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30 May: Patchy   (published in Romania)

May 30, 2013 by   Comments(0)

This morning, I dug up and cleaned a skeleton that still had hair. Not a lot of it, just a patch or two somewhere in the vicinity of the top of his skull. I named him Patchy. He even had a couple of little patches toward the front of his skull that I could pretend were eyebrows. They probably weren't, and I don't even know if they were actually close enough to his eyes because his skull was all caved in, but it worked for me and since I spent about two and a half hours working on him, I think I earned the right both to name him and to pretend he had eyebrows. It was really cool to see, since I'd never had a chance before to get a close up look at centuries-old hair. Jack says they found a woman once who had a whole plait of hair that was even still plaited. I bet that was pretty amazing. I left Patchy to go to lunch, and then when I got back Hannah and I were cleaning pottery, so I don't know what happened to him, but odds are he's already in a bag. It was still really cool, though. After work we got to hustle home for a quick change before we went in to the office for Erica's going-away dinner. Kazuki cooked, and it was absolutely delicious! It was cool to see everyone, and I even got to meet Maddie for the first time. Once we had eaten all the food, taken lots of pictures, and tried unsuccessfully to blitz-assemble a 1000-piece puzzle (with Jack and Maddie heckling our puzzle skills), we braved the torrential downpour to go to a billiards bar that had the best (and first) frappe cu ingheatata (probably sp) I have ever had. It's a good thing our host mom provides all our meals, because otherwise it would be all too easy to blow all my money on pretzels and delicious drinks, though I might still do that anyway. I have set something of a budget for myself, but even ...

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30 May: Patchy
30 May: Patchy

Chords of Love – A Care Project Connection Programme   (published in Jamaica)

May 30, 2013 by   Comments(0)

There is something special about making new friends and keeping in touch with them, sharing developments about life and simply providing support and giving advice. This is the primary objective of the Chords of Love connection that Care volunteers who worked in Jamaica have been engaged in with children and the elderly. The current Care placements with active chords of love participants are the Institute of Arts and Culture, The New Hope Children’s Home, the Manchester Infirmary and the Bethabara Primary and Junior High School. The newest volunteers to join are Christiana Hanenberg who worked at the Manchester Infirmary and the Institute of Arts and Culture, Patrick Warnke who worked at the Learning Centre, Laura Tarafas who worked at the Southern Regional Health Authority and Anthea Dias who worked at the Institute of Arts and Culture. The volunteers will maintain contact with the clients with whom they worked in the various settings through mail, emails and phone calls. The volunteers will provide mentorship, friendship and encouragement to their new placement friends in Jamaica. This is a unique way to sustain the amazing work of our volunteers and encourage the longevity of meaningful impact. Special thanks to our amazing volunteers who chose to be a part of this wonderful programme.

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Chords of Love – A Care Project Connection Programme
Chords of Love – A Care Project Connection Programme

Cape coast og Accra :)   (published in Ghana)

May 30, 2013 by   Comments(2)

Forrige weekend var vi i cape coast, hvor vi tog paa tur i regnskoven, et sted hvor der er bygget haengebroer i traetoppende, 40 m. over jorden, sikken en udsigt vi havde deroppe, det hele var groent og smukt, det var en super fed oplevelse, selvom den smalle haengebro ind i mellem virkede en smugle usikker :) 

Og herefter spiste vi middagsmad paa en resturante, som var bygget paa en soe med krokrodiller :)

Vi saa ogsaa cape coast castle, som er virkelig stort og smukt, og vi havde en virkelig god guide. Naar han fortalte kunne man naesten forestille sig i billeder, hvor forfaerdeligt disse slaver blev behandlet. Og hvis de gjorde modstad blev de putter i en lille celle med 70 andre, en celle uden lys, luft, mad eller vand, og her var det kun muligt at overleve 3 dage. Og hvordan de mistede alt, identitet, familie og aldrig ville komme tilbage til deres land, naar de gik i gennem "door of no return"

Denne weekend har vi vaeret i Accra som er Ghanas hovedstad, det var vildt anderledes, det var som at glemme at man var i afrika for en stund, det er som en almindelig storby naermest, de havde alt her. Og vi fandt en engelsk pub, som blev vores stam sted, det var et super hyggeligt sted. Og en dag fandt vi et supermarket, det var helt overvaeldende, de havde alt! Og det bedste af det hele, jeg fandt rugbroed!!! :D vi havde en hyggelig og lidt haard weekend her, da vi jo selvfoelgelig ogsaa skulle saa Accras natteliv, saa en lokal fyr, vise os rundt paa forskellige discoteker :) Ja der var en masse at lave, vi var paa smootihie bar, kinesisk resturante, casino, marked at shoppe, og et bageri hvor de havde ordenligt broed og den bedste kaffe latte!!

Udover dette saa har jeg vaeret paa min foerst loebetur i Afrika. Vores vaertsmor har lavet fufu til os, som er en ...

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Cape coast og Accra :)
Cape coast og Accra :)

Day 20 - Long time no see...   (published in Nepal)

May 30, 2013 by   Comments(5)


For those of you wondering what has happened to me over the last few weeks that I have not blogged at all, let me explain: I have been very ill, and the internet connection has been crap and non-existent most recently.

So, to catch you all up properly... I got to Ghandruk Village the day after I sent my last blog post (just over 2 weeks ago) after a short trek up the mountain. I am staying in Namaste guesthouse with my fellow conservation volunteers and we are situated at 2000m high.

All of the volunteers here are really lovely and makes things a whole lot better when things get a little tough. Here I will explain the 'tough' bit. As you may be able to imagine, our location is pretty remote up in the mountains, and resources are limited - there is no hot water, food is hardly nutritious (mostly carbs and if we're lucky, meat and one fruit once a week), there is a constant battle with bugs of all sorts (including leeches) and of course there is a lot of climbing. To top this all off, I got ill with food poisoning soon after I arrived, with the unwelcome nasties of vomiting. fever and so on, to the point where on the fifth day, the doctor said that if my health didn't improve, I would have to be air-lifted down to the city hospital! Luckily, things did start to get better the next day. And fortunately, the other volunteers looked out for me, especially my roommate, Bridget, who was forcing me to take medicines and electrolyte drinks (which are disgusting). Not so pleased at the time, but I appreciate that she helped me to get better. Ah, this is life up in the Himalayas! 

As you have probably worked out, I therefore haven't done too much conservation work yet - just bird and butterfly-watching twice in Ghandruk. Although what little I have done, I have ...

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Day 20 - Long time no see...
Day 20 - Long time no see...

Chitwan, here I come!   (published in Nepal)

May 30, 2013 by   Comments(5)

Hallo allemaal,

Ja, vorig weekend ben ik dus goed ziek geweest. Blijkbaar veel te veel roti's gegeten ("you ate 6 roti's?! You can maximum eat 2!") Dat hadden ze beter op voorhand gezegd, maar goed. Zondag was ik weer helemaal beter. Er is toen een nieuwe vrijwilliger toegekomen in onze gastfamilie (Thomas uit Amerika) en we zijn met ons 3 naar Boudhanath geweest, waar de grootste tempel in Nepal staat (denk ik toch). Was best leuk, buiten de gigantische regenbui onder de middag. Toen we terug in Thamel waren om onze was op te pikken, bleek die nog lang niet klaar te zijn. We moesten 2 uur langer wachten, hadden daardoor problemen met onze taxichauffeur,.... Kortom, we waren blij toen we weer thuis waren.

Deze week was een beetje saai op het werk. Veel kindjes zijn weer terug naar huis (ik heb niet eens afscheid kunnen nemen!) en Kaila en ik zaten vaak alleen in de speelruimte, wachtend op onze thee. ( het is zover, we zijn verslaafd).

Het was daarom leuk dat we vroeger van de NRH konden vertrekken om in Happy en Friendship Home te gaan spelen en lezen, wat we nu 4 keer per week gaan doen. De jongens zijn altijd superenthousiast, altijd blij om te lezen en ze vragen elke keer opnieuw om de macarena en gangnam style met hen te dansen. Ze zijn ook superleergierig ("Miss, teach me something!" "Okay, what do you want me to teach you?" "Oh, just anything! You can choose!"). De meisjes zijn iets kalmer en soms moeilijk om te motiveren. Ze spelen graag spelletjes, maar als we gaan lezen verdwijnt de helft ineens.

Dinsdagavond heeft Miss Jyoti ons geleerd om momo's te maken, wat een typisch nepalees gerecht is. (Ik heb deze keer wel op voorhand gevraagd hoeveel ik ervan mocht eten). Gisterenavond was het weer gewoon avondeten met de kinderen van de school. Ik weet niet waarom, ...

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Chitwan, here I come!
Chitwan, here I come!

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