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Jamaica-Get ur Dirty On!! Written by Denise Morgan (Social Manager)   (published in Jamaica)

August 20, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Dirt Day was a blast!! All the volunteers met up at the Waltham Early Childhood Institution and got their ‘dirty on.’ Approximately twenty-six (26) volunteers turned up to paint the inside classrooms of the Waltham School. The school caters to children age three to six years and places emphasis on early childhood development.



Volunteers and staff of Projects Abroad Jamaica arrived at the school in several taxis around 9:00am. We all got to work by taking down the charts and other materials used for decorations off the walls; we applied two coats of Sundance (a light yellow colour) as the top colour and Bonanza Gold for the bottom.  The painting was completed really quickly as everyone worked efficiently and professionally.

At lunch time the volunteers were treated to having a bite of various Patties from Juicy Beef, our local Jamaican Patty Company.  Some had Chicken Patties, others tried the Beef Patty and the vegetarians tried the Soy Patty. They ate their fill and cooled down with a beverage of their choice.

As we worked to clean up and put the finishing touches on the walls, we sang along to some of the popular dancehall songs. One of the popular songs for the Dirty Day was Vybz Kartel’s song, ‘Straight Jeans and Fitted’ the volunteers had a good vibe going and it showed in the quality of work they did. Some of the volunteers also assisted in cleaning the windows of the classrooms.

Principal of the school Mrs. Paulette Dennis said that she loved the colours, and loved the work that was done. She was elated and it showed in her facial expression as she surveyed the work that was done. Good work guys. Thanks!

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Jamaica-Get ur Dirty On!! Written by Denise Morgan (Social Manager)
Jamaica-Get ur Dirty On!! Written by Denise Morgan (Social Manager)

Buenos Aires Tango Festival - August 13th to August 31st!   (published in Argentina)

August 20, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Intense, moody and undeniably sexy, tango is the emblematic dance of Buenos Aires and the annual Buenos Aires Tango Festival is a great place to see it at its best. The finest practitioners in the world join the peerless local artistes in a programme of tango concerts, dancing displays, exhibitions, classes and a one-minute film festival. Together they fill the city with endless possibilities to watch, listen, learn and to take part in a range of events all dedicated to this passionate dance form. This officially-organised tango-fest recognises the cultural importance of this home grown dance form, and aims to both celebrate and promote this rich component of the city's social scene.


As the poet Luis Alposta once said “Tango is, essentially, an art of synthesis.” From its earliest days as an alehouse dance among the poor dock workers of Buenos Aires, the tango has symbolized the raw, steaming, erotic tension that passes between man and woman, no matter what era, social class or religion. This is the original dirty dance; because it is an original, it is far more adult, complex and sophisticated than the simple-minded “shake-your-booty” stuff that gets strutted at the local disco. 

Although it has come to epitomize the glamour and elegance of high society, with women in sleek glittering evening gowns and men in tuxedos, the Argentine Tango originated in society's underbelly, the brothels. As immigrants from Europe, Africa, and ports unknown streamed into the outskirts of Buenos Aires during the 1880's, many came toward the houses of ill repute. The tango dance originated as an "acting out" of the relationship between the prostitute and her pimp. In fact, the titles of the first tangos referred to characters in the world of ...

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Buenos Aires Tango Festival - August 13th to August 31st!
Buenos Aires Tango Festival - August 13th to August 31st!

A fond farewell to our final 2 week special group!   (published in Peru)

August 20, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Last weekend saw the departure of our last 2 week special groups who spent time working on our Inca project, taking part in lessons with resident Archaeologist Jhon Valencia and visiting ruins and sites of interest including the world-famous Machu Picchu.



Assistant Manager, Jorge Espinoza, who was responsible for all 3 groups who came to Peru during July and August, said “it was a pleasure receiving volunteers who although here for a relatively short amount of time, really got involved in their work and were obviously keen to help out where necessary and learn as much as possible from the experience”.


They were very happy during their stay and were sad when the time came to say goodbye. We're sure that our volunteers this year had a fun and worthwhile time in Peru.

We’d like to thank Philippine, Alex, Cory, John, Elizabeth, Michael, Katie, Kate, Victoria, Libby, Jessica, Eowyn, Isabelle, May, Courtney, Midori and Kasper - volunteers who took part in our 2 week specials this year. Thanks for all your hard work and help and we wish you all the best for your future studies.

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A fond farewell to our final 2 week special group!
A fond farewell to our final 2 week special group!

Projects Abroad India Donation   (published in India)

August 20, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Projects Abroad India feels very happy to share about the recent donation to one of our Teaching placements.

The teaching placement named – Pasumalai CSI Boys higher Secondary School students really need a computer for their lab and when the placement supervisor brought this issue to our notice, we really want to fulfill this important need as soon as possible.

And with the help of our system administrator, we bought a computer of best quality and that costs around 17000 IRS and in the presence of one of our teaching volunteer,Our Country Director, Care Program Manager and system administrator we presented and installed the computer in the school and the placement people(both the children and staff members) were very happy about this.The principal of the school presented the sincere thanks to us..

Contributed by Nadia – Social Manager

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Projects Abroad India Donation
Projects Abroad India Donation

Weekend at Kanyakumari   (published in India)

August 20, 2010 by   Comments(0)


Last Weekend the first group of the 2 weeks Medical volunteers spent their weekend at Kanyakumari and it was a lovely one. Kanyakumari – is the southernmost tip of India with more opportunities to have fun.

Our volunteers got a wonderful opportunity to visit the Padmanabapuram palace, Thiruparappu Waterfalls and the Hanging Bridge at Mathhoor.

Padmanabapuram palace is very good example of Kerala architecture and volunteers took many pictures from there.

Most of the volunteers enjoyed the waterfalls and they just pulled the staff who was not interested to take a was fun..!

And everyone had a very good walk in the bridge over there.!

Also we celebrated the India’s Independence Day in Kanyakumari and we visited the Vivekananda Memorial Rock on that special day.

Thanks for all the Volunteers for their continued support and co-operation.

Contributed by Nadia – Social Manager

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Weekend at Kanyakumari
Weekend at Kanyakumari

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