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Fiji Week 6!   (published in Fiji)

October 24, 2013 by   Comments(1)

Thursday: breakfast: toast. Lunch: egg sandwich. Dinner: fish and chips.

Friday- breakfast: toast and scrambled eggs. Lunch: TUNA sandwiches yessss. Dinner: lamb chops and veggies and rice.

Saturday- breakfast: toast and eggs. Lunch: pizza! Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs.

Sunday- breakfast: toast and bananas from the garden and eggs and ham. Lunch: pasta and chicken, beef and veggies with rice, and daro. Dinner: rice and gravy with ground beef.

Monday- breakfast: toast and rice with curry fish and veggies. Lunch: egg sandwich… dinner: rice and beef stew.

Tuesday- breakfast: toast. Lunch: rice with tuna and green beans, it was so good. Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs.

Wednesday- breakfast: toast and ham and eggs. Lunch: leftover spaghetti. Dinner: ROTI and corned beef and beans curry and rice and chicken!

Thursday: BACK TO SCHOOL! I finally looked well enough for my host parents to let me go back. But, due to a wonderful rainstorm, none of my kids decided to go to school. This is the way Fiji works. It rains, no kids. They take the day off. It’s so weird. I can just see my momma cringing reading that. All these lazy kids… except their parents let them stay home, so it’s not the kid’s fault at all. 10 kids in the whole school showed up. So we didn’t do much. Thursdays are usually sports days, but it was raining… so we improvised. In the big room, we started a game of musical chairs. Since most of the kids that came were physically impaired, it was really “who can throw their kid in a chair the fastest”. Sadly, Jone and I lost… the second round was for teachers. I made it to final 4, then I felt like I was gonna get beat up for a chair…. These teachers are aggressive, man. After musical chairs, ...

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Fiji Week 6!
Fiji Week 6!

One of the main festivals in October in Mexico - "Festival Internacional Cervantino"   (published in Mexico)

October 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

For those who wonder where else to travel during your weekend. Here is another great option in Guanajuato, 4 hours by bus from Guadalajara.

To 41 years after its creation, the "Festival Internacional Cervantino" has established itself as one of the most important in the world and is an essential event in the cultural life of Mexico.

From this year, the Festival will feature two themes that will guide your program like threads of a narrative in which the audience can get involved. The first, entitled The Art of freedom, is dedicated to honoring those artists from different eras and disciplines, who have faced violence, discrimination or injustice, and have reacted to adversity or fear through their works. Viewers will have the opportunity to follow the creative path random who faces the horror and barbarism.

For its second theme, the Festival has decided to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Verdi and Wagner encouraging a playful confrontation between them. The program Verdi vs Wagner includes contrasting works of both composers which will allow the public to choose your favorite (or choose both composers).

The guests of honor, Uruguay and Puebla, will show the variety and richness of its cultural traditions.

Another new feature of the festival is that in order to host our performing arts, has launched the project OM21, which will encourage the writing of new operas in which collaborate a mexican songwriter, mexican librettist and a mexican stage director. 

Conscious of its educational vocation, from this year the Festival will hold a wide range of introductory lectures or talks with artists to allow the public to have more tools with which to enjoy the various shows. And, as a maker of critical consciousness through culture, Festival Cervantino is bound to ...

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One of the main festivals in October in Mexico - "Festival Internacional Cervantino"
One of the main festivals in October in Mexico - "Festival Internacional Cervantino"

Suva Boys School Compete in Sports   (published in Fiji)

October 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Dilkusha Boys School in Nausori Suva organised their annual Interhouse programme for their students who were eager to compete and make their teams proud. The event took place at Nakasi High School grounds.

Our two hard-working volunteers Robin Vivien and Dylan Thompson were thrilled to be a part of the programme, after all it is Sports!   Robin Vivien had just arrived under the Teaching project and he was incharge of supervising the boys during the competition.

Dylan Thompson has been at the school abit longer under the Sports project.

 He was coaching the 1,500 and 800 metres track events for his Yellow team who won the title after the competition.  Congratulations to Team Yellow!

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Suva Boys School Compete in Sports
Suva Boys School Compete in Sports

Fiestas de Octubre Guadalajara   (published in Mexico)

October 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Last Friday October 5th, marked the start of the 48th edition of the "Fiestas de Octubre", which is a Festival that is receiving thousands of people until November 4. If you want to visit during a weekday or a weekend it is a perfect choise to go out, have fun and get some tipical mexican food.

Among the new attractions included: an ice rink that has an area of 40 x 17 meters. Giving a total of 680 square meters covered with blocks of ice for skating.

The international exposure "Our body", a journey to learn how the human body works, it's a fascinating exhibition, witty and educational. It is suitable for all ages and will literally "under the skin" to reveal the mysteries of the human anatomy. The bodies, specimens and organs have been preserved by a process known as polymer impregnation. This exhibit allows visitors to discover the true inner workings of the extraordinary human body.

And ''Il Circo'', which features a large Italian acrobats surreal journey, combines the art of classic comedy with modern circus art, resulting in an unforgettable experience for anyone who has the opportunity to be part of this journey into a world of fantasy. Acts of "IL Circus" are performed by acrobats, dancers and most talented comedians in the world, they are presented with inspiration in a story full of life and emotions. 

In music concerts, several latin singers will be presented like Paty Cantu, Fey and Prince Roy among the artists scheduled to perform for her fans tapatíos at the main forum at "Auditorio Benito Juárez". In the following link you can find details in prices, schedules, how to get there and specific features or restrictions. See you there!

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Fiestas de Octubre Guadalajara
Fiestas de Octubre Guadalajara

Dirty Day Ciudad Guzman   (published in Mexico)

October 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

The "dirty day" has continued sowing good seeds in the Mexican society, this was the turn of Guzmán city, where Projects abroad cleaned and rehabilitated the visual space of a community playground and had been very pleasant to have the support of not only our volunteers but with their parents and some other people who witness the enthusiasm of Projects Abroad team and joined.

The 2 Guzmán city volunteers , Mikkel and Jonnas were visited by their parents who came from Denmark to get involved with their son's worthy of admiration work. Well done parents!!!

Proyects Abroad was recognized by the Mayor of Ciudad Guzman , Mr. José Luis Orozco Sanchez Aldana and mrs . Wife , as well as the inhabitants of the colony where they rehabilitated the playground fence the community , who are now happy to see their children play in a space of visual pollution.

At the end of the day dirty a Local snack bar opened its doors to us to enjoy some delicious and well deserved tacos, thanks Jonas , Mikkel Mikkel parents , mother of Jonas , Stefy , peace corps and our dear Jous , project supervisor and coordinator of this unforgettable experience. 

Thank you very much for letting us share this with you, see you soon to tell you about our next dirty day!

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Dirty Day Ciudad Guzman
Dirty Day Ciudad Guzman

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