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6 June: What is this day off of which you speak?   (published in Romania)

June 6, 2013 by   Comments(0)

No work today because of the rain, so Hannah and I walked over to the German bakery for snacks and wifi. I have no idea what we're going to do for this entire day with no work, but hopefully I'll have an opportunity to buy another pair of pants. That's not imperative, but it would be nice, especially since my host mom can only wash these pants if I have something else to wear while she does. Hence the search for more pants. The trouble is I'm having a hard time finding a shop that actually sells pants. I guess I could probably go to the outdoors store on Strada Republicii, but I'm worried that would blow my budget for the whole week, just on an extra pair of pants. It's a dilemma. Anyway, besides that, it's all good here. We're going bowling tonight as something of a pre-departure party for Hannah, since she's going home this weekend. Tomorrow night we'll do something as well, and that will likely involve being out until all hours of the night. It'll be fun, though. I can't really believa that we've already almost been here two weeks. On one hand, I feel like I've accomplished a lot and learned a lot and definitely made some really good friends in such a short amount of time, but on the other I feel like this week especially has just flown by. Exactly three weeks from today, I'll be getting on a train headed for points unknown (not really, though; I am planning how I'll spend my two weeks of independent travel), away from Brasov. Of course, I do still have three weeks, but I guess Hannah leaving has me thinking about it. This place won't be the same without her, especially not our host house. We'll keep in touch, though, and it'll be great :) Personally, I had a few bouts of homesickness this week, but I'm glad I'm staying a whole month. There's so much to see and ...

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6 June: What is this day off of which you speak?
6 June: What is this day off of which you speak?

The Ups and Downs of an Amazing Experience.   (published in Mongolia)

June 6, 2013 by   Comments(0)

It's certainly been a decent amount of time since I've written. And in following a similar direction, it's also been a while since I've been home: pretty much exactly one month. It's really mind-blowing to think that all that has happened so far has happened in this short time. I've had so many firsts here, and already experienced so many things that one truly has to live to fully comprehend. For example, and on a lighter note, when could you ever ride a camel in Canada? Typing this blog entry, I see looming in the background on my computer screen a picture of two camels that we encountered on the way to Terelj National Park. Yes, they are adorable. Seeing as I do not have Wifi at my host family, I cannot verify this fact as I write, but was told near the beginning of my stay here that the camels in Mongolia are unique because they have two humps, whereas other camels only have one. Speaking of firsts, I am happy to report that the water now seems to be fully functional (temperature-wise) at my host family. From the morning of May 15, when I was not able to shower with hot or warm water, it has been exactly three weeks since the water has fully warmed up. What a wonderful feeling to shower with hot water - and what a concept after so much time without - I am…what can I say…mutton happy :-) And though this was a huge surprise to first find out about the water, my Longely Planet guide confirmed that this sort of thing is not uncommon in Mongolia.

So, a quick review of two things for today's blog - 

The bus and the ballet: this Saturday I went for the first time on the bus. Quite different from back home, there is a lady who comes around in order to collect the 400 tugrik fare, and gives a small paper ticket in return. The bus I was on ...

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The Ups and Downs of an Amazing Experience.
The Ups and Downs of an Amazing Experience.

Meine Arbeit mit den Kindern   (published in Samoa)

June 6, 2013 by   Comments(3)


Seit zwei Tagen habe ich meine Arbeit in einer primarz school in Apia begonnen.

Es ist eine private Schule. Wer seinen Kindern hier eine Zukunft bieten will muss sie auf eine private Schule schicken! Die staatlichen sind ziemlich mies, sie unterrichten nur auf Samoanisch, obwohl es dafuer kaum Buecher und Materialien gibt. Das Standardwerk zum Lesenlernen ist die Bibel! Tolle Erstlektuere fuer kleine Kinder! Deswegen nehmen die meisten Eltern das hohe Schulgeld auf sich, damit das Kind spaeter auch im Ausland leben und arbeiten kann. Meine Familie hier bezahlt alleine fuer die 3 jaehrige ca 1000 Euro im Jahr, was fuer hierige Massstaebe extrem viel ist!

In die Mrs Gabriel School, in der ich arbeite, gehen theoretisch bis zu 200 Kinder, aber es waren noch nie mehr als ca 50 da. Die Chefin (die uebrigens Mrs Gabriel heisst, surprise, surprise!) und die Erzieherinnen sind sehr stolz auf ihre Arbeit und geben sich alle Muehe. Trotzdem haette ich aus meiner Sich noch einige peadagogische Tipps fuer sie auf Lager. So wurde uns am Anfang ganz stolz erklaert, dass in dieser Schule kein Kind mit dem Lineal gecshlagen wird - kraeftige Schlaege mit der Hand auf Po oder Haende sind aber gang und gebe! Das zerreisst mir jedesmal das Herz, auch wenn es den Kindern natuerlich keine bleibenden Schaeden zufuegt. Wir werden den Erzieherinnen die naechsten Wochen zumindest zeigen, dass man Kinder auch so ganz gut zur raison bringen kann! ;)

Gestern hatten wir (ausser mir arbeiten noch Joanna und Rebecca hier) kaum etwas zu tun, weil die Kindern in ihrem zarten Alter schon Matheexamen hatten! Aber heute haben wir mit ihnen gesungen und gespielt... Sie sind unglaublich suess und anhaenglich und ich bin voll in meinem Element :) Sie koennen aber auch sehr hartnaeckig und ...

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Meine Arbeit mit den Kindern
Meine Arbeit mit den Kindern

SPCA Community Social   (published in Fiji)

June 5, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Rise and shine!

I was fortunate to be able to partake in an awesome social day at our local animal shelter SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The volunteers, with the help of a local budding young artist, designed and painted murals on the walls of the animal clinic to brighten up the place. Beautiful bright colours in all its splendour donned the walls of the shelter and in return, we all got play time with the cute little puppies and kitties  the volunteers thoroughly enjoyed themselves! They even painted little paw and bone motifs on the pillars where the reception area. Kevin Garnier (France) and Chris Bohmer (Germany) left their signatures behind as a reminder of their time in the country. A wonderful gesture indeed! Indulge yourselves in the following photographs:

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SPCA Community Social
SPCA Community Social

Amazing article by Marta Ruffa! - Thanks for the great work at Guadalajara en Bici!   (published in Mexico)

June 5, 2013 by   Comments(0)

, , , ,

An amazing article written by Marta Ruffa, from Italy. The article was posted in the official site of Guadalajara en Bici, one of our journalism and international development projects in Mexico! 


Read the article here:

Big thanks to Marta Ruffa for her great work! 

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Amazing article by Marta Ruffa! - Thanks for the great work at Guadalajara en Bici!
Amazing article by Marta Ruffa! - Thanks for the great work at Guadalajara en Bici!

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