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Freitagabend, der 15. November   (published in Nepal)

November 15, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Heute war ich zum ersten Mal im OP und es war echt spannend und interessant. Um neun habe ich mich mit Jasmin vor dem Krankenhaus getroffen, dann sind wir hoch und haben erst mal unsere Schuhe gegen OP Schuhe getauscht. Danach mussten wir uns umziehen, also eine OP-Hose und Bluse anziehen und Mundschutz und Haarnetz aufsetzen. Sobald man durch die Türen zum OP Bereich geht ist man wie in einer anderen Welt. Alles wirkt steril, die Wände sind mintgrün gestrichen, alle laufen in OP Kleidung rum und es ist kein Schmutz zu sehen. Es gibt insgesamt sieben OP-Säle in denen gleichzeitig operiert wird. Wir sind die meiste Zeit von einem zum anderen gesprungen. Es gibt normal interessante Dinge zu sehen, wie zum Beispiel eine Operation an Elle und Speiche oder eine Elektroschocktherapie und sehr interessante Dinge wie eine Zystoskopie oder (dieser OP habe ich eine Stunde zugesehen) eine Operation am Schädel.

Das einzige Problem ist die Verständigung. Da die meisten Ärzte beschäftigt sind können wir nicht so gut nachfragen und verstehen manchmal den Sinn hinter einer Operation nicht. Aber dennoch ist es immer extrem interessant. Übrigens empfehle ich allen die nicht mit medizinischen Details umgehen können den nächsten Absatz zu überspringen. ;)

Ganz kurz habe ich gesehen wie sie einer Frau der sie die Hand an der Hüfte angenäht hatten (ich weiß nicht wirklich wieso aber die Ärzte einten wegen einer Zyste im Arm...)  unter lokaler Betäubung (und leider großen Schmerzen) die Fäden gelöst haben und entzündetes Fleisch weg geschnitten haben. Das war schon ziemlich extrem und für mich fast mehr ekelhaft als interessant, da ich den Sinn dahinter einfach nicht ...

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Freitagabend, der 15. November
Freitagabend, der 15. November

A Taste of Ben Caesar (Sounds of the World artist) - Video Launch   (published in South Africa)

November 15, 2013 by   Comments(0)

On the evening of Wednesday 6 November 2013 Sounds of the Worlds local artist Ben Caesar flared up the Rockwell Hotel in Cape Town Central with a live performance of his new release Yummy Yummy.


The evening was introduced with a relaxed meet and greet scenario in which Ben had the pleasure of spending quality time from his busy schedule with all the people that made him what he is today. The dress code was a spontaneous bow tie and sneakers theme and was well complimented with Bens ‘Master Chefs’ attire, giving the crowd a warm feeling of being hosted and treated by Ben.

The room was lit with a warm energetic buzz and enhanced with a vocal performance by Samantha Adams a local new found talent soon to be hitting the music industry with a new feel.

After an introduction by his manager and good friend Diego, Ben’s new Music video was presented to the audience of close friends and family. A video not to be missed! It was then complimented by a live performance of his new release as well as the remix versions of his previous songs.

While the new song demonstrates the love for food, more specifically Ben’s love for good food, the evening was well met with champagne and gourmet food catered from Shesha a catering and Events Company, making the evening a great success.

As usual ben loves the paparazzi and didn’t hesitate to take pictures with every single person hosted at the event. Ben is not only a great musical artist but does take the time to thank all those who have helped him along the way!

Be sure not to miss out on any of his future performances.

Sounds of the World will keep you updated!  

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A Taste of Ben Caesar (Sounds of the World artist) - Video Launch
A Taste of Ben Caesar (Sounds of the World artist) - Video Launch

Feeding scheme! Well done to an outstanding new outreach program from our human rights office!   (published in South Africa)

November 15, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Once again I was told about another initiative that the Projects Abroad human rights office has thought of and planned to do. They wanted to do a food distribution to the homeless people! I was surprised but also overjoyed by this news and excitedly accepted the invitation to join and document this memorable day.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen of the human rights office I was taken back and moved by the way the volunteers and staff worked as a team (like a well-oiled engine) and they had become pro’s at preparing the delicious food. It was like a conveyor belt; the one group of volunteers buttered the rolls, passed it to the other group who then put a sausage in the roll and then passed to another group that packed the rolls into a box. Hotdogs was on the menu with a side of freshly cut fruit, a candy and a large cup of juice. That sight made me hungry but I had to keep my temptation hidden as these were prepared for the homeless people.

When we arrived at the distribution center there were more people than before, and this time we were really prepared! The volunteers were well prepared with a good supply of hotdogs and other treats that were ready to be distributed. With lots of smiles the supply dropped within minutes, the volunteers worked as true professionals and handed the food with speed and efficiency. Whilst handing the food and treats out the volunteers took time to speak to some of the people asking about their life.

Once again, when I left that place I felt proud to be part of this outreach program organized by PAHRO. The sense of joy and smiles and the opportunity for me to be a part of what happened and to see the positive outcome of what have been done today is the stepping stone for many more! 

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Feeding scheme! Well done to an outstanding new outreach program from our human rights office!
Feeding scheme! Well done to an outstanding new outreach program from our human rights office!

The Synergy festival – Sounds of the World gets to meet over 100 bands and artists   (published in South Africa)

November 15, 2013 by   Comments(0)

‘Sounds of the World’ has already kicked of the year to a great start. Nash Singh (Sounds of the World manager for South Africa) will attend the 2013 Synergy festival that is happening on the 29 November 2013. This is a great opportunity for Sounds of the World to establish good relationships with unknown bands and artists.

The festival is open to everyone who would love to spend their time listening to non-stop music and feeling the cultural atmosphere of thousands dancing and having fun. The main question is ‘What is the Synergy festival?’ To answer that question I had to speak to Nash and he gave a full in depth explanation of exactly what the festival is about.

The Synergy festival is located 90 minutes out of Cape Town on the sun-stroked banks of Threewaterskloof Dam. It is a 3 day celebration with top global talent bringing their amazing musical talent to South Africa. You can either choose to stay for the night or camp out the whole weekend to have the full experience that will stay in your memory for life. Synergy is the highlight for the outdoor festival calendar throughout the year. There are also many other activities that the festival has to offer such water sports, carnival rides etc.

This truly sounds like an epic experience that will be a necessity for musicians and for people that have taste for sweet nectar such as music.

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The Synergy festival – Sounds of the World gets to meet over 100 bands and artists
The Synergy festival – Sounds of the World gets to meet over 100 bands and artists

Adventures by Stephanie Chu, OT Volunteer from Canada   (published in Thailand)

November 15, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Adventures in Thailand

Soon I will be departing Thailand to return to Canada after a two month internship, with the Occupational Therapy (OT) department at Surat Thani Hospital.  I can say that my experience in Thailand was amazing!!  My hope is that by reading this article those of you, who are thinking about volunteering abroad, whether to Thailand or another country, take the opportunity while you can.  You will have a fantastic experience and Projects Abroad does as much as they can to ensure you are well taken care of and have a great time while you are visiting.

I had always intended to travel and volunteer abroad, but school and work were always a priority. When the opportunity arose, I researched various companies, and ultimately decided that Projects Abroad was the best fit for me.  Although I had no previous experience in occupational therapy, I was still accepted into the program as I was interested in pursuing a career in health care.  With this in mind I started to prepare for my placement by reading as much as I could on Occupational Therapy.

Before coming to Thailand, Nou from Projects Abroad gave me all kinds of information to prepare me for my time in Thailand including details on my accommodation and work placement.  When I arrived in Thailand, she was the first person who greeted me at the Krabi airport.  Soon we began talking and she gave a cultural orientation to Thai culture and language.  The following day after my induction, I met with Ruang, another staff member from Projects Abroad, who took me to Surat Thani.  Before meeting with the host family, she gave me a tour of the city, where I was shown all the important places like the hospital, shopping malls, tourist police station, market and the ...

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Adventures by Stephanie Chu, OT Volunteer from Canada
Adventures by Stephanie Chu, OT Volunteer from Canada

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