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Packing and getting ready!   (published in Argentina)

April 2, 2013 by   Comments(9)

Projects Abroad har lavet en blog til mig så nu prøver jeg lige at skrive lidt og se om jeg kan ligge et link på facebook så jer der har lyst til at følge med i min rejse og i mine billeder, kan følge med over den her blog.
Jeg har lige fået pakket hele spisebordet ned som har været fyldt med tøj, gummistøvler og sovepose. Hvordan det har kunne ladet sig gøre og hvordan jeg nogensinde skal få en rygsæk på ryggen som har samme højde som mig selv er et godt spørgsmål :D Jeg glæder mig til at skulle afsted i morgen men det bliver sindssygt hårdt at skulle sige farvel selvom det kun er tre måneder og jeg trods alt kommer hjem igen :)
Men i skal vide jeg kommer til at savne rigtig mange af jer utrolig meget, men som det vane og trygsheds menneske jeg er, er det nok meget sundt at komme afsted.
Næste opslag bliver fra den anden side af jorden. Vi ses om 3 måneder Danmark, og så vil jeg gerne bestille godt vejr og grill mad til når jeg kommer hjem ;)

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Packing and getting ready!
Packing and getting ready!

Nepal; it's closer than I think...   (published in Nepal)

April 2, 2013 by   Comments(2)

It's my first blog and I am most definitely excited it is! But of course, it's nothing compared to the excitement I'm feeling for my upcoming expedition to Nepal. Only today was I struck with the realisation that I'd be leaving my small town, Mackay, in Australia, for the vibrant, culturesque and breathtaking Kathmandu in Nepal! June 21st signals the day of my departure. That's about 80 days; not that I've been counting down at all. I am not at all familiar with Nepal, except for the fact that Sir Edmund Hillary carried out prominent acts of philanthropy in the region and the picturesque mountains that scale the land. I am unbelievably enthusiastic to be immersed in the traditions and scenery of this wonderful country, however, my journey is of greater purpose. I'll be volunteering at a small school. The exact details of the place I am not too sure about at the moment. Of course! I musn't forget to mention that I'll be accompanied by 3 other incredible students from my class! I can only hope the wait will pass quickly and that my expectations will be met. There'll be a lot of preparation that'll be taking place over the next days and weeks so here's to a hectic few weeks before an even more hectic 2 weeks of volunteering and travelling!

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Nepal; it's closer than I think...
Nepal; it's closer than I think...

Giraffing me crazy - part 1   (published in South Africa)

April 2, 2013 by   Comments(0)

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So I'm going to write my Kruger trip blogs over about three entries so as not to bore anyone! :)

South Africa has been on my bucket list for a long time as has going on safari to see the big five - both of which I've achieved - big phat tick!!

Travelling opens your eyes to so many places, different cultures and some amazing and often crazy okay maybe quirky is a better word...people.

It's definitely the people you meet while abroad that can create some lifelong memories and friendships. Take for example the MG boys - MG meaning Moroccan Gang...yes I digress but I have a point, well I think I do...I met Americans John & Chad or Le Chad and Canadian Dan in Marrakesh in 2000. We bonded over our love, well their forced love of pink toilet paper. Long story short, they got gastro, I was the only backpacker they met who had Imodium = instant friendship! 

13yrs later we still group email, often on a daily basis and we've had two reunions - one in Toronto and one in the Napa Valley and always said we'd have a 10yr reunion which is going to be a few years late, but hey better late than never. Our friendship is dynsfunctional, we're juvenille, intelligent sometimes, supportive despite the miles between us and we're shared more stories over email both good & bad than I could poke a stick, they're like brothers to me and it all started over pink toilet paper. 

My point.....there is one I promise! Sometimes the most random situations you meet some really interesting (or in the MG's case crazy) people! I met some really fun people on my trip to Kruger and have also made some great friends while living in Cape Town. 

Easter weekend up at Kruger, what a great way to spend it, not the best start having gone out the night before and surviving on close to zero sleep and a ...

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Giraffing me crazy - part 1
Giraffing me crazy - part 1

Thailand Strikes Back...   (published in Thailand)

April 2, 2013 by   Comments(0)

It has now been a few days since my last blog, in which time Thailand has struick back with a vengence!  Having been quite pleased after day 3 that I was avoiding the mosiquitos, I have now well and truly become cannon fodder!  Mainly on my legs, and mainly between 5-7pm... Jungle spray is however limiting them.  Add to this a couple of patches of heat rash, and the last few days have been uncomfortable!

So then, having passed my Open Water SCUBA diving course, this week sees me taking my Advanced Open Water SCUBA course to 30m!  After a swealtering day in the jungle yesterday, clearing a new path way with machettes and hoes, today saw me catching a speed boat at 8am out to Shark Point for 3 dives.  The first was a 30 metre dive down to a ship wreck of a Chinese ferry, all very exciting I have to say!  Dive two was looking at different coral reefs, and the obscene amount of tropical fish of all colours that roam these seas.  The final dive however topped off the lot, seeing a 7ft Leopard Shark in close quarters, and yes the good ol' music from Jaws did swirl around in my head a little!  Add last weeks encounters with Baracudas, and swimming with turtles, it has been fantastic diving so far, with fantastic instructors - thank you Aqua Vision!

The other people on the project range in age, from 17 upwards, myself and a couple of others being the only ones in our 30's.  This obviously means that going out on the town for the night (usually Ao Nang), can be fraught with danger!  There has been plenty of memorable nights however, most ending in Chang Bar!

I have been planning my trip up to Bangkok and the north in the evenings, and plan to get tattooed once in Bangkok - top half of arm!  

For now ...

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Thailand Strikes Back...
Thailand Strikes Back...

1 april, aankomst   (published in Romania)

April 2, 2013 by   Comments(6)

Sinds de laptop het niet heel super doet.. Schrijf ik mijn 'blog' op mijn telefoon. Maar ik denk dat het daardoor niet heel geweldig lang word.. Of wel. We zullen zien! Vanochtend om kwart over 5 opgestaan om samen met papa mama en yorick naar schiphol te rijden... Ik viel in slaap dus daar valt verder niks over te melden  na gehuil, getút en geknuffel uiteindelijk in het vliegtuig gestapt. Bleek heel veel gestrest te hebben voor niks want het ging allemaal heel makkelijk. Toen ik aankwam zou 'alex' me ophalen, dus ik was vrij nerveus en hoopte een beetje beleefd over te komen. Gelukkig klikte het wel gelijk en was er nog een andere vrijwilliger uit japan. Die ik niet goed kon verstaan. Maar hij was best aardig. Na 3 kwartier rijden kreeg alex een telefoontje. Wat bleek? Ik had weer een typische dagmar-actie uitgehaald... Idkaart en geld op het vliegveld laten liggen. Erg dom. En ik heb super veel geluk gehad dat we hem gewoon terug hadden gekregen en dat alles er nog in zat. Zucht. Ik ben best sukkelig bezig af en toe. Alex heeft nu een etentje gemist door mij :') maar de autorit was verder heel gezellig. leuke muziek en een mooi uitzicht. Wel is het duidelijk zichtbaar dat nederland het wat beter heeft. overal (echt overal) ligt aval en ik heb denk ik wel 6 straathonden gezien in een kwartier... Toen stopte ik met tellen. Ook zitten er langs de weg allemaal oude vrouwtjes met doekjes om t hoofd noten, groente of zelf gemaakte manden te verkopen. Volgens mij verkopen ze Niet heel veel. Aangezien er om de 50 meter weer een nieuwe zit. mijn gastmoeder/oma kan geen engels... Veel verder dan 'nu' 'da' 'salami' en 'noapte buna' kwamen we niet en ik heb dus ook maar wel terusten gezegd omdat ik niks anders wist te zeggen.. Oops. morgen krijg ik van ...

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1 april, aankomst
1 april, aankomst

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