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Life changing   (published in Sri Lanka)

November 5, 2017 by   Comments(8)

Well tonight is my last night sleeping in my own bed. After a year of changes and heart break I'm off an adventure to sri Lanka to help with under privelged children until Christmas time.  My hopes and dreams are that I can give to these beautiful children as much love and happiness as I'm sure I will receive in return. When visiting Sri Lanka last year on a holiday I felt a real affinity with this Colourful country. 

You are all welcome to follow me on this new experience . I have no idea what the future holds with this journey but my goodness I'm going to give it my best.

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Life changing
Life changing

Leaving shortly.   (published in Ecuador)

November 4, 2017 by   Comments(0)


Looking forward to starting my Conservation project in the Galapagos islands on the 7th November for seven weeks.  I'm really excited to be going and looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully seeing lots of the islands and wildlife.

You should be able to follow my blog here

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Leaving shortly.
Leaving shortly.

week 9   (published in Ghana)

November 3, 2017 by   Comments(0)

Friday: At Right to Play, the kids and I had an intense basketball game. Some of them have yet to grasp the concept of dribbling, but I like playing with them because in comparison I'm really really good. That evening all the volunteers went to get pizza for Kasper's last night in Ghana, and it was a delicious break from the daily rice I am beginning to get very tired of. The owner had a fun time chatting with Laura in italian, and even hooked us up with ice cream. Claire is my favorite person to eat with because even though she is smaller, she somehow can eat even more than me. After dinner, half of our group went home, which left Julie, Laura, Claire, Kasper and I to go out on the town. We went to purple pub and after struggling to find chairs, a man sitting by himself invited us to join him because his friends had ditched him. He was very nice, especially after we shared a large bottle of gin with him. Eventually a lot of our local friends showed up, including my coworker Victoria. She doesn't usually go out, and had never been to this bar before, so I was very excited she made a special exception for me. She was welcomed by a man using his teeth to take the cap off her drink, so if that isn't quality treatment I don't know what is. The rest of the night involved a lot of dancing (more so attempts on the obrunis part), and we got home nice and early. As in 6am.

Saturday: I spent pretty much all day in bed sleeping. That night we had to say goodbye to Kasper which was very sad because he Claire and I had become so close. But he's off to Brazil in a few weeks so we don't feel that bad for him.

Sunday: Our neighbor moved to another suburb called Achimota, so he took me on a little field trip there to show me around. It was interesting to see a different neighborhood ...

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week 9
week 9

Leaving and the first 24 hours   (published in Cambodia)

October 30, 2017 by   Comments(0)

I really meant to write this long before now - I have been in Cambodia for more than 24 hours already!  Although the build up to leaving was a busy one (never managed to get my nails done

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Leaving and the first 24 hours
Leaving and the first 24 hours

Tijd voor vakantie :)   (published in Mongolia)

October 27, 2017 by   Comments(0)

1/3 van mijn avontuur zit erop. Mooi moment voor een kleine break. Een week rondtrekken in de Gobi Desserts met vier andere vrijwilligers, Elvira, Udit, Tino & Lisa, mijn hostsister Surka als onze gids en onze eigen chaffeur. Super veel zin in. Jammer genoeg gaat Naziah morgen alweer naar huis, waardoor ze niet mee kan... Zij werkte in hetzelfde ziekenhuis als ik en we hebben echt een super leuke tijd met elkaar gehad, zowel op het werk als buiten het werk om. De Franse bakker "Tous les jours" hebben we iets te letterlijk genomen samen met Elvira, want ja daar kwamen we letterlijk elke dag voor een late lunch en koffie date na werk (voor degene die geen Frans kunnen; tous les jours betekent elke dag). Naziah if you read this: I am going to miss you girl, you made my first month in here so much more fun and I am definitely going to visit you in London (with Elvira of course)!!!

Mijn vorige blog is inmiddels alweer bijna twee weken geledne en in die tijd is weer een hoop gebeurt. Over het algemeen heb ik twee hele leuke weken gehad, maar helaas wel met een paar minder leuke momentjes. Maarja dat is de normaalste zaak van de wereld in een mensenleven denk ik maar. Het was de bedoeling dat ik op de verslavingsafdeling zou werken, maar dat ging toch een beetje anders.Er bleek uiteindelijk geen Engels sprekende dokter te werken, waardoor het voor mij weinig nut had om mijn tijd daar door te brengen. Na veel te lang gewacht te hebben, kwam er uiteindelijk een dokter van een andere afdeling om mij rond te leiden, om me vervolgens voor te stellen aan een andere dokter van een andere afdeling (die wel Engels sprak) met de mededeling: de rest van de week ga je met haar werken op deze afdeling. Beetje kansloze dag dus, maar gelukkig maakte de middag samen met Elvira en Naziah met ...

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Tijd voor vakantie :)
Tijd voor vakantie :)

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