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The Volunteer Melissa Sovik at her Micro-Finance Project in Liberia.   (published in Costa Rica)

August 12, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today I would like to show you some  photos  of the Micro-Finance  projects that we have at the moment in Liberia. 

The volunteer Melissa Sovik from Norway is helping  to one of the entrepreneurs that Projects Abroad is working with , and in this case she is helping to Sra Shirley , who makes baby clothe . This is a really special entrepreneur , because she creates really nice clothe. Our volunteer Melissa is helping her with a business plan as well , and also is creating a catalog for her.

This catalog will be created in order to show her products to more people and in this way sell more.  Thanks to our volunteer for all the help to this family and the effort on this.

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The Volunteer Melissa Sovik at her Micro-Finance Project in Liberia.
The Volunteer Melissa Sovik at her Micro-Finance Project in Liberia.

The Chronicles of Cambodia - The Journey Over and Phnom Penh   (published in Cambodia)

August 12, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Hey all,

After (exactly) one month here, I’m finally freeing up the requisite time to start up my blog. Sorry for the delay!

Now, before I start, a few comments/expectation-setters :

This is my first-ever blog – yeah, I chose to pass on the LiveJournal movement back in high school – so don’t be too much of a critic. To keep things easy, I've decided to keep Facebook as the main repository of my pictures (so my blog posts will mostly be pictureless). You should be able to view all of my pictures by following this link (even if we're not FB friends.). I essentially plan on mostly just blabbing about what I think are the most important updates, topics, etc., but if you guys have any specific questions or topics in mind for me to cover, please let me know (in the comments or otherwise)!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road.

Since I have so many different things on which to fill you all in – probably more than anyone would care to read (or write) about in a single blog post – I’m going to spread my first month’s worth of updates into a few separate posts, with each dedicated to a particular topic or trip. For my inaugural post today, I’ll cover my journey over here and then city I’ll be calling home for the next 6 – well, I suppose it’s 5 now – months: Phnom Penh. 

The trip here to Cambodia was pretty uneventful (sorry to disappoint). As you can imagine, after almost 4 years of constant flying for work, I feel pretty comfortable when I’m seated on a plane.  The 100+ movies I had available at my fingertips during my 13-hour flight from Detroit to Incheon didn’t hurt either, and I ended up spending the entire flight watching five straight movies. Quick ...

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The Chronicles of Cambodia - The Journey Over and Phnom Penh
The Chronicles of Cambodia - The Journey Over and Phnom Penh

Ecuador is fantastisch!   (published in Ecuador)

August 11, 2013 by   Comments(1)

We zijn nu twee weken op reis door Ecuador. We genieten enorm van dit prachtige land met vriendelijke gastvrije mensen. Het wonen, werken en genieten op de Galapagos lijkt alweer een aardig tijdje geleden.

De eerste twee dagen op het vaste land van Ecuador hebben we doorgebracht in het oude deel van de stad Quito. De hoogte was wel even wennen. Met name Tanne en Manou hadden wel wat last van hoogteziekte. Gelukkig werd dit minder en konden we met gerust hart naar de Cotapaxi (5897 m): een van de hoogste vulkanen van het Andesgebergte. Erg gaaf. Vanwege de stevige wind, regen, kou en mist zijn we niet naar de berghut op 4800 meter gelopen. We zijn op 4600 meter met de mountainbike naar beneden 'geracet'. Erg stoer en koud .... De natuur en met name de bergen / vulkanen zijn overweldigend. Fantastische uitzichten, mooie meertjes en een geweldige Haciƫnda voor de overnachtingen. Wat willen we nog meer...

De jungle Een bezoek aan de Amazone mocht niet ontbreken. We hebben drie dagen / twee nachten doorgebracht in de jungle. Onder leiding van een gids hebben we door de jungle gestruind en vele insecten, bijzondere planten en dieren gezien. Ook zijn we op de 'koffie' geweest bij de Kichwastam en hebben een nachtwandeling gemaakt. David en Manou hadden het verblijf in de jungle graag verlengd. Voor de meiden was het lang genoeg. Die wilden graag naar de stad Banos. Waar een prachtig verblijf in een hosteria met luxe zwembaden en thermaal baden met massage mogelijkheden op hen wachtte.

In Banos hebben we een tour gemaakt langs de vele watervallen die dit gebied rijk is. Super. Het meest indrukwekkende was de woeste waterval 'Pailon del Diablo'. We hebben 'm van boven, van onder en van 'achteren' bewonderd. Tijdens de tour was het triest om te zien hoeveel bomen er gekapt ...

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Ecuador is fantastisch!
Ecuador is fantastisch!

And so the journey begins...   (published in Sri Lanka)

August 11, 2013 by   Comments(0)


Our adventure has started, after a bit of an emotional goodbye, we are through security and both very excited to get on the plane!! We just received a phone call from Gishan (our placement organiser) to check we are at the airport and all okay, and so the reality has started to sink in! 

I will blog again once we are there, when we find the nearest wifi point to let you all know how we are getting on! 

If you haven't donated yet please check out our website: and give what you can 


Sending love to all our lovely friends and family x 

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And so the journey begins...
And so the journey begins...

Church   (published in Senegal)

August 11, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Before coming to Saint-Louis I was put in touch with some members of a church here. I've been going to 'Eglise Evangelique' since I arrived, not including the weeks I went on trips. I've been made to feel so welcome and it's been amazing to be part of a Christian community here. Today I met a group of young people from America & Canada who will be helping out at the kids camp that they're running over the next two weeks. We had a delicious meal after church to welcome them.

The church does so much in the community. It runs a three year training course for girls where they learn to cook, make clothes, keep a budget and have French lessons in order to help them get a job. It also has a small GP and pharmacy set up, allowing the local population of Pikine easy access to healthcare. The church also welcomes the talibé once a month, giving them food, healthcare and allowing them to use their showers. The church is also going to be opening a centre for boys (older talibé) where they'll give them practical training in a vocation, such as being an electrician. Local people teach in the schools, as well as some lovely American missionaries. Throughout all these activities, they aim to let people know about their faith and Jesus. For example, the girls are taught bible stories in the morning before school. The minister's wife told me that they're not offended by it but are quite interested in learning what we believe. It's a pretty amazing church and I'm looking forward to learning more from the other members!

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