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Two jabs left, two weeks to go   (published in Peru)

October 16, 2012 by   Comments(2)

Scarily it's now just two weeks until I leave Heathrow bound for Miami and eventually Cusco, Peru! Luckily I think my parents are more scared than me so I'm the one putting on the brave face! But with my application to university just being sent today, I've now just got Peru to concentrate on! The main task at hand is still practicing my Spanish, but my lovely Spanish teacher is going above and beyond to help me and now it's just down to me learning and practicing to ensure I survive! I tend to be fine with the reading and writing, but speaking and listening (the most important things!) are proving the hardest for me. Cue a good excuse to watch lots of films in Spanish as practice. Last night was 'Pan's Labyrinth' and I plan on raiding the library tomorrow for more foriegn films. I also have my last two vaccinations tomorrow (finally!) with yellow fever in the morning then by TB in the afternoon so it's going to be a fun few days. But seeing as the UK is sufferring from a rabies vaccination shortage, meaning I'm having to go without, whichever jabs I can get I'm grateful for! The next thing on my 'To Do' list is to find the perfect present for my host family - I can't wait to meet them. I know it will be a culture shock living in Peru for five weeks, but I just keep telling myself five weeks isn't that long and the memories will last a life time. 

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Two jabs left, two weeks to go
Two jabs left, two weeks to go

Chapter 7, The Half Way Point   (published in Peru)

October 14, 2012 by   Comments(2)

Yesterday marked seven weeks of being here in Urubamba and I have 8 weeks to go. It feels both short and long being here but I am very happy and feel a bit bittersweet about reaching this mark.Things still continue to be really great here in Urubamba. I just returned from a 5 day trip to the jungle with my friend Tanja and it was wonderful! It was such a cool experience to be in the real Amazon, not just a recreation of a rain forest back home. We met a lot of great people and had wonderful guides to take us along on many adventures. It was hot as hell and there was no shortage of mosquito’s but other than that, it was a wonderful experience! Life at home and in town is great and we continue to have a lot of great volunteers around to have as friends. Work is also going great. There is actually a small change with regard to that. As you may recall my plan was spend 6 weeks in a kindergarten and then spend 6 weeks in a school for children with special needs. Upon arriving here, I learned that the school is not here in Urubamba but in Cusco which is the city that is an hour away. Working in this school would mean that I would either have to move there with a new family or commute back and forth every day. I have decided to stay in my current school rather that move to that one. I just didn’t want to move out of my home and into the city, away from this great town and all of my friends, not to mention the family I have grown to love. It also helps that I love my kids, teacher and school that I am at. I think I am doing enough diverse things here that I don’t feel as though I am only doing one thing.This month is looking to be a good one. As I mentioned, I had my trip to the jungle, and we are talking about getting to Machu Picchu at the end of the month ...

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Chapter 7, The Half Way Point
Chapter 7, The Half Way Point

Blog 2 - Week 2   (published in Peru)

October 13, 2012 by   Comments(1)

Buenos dias!

De tweede week zit er op en het is dus weer tijd om jullie een beetje in te lichten, zeker nu ik weet dat er meer mensen dan verwacht de blog volgen :)

Verleden weekend zijn we naar Puerto Maldonado gegaan, een gezellig junglestadje zo’n anderhalf uur varen van het kamp. Na eerst onze was af te gaan zwieren en in te checken in een klein hotelleke, zijn we naar het meest zalige café geweest waar ik ooit ben geweest: Gustido’s. Ze serveren er alles van ijs, milkshakes, fruitsalades, verse limonades en zelf hamburgers! Wat zalig is als je beseft dat het water dat we in het kamp drinken gewoon rivierwater is met chloor in, met als resultaat een bruin goedje dat er eigenlijk niet uitziet en ook nogal modderig en chlorig smaakt. Maar als je dorst hebt, drink je alles natuurlijk. Na daar ons eerst verzadigd te hebben met hamburgers en milkshake is iedereen contact gaan opnemen met het thuisfront en daarna zijn we pizza’s gaan eten, geweldig! Terwijl we aan het eten waren, voelden we beide de atmosfeer al veranderen, het was zaterdagavond en we waren aan het eten aan het “Plaza De Armas”, het grote plein waar elke Puerto Maldonadiaan zaterdagavond samenkomt om te dansen en te drinken. Na het eten zijn we dan op een terras gaan zitten van een bar met uitzicht op de Plaza en de sfeer was enorm verschillend in vergelijking met deze in België (of elk ander Europees land waar ik geweest ben). Het was nog zwoel warm, dus daarin verschilt het natuurlijk al van elke avond in Europa :). Na een paar kaartspelletjes zijn we vervolgens gaan poolen en kickeren en dan is een deel van de groep nog naar de discotheek getrokken waar we deze keer toch nee hebben op moeten zeggen door darmproblemen :) en het was ondertussen toch al 2u ...

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Blog 2 - Week 2
Blog 2 - Week 2

Julgletur, Maveinfektioner og masser af gode grin!   (published in Peru)

October 9, 2012 by   Comments(3)

Endnu en uge er gaaet, og denne har haft et lidt andet indhold end forventet. Efter vi noed, hvad vi troede var en uskyldig middag, paa en restaurent i Pisac, er vi begge blevet strattet med maveinfektioner.

Min havde sit brag af en begynding natten til torsdag, hvor jeg brugte natten paa badevaerelset, snakkende i den store telefon. Herefter blev jeg sendt paa hospitalet i Urubamba, hvilket var den laengste tre kvarters tur i en fyldt minivan nogen nogensinde har haft (!?). Og mens jeg stod der klemt inde mellem mennesker og hoens mm. taenkte jeg hvad muligheden var for at jeg ville vaerer i stand til at naa posen i min jakkelomme, hvis nu den store telefon ville ringe igen? - Men saa igen, basseret paa mine erfaringer so far, er jeg i tvivl om, om det overhovedet ville bive bemaerket hvis jeg gjorde det.

Efter 30 min. venten ved en tankstation, et stykke A4 papir med orderne "Doctor" (hvem behoever mere?), en masse proever og trykken og et mislykket forsoeg paa at skide i en kop, var jeg hjemme igen med en masse piller og diagnosen "maveinfektion med mulig parasit". Men doctoren var venlig og meget taalmodig. Det eneste er dog, at naar du slaar mig i laenden og spoerger om det goer ondt - saa boer du tage i betragtning at du lige gav mig en knytnaeve i laenden.

Men, men, men... efter endnu et laaaangt hospitalsbesoeg i Cusco er jeg nu i bedring! I morgen har vi fri, og skal ind til Cusco til infomoede ang. vores jungletur paa fredag, hvor vi starter vores foerste uges ferie. Vi teger bussen til Puerto Maldonado fredag nat og loerdag morgen bliver vi sejlet langs en af floderne til de hytter hvor vi skal overnatte tre gange. Jeg er ikke helt sikker paa programmet endnu, men hvad jeg ved er at den staar paa Monkey Island, Aligatorer om natten, Pumaer, Araer og meget ...

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Julgletur, Maveinfektioner og masser af gode grin!
Julgletur, Maveinfektioner og masser af gode grin!

Rain rain, it comes every day...   (published in Peru)

October 7, 2012 by   Comments(0)

, , ,

Being into the rainy season now, it is raining nearly every day. It is nice because it keeps us cool and we sweat a hell of a lot less than we did previously. But those refreshingly cool showers at the end of a hot day are now too damn cold! Oh well, we still suck it up and jump in because it is either cold water or smelling nasty.

Our baby turtles have started to hatch and they are so damn cute! I haven´t personally uncovered a nest yet but I hope I will get to do so very soon. We have over fourty nests and only five have hatched so far with the rest planning on hatching this next week so I have plenty of time. But I have gotten to see the babies and they are so adorable I can´t get over them! Smaller than the palm of your hand, with their little flippers flailing around, it is so cute!

I also had the... um, pleasure? to clean out the tapir pool. For those who don´t know, tapirs use their pool for pooing, bathing, and sex too! So the pool has to be cleaned out twice a week and boy is it a nasty job. It is also not helpful in the least when Bonito, the male tapir, decides to come up and play King of the Pool. While I was bailing out water from the side of the pool with my room-mate Waki, another volunteer Conner was knee-deep in the pool scooping out the poo with a scooper. Bonito wandered up and decided he didn´t want us in his pool. So he gave my bum a little nip and then jumped into the pool with Conner. He started splashing Conner and trying to head-butt him even. Conner splashed back and even dunked the tapir´s head underwater to try and stop him from biting but he eventually gave up the fight, and left the pool to Bonito. The silly tapir celebrated his victory by splashing about and then running off into the enclosure, leaving us to ...

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Rain rain, it comes every day...
Rain rain, it comes every day...

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