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Goodbye to the second 2 week-special group!   (published in Mexico)

August 12, 2010 by   Comments(0)

Another week has passed and the conservation camp is really quiet right now! The departure of the second group of the 2 week special programme has left a big empty space!

Thanks for your contribution to the development of the biological station and the conservation world in general. One might think there has been no important impact but believe me, your help as been amazing!

Goodbye to all of you and we hope you are doing great back home!!!Hope to see you all really soon!

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Goodbye to the second 2 week-special group!
Goodbye to the second 2 week-special group!

Mawala Sports Meet   (published in Sri Lanka)

August 12, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Last week a couple of our superstar volunteers organised a sports meet for the older children at Mawala school, near Wadduwa. Yvonne Van Persie used funds she had raised in Holland to organise a morning sports event. She also donated all the equipment to the school after the day was done. With Laura Hunt’s help, they arranged a really fun sports meet!

Volleyball, soccer, sack races, relays, bowling and badminton were all on the programme. Each of the ten teams wore a different coloured ribbon on their wrists and rotated around the circuit. One volunteer was assigned as team captain for each group and another volunteer supervised each activity to make sure everyone was being a good sport!

At half time, we ate some buns, bananas and flavoured milk packets to replenish all the energy lost running! Then came the final event, the relays… Every team sought victory so the competition was fierce. By midday, the results were in and Yvonne and Laura announced the winners and gave out chocolate prizes to the runners up. The winning team captain, Arnaud, was thrilled with his team’s efforts!

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Mawala Sports Meet
Mawala Sports Meet

The best time in my life (By Carl Magnus Everitt-Diving Project)   (published in Cambodia)

August 12, 2010 by   Comments(0)

My time in Cambodia!

I joined the marine conservation project in Cambodia for 2 months, 1 June – 28 July 2010. I can happily say that it was 2 of the best months in my life. It was an experience way out of my normal life which really gave me prospective on things. I got to know a totally different culture, I learned  how to dive, I explored the jungle searching for orchids and I thought English to young happy children.

When I left Sweden I wasn’t  sure what too expect. I had read that it was best to travel with an open mind and just be open for anything, not expect too much, so thats what I did. So I was totally exited too find out what I given myself into when I stepped of the airport in Phnom Penh.

I got picked up straight away from the airport by one of Projects-Abroads staff.  He drove me to the apartments where he introduced me to Ben, another volunteer from the US, who also just had arrived. We spend 2 days in Phnom Penh getting to know the place by foot before we took the bus down to Sihanoukvill.

Down in Sihanoukvill one other worker from Projects-Abroad, Janey, picked us up and took us by boat to the Island. From the first minute I stepped my foot on the Island I loved it. The atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed. Janey introduced me to my 2 roommates who sat in the hammocks outside my bungalow when I first met them. We had 4 hammocks on our porch which was a really good place to chill out.

In the coming two weeks me, Ben and Lynn, another volunteer, learn how to dive.    We had some bad luck with weather and that the villagers accidentally sank a boat so the course took a little bit longer than usual. Instead I got involved with  teaching the kids English. It was really fun, the kids where so ...

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The best time in my life (By Carl Magnus Everitt-Diving Project)
The best time in my life (By Carl Magnus Everitt-Diving Project)

Sarah's Sri Lankan Awakening   (published in Sri Lanka)

August 12, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Having been in Sri Lanka for just over a week, I found that life in this new country was beginning to feel normal. Despite the significant differences between daily activities here and in my home country Canada, I have developed a general Sri Lankan routine and am content with it. However, it was my second Saturday in the country and my Montessori field trip, that gave me the opportunity to get a sense of the character of the Sri Lankan people.This experience and the insight that came with it, made my trip into more than just a new routine; it became a window through which I could observe the generosity, the focus on family and the sense of community of a remarkable culture.



                              Climbing onto the bus at 8.00 am, I quickly realized that in Sri Lanka, field trips are for the whole family. The bus was overflowing, not only with the students at the Montessori daycare where I was volunteering, but with their mothers, fathers and siblings as well. Altogether, there were more than fifty of us squeezed into a bus intended to hold far fewer people, I shared my seat with a family of three.

                             With this assortment of people,the atmosphere on the bus was warm and friendly.Someone had brought a drum along and an energetic group was singing songs in Sinhala, moving gleefully to the beat despite being packed into the aisle of the bus.Most of the passengers joined in the singing-they all knew the words to everything. I participated ...

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Sarah's Sri Lankan Awakening
Sarah's Sri Lankan Awakening

Trip met kids Ruhunu Orphanage was geweldig! - by Yvonne Van Persie   (published in Sri Lanka)

August 12, 2010 by   Comments(0)

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Woensdag 14 juli heb ik een trip voor de kinderen van de Ruhunu Orphanage georganiseerd en het was echt super!! Dinsdagochtend kreeg ik eindelijk de toestemming van de Commission van het weeshuis en dinsdagmiddag heb ik samen met Brooke alle benodigde spullen gekocht: water, appelsap, sinaasappelsap, biscuits, yoghurt, ballen voor op het strand en ander speelgoed (schepjes, emmers, vormpjes, etc.), handdoeken, pampers en zeep. Het was een heel karwei om alles in een tuktuk te krijgen.

De heenreis

Woensdagochtend warden Brooke en ik om 8.30 uur opgehaald met de bus die ons overal naar toe zou brengen. Dat was wel even een schrikmomentje, want er zouden nooit 18 kids en 11 volwassenen inpassen. Maar de man van de bus kon gelukkig nog een tweede bus regelen! Bij het weeshuis aangekomen waren de kinderen al heel enthousiast! Geholpen met aankleden en sommige moisten de pampers aan. Daarna de bus verder ingeladen met alle spullen en ook extra kleding mee genomen. De andere vrijwilligers, Philipp en Kathy, arriveerden om 9.15 uur. Even wat belangrijke mededelingen met hun doorgenomen en de kinderen deden ondertussen hun ochtendritueel bij het Boeddhabeeld. Daarna met zijn allen de twee bussen in. Op moment dat we het weeshuis verlieten met de bus begonnen de kinderen enthousiast `bye, bye!` te roepen erg schattig! Sommigen bleven dit ook de hele heenreis volhouden!

Het strand

Bij het hotel waar we `s middags de lunch zouden hebben, hebben we de bussen geparkeerd en alles uitgeladen. Toen de straat overgestoken en daar was het strand! Er is 1 jongetje die ik altijd Bruce noem, omdat hij zo stoer en macho overkomt, maar toen hij het water in de gaten kreeg, begon hij snel terug te lopen en te huilen en te schreeuwen..daar ging zijn bijnaam;) De kids mochten met de staf van het ...

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Trip met kids Ruhunu Orphanage was geweldig! - by Yvonne Van Persie
Trip met kids Ruhunu Orphanage was geweldig! - by Yvonne Van Persie

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