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Can you tell a story from these pictures?   (published in Thailand)

October 14, 2014 by   Comments(1)

In honor of International Day of Disaster Reduction on October 13th, volunteers make a comic book to raise awareness in the young kids about disaster created by human. The short story presents the contrast images of advance technology made available by human and the sick earth planet harmed by human. 


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Can you tell a story from these pictures?
Can you tell a story from these pictures?

What community volunteers are doing during school break   (published in Thailand)

October 14, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Highlight from community team

Community volunteers are now road showing from one to another school in Krabi area.

Generally, each day volunteers begin their days with warm up activity before the English and art and crafts sessions. Recently, they had a great day with high school students teaching basic vocab. The highlight of the day was the activity during the ice breaking which is called "Human Chain".

The children learn English for tourism and craft work at our 4 stations where they learn 3 main topics; transport and direction, food and restaurant, tourist attraction. The last station is craft. They made a bag and painted it with English words on the side “Keep Calm and Speak English”.

They will be able to use this bag later as a shopping bag or for their school. It should help at least decrease the usage of plastic bags and be more environmental friendly.  

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What community volunteers are doing during school break
What community volunteers are doing during school break

Caoimhe Magill-Diving & Marine Conservation   (published in Thailand)

October 9, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Will everyone do me a big favour and please have a look at and share the following link ; 

My fundraising page gives a general insight of the Diving & Marine Conservation project I'm going to be embarking on. If you could all share this and maybe have a look at the page,I'd be so grateful. If anyone is thinking of sponsoring me or wants to help in some way please let me know. Whether it's helping out in the littliest of ways,I thank you in advance!

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Caoimhe Magill-Diving & Marine Conservation
Caoimhe Magill-Diving & Marine Conservation

Breakfast of the day   (published in Thailand)

October 8, 2014 by   Comments(0)

What is your favorite breakfast? and what do you have for breakfast when you volunteer in Thailand?

Today I am going to introduce you to this national favorite dish. 

It's Khao Man Gai! The most common street food (it is also in the restaurant). 

Now you are wondering why is it the national favorite? Rice and chicken? It's just simply delicious :)

Sliced chicken tender served on fragrant rice with unique sauce made of ginger, soy, chillies and garlic. Don't forget to eat the cucumber on the side, that's the best refreshment. 

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Breakfast of the day
Breakfast of the day

Southern Vegetarian Festival Schedule   (published in Thailand)

September 26, 2014 by   Comments(0)

What's happening tonight? For volunteers who are interested in the festival, tonight there is

"Lion dancing show" at the Chinese temple. The famous one is in town, a few steps from Tesco at the eagle intersection. Just follow the sound of firecrackers if you don't know where it is.

Tomorrow there is a parade in town starting in front of Vogue mall at 9am. The parade consists of several activities, one is a ritual performance of piercing and slashing of human body such as tongue, chest..etc..(make sure you are not going to faint in publich while watching this). It is believed that there's holy spirit in the body so the piercing doesn't hurt them.

To see this ritual, from 9 am to before noon, from Vogue mall to the city hall in Krabi town.

 Enjoy great vegetarian food and interesting festival! 

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Southern Vegetarian Festival Schedule
Southern Vegetarian Festival Schedule

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