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Syvende uge i Saint-Louis   (published in Senegal)

October 22, 2013 by   Comments(2)

Bonsoir! Saa blev ugen med Tabaski overstaet. Det var en spaendende dag, men lidt ubehageligt med slagtningen af faarene. Her kommer syvende udsendelse fra Saint-Louis:

Au revoir!


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Syvende uge i Saint-Louis
Syvende uge i Saint-Louis

Sjette uge i Saint-Louis   (published in Senegal)

October 22, 2013 by   Comments(2)

Hej alle sammen

Laenge siden! Jeg haaber I har det godt stadigvaek. Her kommer sjette udsendelse fra den livlige by Saint-Louis:

À la prochaine!


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Sjette uge i Saint-Louis
Sjette uge i Saint-Louis

Yes... the Law of Averages Seems to Be Working   (published in Bolivia)

October 22, 2013 by   Comments(2)

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I am happy to report that this week, I have had significantly better luck than I did during the previous one. It started out relatively slow- on Monday, Alejandro did a report on the Centro Boliviano Americano and their support for the Telemaratón. I actually delivered an appeal speech, in English, to a group of Bolivian students that are studying my native tongue. Indeed, everywhere I go, I seem to make national news...

Tuesday, I actually had the day off. I seized this opportunity to utilize the lavanderia on Hamirya Street, next to the Projects Abroad Office, and I must say that if you are ever in the Cochabamba area, DO NOT USE THEM. They take more than a day to do a simple load of laundry, their hours are whimsical puzzles that no one can decipher, they put this annoying green tag on every piece of my clothing, and for what you actually receive, the cost is just insulting. Needless to say, I now have Miriam take care of all my laundry at the house.

Wednesday, things really kicked into gear with me actually filming the news stories with the new Panasonic Lumix that I bought (for under $100, mind you). Rene was thrilled with the quality and he was more than happy to use my shots for the promotional videos. I don't honestly remember what we did on Wednesday, or Thursday, but I do know that we went around and filmed the kids in the hospital for a good chunk of the week. I am thrilled by their optimism and joy- hope and comfort is their greatest weapon, and ultimately, that will be the force that will push them into adulthood.

On Friday night, ATB, the channel that is hosting the Telemaratón, had it's 29th anniversary celebration (yes, they are the same age as my awesome sister- 1984 was an incredible year!). The party consisted of live music ...

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Yes... the Law of Averages Seems to Be Working
Yes... the Law of Averages Seems to Be Working

Social Volunteers Event , October 21st , Liberia.   (published in Costa Rica)

October 22, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Good Morning Everyone!


Hope you are having an excellent day. This morning i am very happy  to share with all of you some pictures about the the social event that  volunteers had yesterday at one of the Ice Cream Shops around Liberia. It was a pretty  night and a rainning one as well, but most of them were there having a nice time together!. Thanks to all our volunteers in program . 

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Social Volunteers Event , October 21st , Liberia.
Social Volunteers Event , October 21st , Liberia.

There is no wealth but life. ~John Ruskin   (published in Sri Lanka)

October 22, 2013 by   Comments(1)

Hello guys,

I spend the rest of my weekend with the other volunteers. I left home after breakfast and met the girls in Kalutara North. We exchanged some photos and movies and I got all the "How I Met Your Mother" episodes from season one to seven in English! Yeah! Since the weather was bad again, we watched some and a bit TV. Fortunately, these girls have WiFi and even English TV channels! Even though it's a English channel the break is in Singhala and it's absolutely ridiculous! Though there are some European brands, even their advertisement is awful. Additionally, they are repeated a lot of times in only one break. However, the best thing was the warning of smoking and alcohol before the movie and even during it when people smoked or drank. To top it: They cut out the kiss scene of "Friends with Benefits"! 

On both days I had lunch with the girls. Lucky me that one of the volunteers cooked dinner on Saturday evening and we got the rest of it: tomato salad with feta, potato slides and Tzatziki. Later on Sunday, we went to the Laya hotel, used the swimming pool and had some milkshakes. In the end we even saw a nice sunset.

On Monday I changed to the paediatrics. The ward is really big, there are one room for infants, one for babies, the "sub acute side" with two rooms and then two more for normal cases. Additionally, of course an entrance room and an isolation one. In comparison to the general medicine ward it seems "nicer". They aren't as many patients, the walls even have pictures on and some kids have nice blankets or maybe toys with them. Anyway: I get really sad thinking of my child's doctor's office, the barrow made looking like a train and all the toys, books etc. When you look outside here, you see derelict wards, rubbish and building lots. Worst part was ...

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There is no wealth but life. ~John Ruskin
There is no wealth but life. ~John Ruskin

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