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The building project; het bouwproject   (published in Nepal)

December 26, 2017 by   Comments(0)


On Christmas day, it was me who was sweating, not the turkey.. At the moment, we are around 20 volunteers at the building project. We were divided into groups with different tasks. My first task was to dig sand onto a cement bag, carry it into a finished classroom, and pour it out on the floor there to make the floor even. After lunch, I helped making cement, which also involves a lot of digging, and then started laying bricks. We work from 10.30 to 15.30, so that is not too bad. But I was exhausted when we were finished! We are picked up by a small van every morning and brought back in the afternoon. When we got back, I took a shower (very necessary after work, you find dust in your nose, ears, and everywhere) and then got ready to go into town for a Western Christmas dinner with my roommate and one other volunteer. See picture below! 

Today, I started making cement and laying bricks. After lunch, I gave the bricks a bath. Haha, let me explain that. The bricks are laying in the sun for a long time, so they are very dry. Before we place them on the wall we build, they need a few minutes in water to be easier to handle. I am just not very convined that this school will survive an earthquake if that should come again.. Because, when you pick uo a brick, some may just fall apart or a piece falls off. Even then, we are instructed to use those pieces to build with. When the bricks are wet, we carry them to the classrooms we are building and start building again. Since we are 20 people, we can divide the tasks and everything goes quite quickly.

Every day ariund 12.00, we get lunch. This consists of a paper lunchbox with a hot meal, for example we got noodles on Monday and today meat and vegetables packed in dough. We also always get a banana, which makes me really happy ...

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The building project; het bouwproject
The building project; het bouwproject

Goodbye beautiful Mongolia   (published in Mongolia)

December 24, 2017 by   Comments(0)

12 weken geleden was het zo ver voor mijn grote avontuur. Veel te zenuwachtig zat ik op Schiphol, erg benieuwd wat mij te wachten stond. Nu, 12 weken later, voor mijn gevoel na 3 keer knipperen is het alweer voorbij. Ondanks dat ik het super fijn vind om mijn familie, vrienden en in het speciaal natuurlijk Lau weer te zien, want 12 weken van huis is toch best wel lang, is het ook mega jammer dat het alweer voorbij is. Waarschijnlijk één van de grootste ervaringen die ik in mijn leven ga meemaken, en een grote ervaring was het zeker. Ik ben echt ontzettend blij dat ik de keuze gemaakt heb om dit te gaan doen, want wat heb ik het naar mijn zin gehad, wat heb ik veel geleerd binnen mijn studie, maar ook buiten, wat heb ik leuke en lieve mensen ontmoet en wat heb ik mooie plekken gezien.

In mijn laatste drie weken ben ik ergens anders gaan werken. Eerst dacht ik dat het de kinderbescherming was, maar dat was achteraf niet helemaal waar. Ik heb gewerkt bij een organisatie genaamd “Beautiful Hearts against sexual child abuse”. Zelf heb ik alleen niet ontzettend veel binnen dit onderwerp gedaan. Ik kreeg de taak om workshops te organiseren voor studenten van de universiteit over psychologische onderwerpen, wat echt ontzettend leuk om te doen was. En de studenten vonden mijn workshops ook nog eens super leuk om te krijgen, dus dat compliment kan ik in mijn broekzak steken. Ik heb in totaal drie workshops gegeven. De eerste workshop had het onderwerp “time management”. Eén ding waar ik zeker ben achter gekomen in Mongolië is dat Mongolen dus echt niet op tijd kunnen komen. Ik dacht dat ik altijd te laat was, maar hier is het helemaal niet gek als je langer dan een uur op je laat wachten, altijd met hetzelfde excuus ...

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Goodbye beautiful Mongolia
Goodbye beautiful Mongolia

My weekend; mijn weekend   (published in Nepal)

December 24, 2017 by   Comments(0)


On Saturday, we got cold fries and some sort of pancakes for breakfast.. not my favourite. Then, me and my roommate took a walk into a part of Kathmandu called Patan. First, we went to Durbar square, where there are many old temples and monuments. We took a look inside two of the museums and could see different pieces of art, mainly wood carving, and see many of the things used in Hinduism. Many of the temples were damaged by the earthquake of 2015, so there was also a lot of reconstruction going on. We had a nice lunch and then took a taxi to Thamel, the tourist part of Kathmandu. Here we looked around and bought some souvenirs. 

This morning, we got a kind of soup with potato and beans which we were supposed to eat with sugared breadcrumbs for breakfast.. not my favourite either. Haha, looking forward to my oatmeal again . Then we walked down to the main road, because we were supposed to be picked up at 9.45 for a Christmas celebration. We waited until 10.30 before someone came for us, reminds me of the busses in Ireland..  Together with some other volunteers working on different projects, we went to a school. The children were already waiting for Santa Claus when we came at 10.45, but Santa was late and came at 12. But that gave us time to talk to the children and play with them. This was an English speaking school, so also the youngest children were already fantastic English speakers. When Santa finally came, the children got a present each, hot chocolate, and popcorn. Together with the children, we had (a very spicy) lunch and cake for desert. The children ( and adults) are used to eat everything with their hands, so it was a big mess! Some of the volunteers watched a cute Nepalese baby while their mother was eating, and so did I - for 2 ...

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My weekend; mijn weekend
My weekend; mijn weekend

The first day   (published in Nepal)

December 22, 2017 by   Comments(0)

The journey went very well! The transfer in Dubai was a little bit weird, because when I asked the way to my gate I was told to pass security where there was no staff. So I had to pass with all my stuff on me and ofcourse it started beeping. But all staff members in the area did nothing, so it was maybe normal..? Then I could not go further, since the way was blocked. The staff told me just to put it aside, pass, and put it back, haha. Outside, a small, old minivan with once white but now yellow curtains was waiting. I was happy not to be the only passenger... After a short drive we arrived at the other terminal, where a croissant, juice and fruit for breakfast was 18 euro  When I arrived in Kathmandu,  someone from Projects Abroad was waiting for me and brought me to the hotel. In the hotel, I had leek and potato soup for dinner, which did not really taste like it does at home. I dont know what was in there exactly, but it was good. 

This morning, someone from Projects Abroad gave me an introduction. We went through security stuff, like what to do in case of an earthquake (), what the rules are in the guest house, the culture, etc. Then we took a walk into town to get a Nepali SIM card and some cash. This was a little scary, becuase the ATM took my card  and then nothing happened.. So I thought I woukd never see it back. But it seemed to be a very slow ATM, so after a few minutes it asked my pin code. Then again it took a few minutes before I could enter the amount I wanted, etc. Haha, so that took a while, but I got my card back! Breakfast and lunch at the hotel were also very good. After lunch I was taken to the volunteer guest house, where I will stay for the rest of my trip. A very kind lady is running it at the moment, but the owner will ...

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The first day
The first day

I'm on my way; Ik ben onderweg   (published in Nepal)

December 20, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Here I am, Schiphol airport! At the gate tot Dubai . My flight leaves at 22.00 and I will hopefully arrive in Dubai 04.45. Then a flight to Kathmandu, where I will arrive 13.10, but local time 17.55. Someone from Projects Abroad will bring me to a hotel where I stay for the first night. It's all very exciting! I hope I will have the opportunity to update the blog while I am there, so you can experience some of the excitement!

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Gods hand will guide me, Gods right hand will hold me fast. Psalm 139:9-10

Hier zit ik dan, op Schiphol! Bij de gate naar Dubai . Mijn vlucht vertrekt om 22.00 en hopelijk ben ik dan om 04.45 in Dubai. Dan nog een vlucht naar Kathmandu, waar ik om 13.10 aankom, 17.55 locatie tijd. Iemand van Projects Abroad brengt me dan naar een hotel waar ik de eerste nacht blijf. Het is allemaal heel spannend! Ik hoop dat ik de mogelijkheid heb om de blog bij te houden terwijl ik daar ben, zodat jullie ook mee kunnen leven! 

Zelfs als ik vleugels had en ging wonen aan de andere kant van de zee, zou ik God daar ontmoeten. God zou mij vasthouden en Zijn rechterhand zou mij leiden. Psalm 139:9-19

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I'm on my way; Ik ben onderweg
I'm on my way; Ik ben onderweg

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