to miss many of the volunteers who came to Argentina and I really hope they come back and visit us!

Last weekend the second group of the Two Week Special arrived. A young group mostly who are here to discover Medicine and the Argentinean way of life. They are all very nice and have been enjoying the different events organized for them during their first week in Argentina: A visit to an internationally renowned Anatomy museum, a diner and tango show at El Arrabal restaurant, a city tour of Cordoba city, a game of Bowling, a surprise 18th Birthday Party organized for one of the volunteers and much more!

This weekend they will have the chance to discover the beautiful mountains of Cordoba province & different exciting outdoor activities like zip lining! And me? I’ll be relaxing at home, enjoying the warm spring-like weather while sharing a mate with friends, a typical Argentinean drink.

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A tope!
A tope!

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