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fundraising!   (published in Peru)

November 8, 2012 by   Comments(2)

i have about 6 weeks to go before i pay my final balance for my trip to peru :) i have a fundraiser organised this saturday to raise the last few pounds... im excited :)

after that it will only be 3 months till i go! SCARY! everyone here at home are so so supportive!!

il have to start looking into vaccines shortly and gathering bits and pieces as i go along backpack etc so hopefully santa will be good to me this year lol :)

i leave march 22nd til may 20th and would love to talk to anyone either going around this time or thinking about it!

lots of love gem x

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Viva el Peru   (published in Peru)

November 5, 2012 by   Comments(2)

A week ago I was still waiting to go, anxious to know what I had let myself in for. Tuesday morning, waiting at the airport, I became even more convinced the universe was against me. Hurricane Sandy had played havoc with the airlines, leaving me stranded at Heathrow as the flight had been overbooked and I´d been buymped. Thinking I was going to have to wait until the next day, I was happy to find out I could leave that night for a flight to Sao Paulo and then on to Lima and the final destination, Cusco, the Sacred Valley. So now, I can say I´ve been to Brazil, although just for an hour and without leaving the airport!

When I arrived in Cusco and met the lovely Tatiana from Projects Abroad, I found out All Saint´s Day and All Soul´s Day were national holidays in Peru, so I would not be working the next two days, then I had the weekend, and then I have every monday off so, having been here a week, I have yet to have set foot in the school - that adventure I´ll enjoy tomorrow!

My host family are lovely, and so accomodating with my obscure vegetarianism! Those reading who know how finicky I am with food will be glad to know I have been trying everything put in front of me and will hopefully not starve. Both breakfast (desayuno) and dinner (cena) are mainly bread, so I´m not about to turn that down, while lunch (almuerzo) is the main meal of the day. Breakfast is also acompanied by "quaker", basically porridge but more watery, meaning it´s more of a drink than a cereal to eat. The family seemed very pleased with my gift of Ebglish tea and we drink the afternoon tea every night with cena. I bought myself some milk to go with this as I´m English afterall, but tea and milk seems very much an english thing. In fact, my host ...

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Viva el Peru
Viva el Peru

Blog 5 - Week 5   (published in Peru)

November 4, 2012 by   Comments(3)


Hier zijn we weer, vijfde week zit er op! We zitten terug op de boot richting Puerto Maldonado en de sfeer is redelijk dubbel want er vertrekken 4 mensen dit weekend, dus verschillende traantjes hè…

We zullen beginnen met vorig weekend. Het was een redelijk typisch weekend met pizza en vervolgens iets gaan drinken in Gekko Bar en vervolgens een danske placeren :). Dat laatste is niet echt typisch, zeker voor de mensen die mij kennen, maar het ging nog wel, gelukkig! We zijn naar een volledig houten danscafé “La Natura” geweest met een open gevel waar we allemaal hebben proberen te dansen. We hebben het toch bijna 3 uur volgehouden en aangezien we onze sandalen/flipflops hebben moeten uitdoen waren onze voeten pikzwart! De eigenaar van de bar zal ook content geweest zijn dat we langsgekomen zijn want wanneer wij er toekwamen was er nauwelijks volk, en na een uur zat het er vol. Tegen 3 uur lagen we in bed. Zondag was een typische dag waarbij we de hele voormiddag in Gustitos hebben gezeten aangezien het internet voor de verandering eens snel ging. Er zijn ook 4 nieuwe mensen bijgekomen zondag, namelijk een jongen en vrouw van Engeland en nog eens 2 Amerikaanse meisjes. De twee laatste bleven maar een week maar in die week hebben ze ons constant van gegil voorzien aangezien ze in de bungalow naast de onze verbleven en evenveel insecten in hun kamer hadden :). De Engelse vrouw is bezig met een opleiding tot Yoga-lerares en de nieuwe jongen gaat beginnen aan de studie van Environmental Sciences. Gisteren zijn er ook nog mensen bijgekomen maar daar hebben we nog geen contact mee gehad. Daar volgt misschien nog wel een update over :).

Wat het werken betreft was het één van de zwaarste weken voor mij. Van maandag tot ...

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Blog 5 - Week 5
Blog 5 - Week 5

Happy Belated Halloween!   (published in Peru)

November 3, 2012 by   Comments(0)

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Halloween has come and gone! It is my second Halloween of being out of the United States and it has led me to the realization that Halloween is very much an American holiday. I had no idea that not many other countries celebrate it. Makes me want to live in the States forever! I love my Halloween, there is no way I can give up that holiday! But we still had some Halloween fun here. I recieved a care package from home with a ton of fun Halloween stuff. Made me so happy but also slightly sad, wishing I was home to celebrate Halloween with my friends and family. Next year, guys. Next year, I promise I am going to plan the most amazing Halloween party ever!

 We also finally completed the Halloween enrichment boxes for the animals. It was the day after Halloween as we had to wait for the paint to arrive but that was fine with me. After all, its not like the animals know when Halloween is, right? We had a blast painting them. First we painted them all orange. Since we could not find any big paint brushes, we just used our fingers and went crazy with the paint. It left us with a lot of paint on our skin but that was all in good fun. The next day, we did the designs with black paint. We did the traditional Halloween designs: Jack-o-Lantern face, a witch, a cat, a bat, a ghost, and some other things. But we also did a few non-traditional things. Like I attempted a really bad Harry Potter. And some of our ghosts looked exactly like a Pacman ghost. But it was all in good fun and, again, I am sure the animals are not art critics.

Then on November 1st, we hadned over the boxes, all filled with bananas, to the monkeys. The baby spider monkeys actually figured theirs out pretty quickly, discovering the little window we had made to slide the food inside rather than taking the ...

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Happy Belated Halloween!
Happy Belated Halloween!

Sivoer og strikkende maend!   (published in Peru)

October 28, 2012 by   Comments(0)

Saa blev der endnu engang tid til at blogge, efter en helt fantastisk uges ferie. Da der er meget at fortaelle om, tager jeg den lige i etaper. Hele vores ferie var saaledes: junglen - Puno - Arequipa. Det tidligere oplaeg er om junglen og dette her vil blive om Puno - saa maa Arequipa blive lagt op en anden gang. 

Vi startede ugen med 4 dage i junglen - tidligere oplaeg - og samme dag som vi kom hjem derfra, snakkede vi med turistberauet og fik et tilbud paa endnu en tur. Saa samme dag tog vi en natbus til Puno, hvor vi skulle besoege den hojestbeliggende farbare soe, Lake Titikaka, som er stoerre end Sjaelland. 

Vi blev koert ud til havnen i Puno sammen med en lille flok turister, hvor vi startede vores tur med at sejle ud til nogle sivoer, Uros oerne. Da inkaerne kom til landet og virkede dominerende, ifoelge det beboende folk, valgte de at flytte ud paa soen - paa sivoer. Store jordroedder udgoer pomponer, som holder oen oppe, og sammen med pinde, flere meter siv og et saakaldt anker, der skal sikre dem at de ikke flyder til Bolivia, er sivoerne udmaerkede bosteder. Deres vigtigste kilde til bostedet er selvfoelgelig siv, eftersom alt er lavet af det; husene, madopbevaringsrummet og udkigstaarnet. Det eneste der ikke var af siv, var det saakaldte koekken, som bestod af en stor stenplade med en lille stenovn og stengryder - selvfoelgelig fordi madlavningen ikke skulle futte hele hytten og oen af. Mere til, at det er noget af et stykke arbejde at saette saadan en sivby sammen, er der ogsaa utrolig meget vedligeholdelse. Roedderne skal udskiftes hvert 3. aar, der skal laegges nyt siv paa hver 14. dag og husene skal have skiftet tag hver 3. uge. Trods en helt fantastisk udsigt og en gyngende grund under foedderne, skal man ikke bo her, hvis man ikke vil ...

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Sivoer og strikkende maend!
Sivoer og strikkende maend!

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