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Het is begonnen   (published in Thailand)

January 3, 2018 by   Comments(0)

Wow, een eigen blog! Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik hieraan zou beginnen, maar ik wil het hele verhaal van mijn avontuur vastleggen omdat ik weet dat dit een 'once in a lifetime experience' is. 
27 december 2017, de dag waarop ik me inschreef om aan dit avontuur te beginnen! Ik heb lang getwijfeld tussen Thailand en Cambodja, omdat ik het evenwaardige landen en projecten vind. In de nacht van 26 december had ik een droom waar ik in Thailand zit en voilà, de knoop was doorgehakt. In ben zeer 'excited' om aan dit avontuur deel te nemen, maar ik denk ik dat ik nog niet 100 procent besef waar ik aan begonnen ben. Het is alsof een droom net is uitgekomen! Ik vertrek 2 juli 2018 en ik verblijf een maand dichtbij Ao Nang. Ik ga werken aan het project van natuur en milieubehoud, omdat dit me het nauwst aan het hart ligt. Ik hou van de oceaan en al haar aspecten en bovendien ben ik zeer geïntereseerd in wetenschappen. Op dit moment zit ik dan ook in mijn laatste jaar wetenschappen aan de middelbare school. Volgend jaar zou ik me graag verder verdiepen door verder te studeren aan de hogeschool. Aan de andere kant is het ook een geweldige kans om mensen over de hele wereld te leren kennen en mijn Engels bij te schaven. Ook heb ik nog nooit gedoken, dus dat wordt ook heel spannend!
Nu kan ik me beginnen voorbereiden door te leren over de vissen, koralen en de oceaan in haar geheel!

Lieve Groeten,


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Het is begonnen
Het is begonnen

Last weekend of the year; Laatste weekend van het jaar   (published in Nepal)

January 1, 2018 by   Comments(0)

The safari was great! We sat in a big jeep and drove around in the jungle for four hours. Nature was beautiful and we saw rhinos, crocodiles, deer, a big lizard, peacocks, a monkey, different types of big birds, wild pigs, and a bear! See picture below. It was amazing and made the bus trip totally worth it! Sunday morning, I left the hotel at 07.00. This time, I got a chair almost at the front of the bus, plus that I did not feel sick before the ride ven started like on Friday. So there was way less bumping and I did not get sick! On our way, the most beautiful sights appeared so I enjoyed the trip very much this time. So much in front, however, I could see hou dangerous the driver was driving, but everything went well. Back in Kathmandu I did some shoppin to get rid of my Nepalese money (good excuse huh ). And back at the house I had a relaxed evening with nice calls to family to wish them a happy new year.

2018 started with potato pancakes with tomato ketchup for breakfast... I guess the year can only get better now . The large group of young volunteers did again have some activity after lunch, so it was again a short day. With the four of other volunteers remaining, we held a small talk about tooth brushing at one of the classes in the school. The school we are building is for pour children from the area, and they do often not have very good teeth. Each of them got a tooth brush and they sang a song they learned to us about brushing teeth. 

I have started packing my bags, and am ready for my last day tomorrow! Hope this will be a full day of working so we make good progress this last day. My flight leaves at 22.45 tomorrow, so a taxi picks me up at 18.00. I should be back in The Netherlands at 12.30 on Wedneday.

De safari was geweldig! We zaten in een ...

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Last weekend of the year; Laatste weekend van het jaar
Last weekend of the year; Laatste weekend van het jaar

Moving Blogs   (published in Cambodia)

December 31, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Hi all! I'm having a hard time blogging on this weblog (uploading and internet problems)...follow my blogs here!

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Moving Blogs
Moving Blogs

Finally made it!   (published in Cambodia)

December 31, 2017 by   Comments(2)

Finally made it to Cambodia. I am so tired and the WiFi isn't the best. Nonetheless, made it safe. There are no other volunteers here at the moment...about 30 of them are coming in January so the house will be full then. I don't get a roommate until January 7, who will be a girl from the Netherlands. My Cambodian mother is a sweet lady who doesn't speak much English. Her food is tasty...thank god! There's a lot of traffic here and interesting people. I saw a fully naked little boy riding with his family on a motorbike, and motorbikes are filled with up to 4-5 people on a bike meant for 2. I took my first ride on a tuk tuk today, which will be my main mode of transportation. That's it for now...I start work on Tuesday (after the holiday weekend)!


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Finally made it!
Finally made it!

Work, worst busride ever, and weekend; Werk, ergste busrit ooit en weekend   (published in Nepal)

December 30, 2017 by   Comments(0)

On Wednesday, nothing particulary special happened. We continued working on the wall building, an we had now reached window height at most places. It is very nice to see such progress. On Thursday, I woke up sick. But I really wanted to go to work, since that is what I am here for! However, I was not very productive since I was very tired and my nose was constantly running. I was very lucky that it turned out that the group of youth also working on the project had afternoon activities, so they had to leave after lunch. Since we were only four volunteers without them, we could also leave after lunch, so I was back in bed at 14.00. I was very happy to get half the day off, because the next day I needed to get up at 05.00 to go on my weekend trip. During the afternoon an evening I only started feeling worse. And when I did not eat even half of the soup the lady made for dinner, she thought I did not like it. Haha, I tried to explain that I liked it but  my stomach did not want anymore, but I am not sure if she understood.. I went to sleep at 19.30 after taking a nice dose of painkillers and nasal spray.

Friday, I woke up at 05.00 to go on the weekend trip. Still unable to breathe and with a feeling of nausea, I did have enough energy to drag myself out of bed and into the taxi. I thought everything would be fine as long as I got out of bed, because I would be able to rest on the 6 hour bus drive to Chitwan. I was terribly wrong. The bus drive took 9,5 hour and all those hours I was trying to keep my stomach down where it belongs. The road was so incredibly bad and bumpy, unbelievable. I was so relieved when we finally arrived!

Since the bus was so late, I missed the first activity, which was a village tour. But I was in time for the sunset view, which was amazing. On ...

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Work, worst busride ever, and weekend; Werk, ergste busrit ooit en weekend
Work, worst busride ever, and weekend; Werk, ergste busrit ooit en weekend

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