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Trinco-weekend   (published in Sri Lanka)

September 23, 2013 by   Comments(1)


a nice weekend is over. We left in the evening on Friday to go to Colombo by bus. It took us two hours to get there and we ate some "dinner" - plain bred (something like Milchbrötchen in Germany) sitting on the street. When we waited for the train we needed to sit separately; There is one female and one male waiting room. 

The train arrived and we hurried to get a seat. We paid for a second class ticket because the third is always so crowded! And you really don't want to stand nine hours between lots of people. Fortunately, the train wasn't too full and I had two seat places for myself. Laying on my bag and having my feed on the other seat I had the perfect position to sleep. However, sleeping isn't that easy! You can't compare trains in Sri Lanka with the ones you know: Doors and windows are open, the train is so loud and when the train starts to drive after a stop you can almost fell of your seat (yes not when it stops). Additionally, there are lots of man wanting to sell food or water when you stop at a train station. Their puffery was too funny! The sequence of the same words (like coffee) made them sound strange and it was almost like singing. I needed some time to understand what they were saying.

In the morning we arrived in Trincomalee which is at the east coast of Sri Lanka. We took a Tuk Tuk to our guest house which was in Nilaveli. For 1100 Rs each it was very good! We travelled back to Trinco and searched for a nice place at the beach. Problem was that there were lots of fisherboats but no place were you could hide from the sun. We walked about 5km until we found a guest hotel were you could lay under sunshades. A man with a small python came to us and laid it on my back. A fascinating feeling when it was moving on my skin. The place was very ...

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Two and a half months to go!   (published in Sri Lanka)

September 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)



   On the 7th December 2013, I leave for Sri Lanka for two weeks. With this only being 2 and a half months away I am starting to gather some nerves! So far I have learnt as much as I can about Sri Lanka from the travel guide and other guidebooks, and have had my first vaccinations. After reading about Projects Abroad's Sri Lanka Care & Community package, I immediately had my heart set on going - now or never! I'm looking forward so much to experiencing a totally new culture and immersing myself in that way of life. I still need to think of some ways of fundraising - so far I plan on making Sri Lankan themed cards and paintings of patterns or wildlife to sell to family, friends and work colleagues, and also plan to sell some of my old clothes and possibly arrange a coffee morning. I have fundraised as part of a team before, and have realised straight away how much more difficult it is on my own! My main worry about going is getting ill while I'm over there - I understand that the culture shock and new foods and environments can often make people unwell, and as I have never been outside of Europe before I feel I will be hit hard! 

I'll update my blog every now and again to track my progress with the trip and keep a record of my time in Sri Lanka :-)

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Two and a half months to go!
Two and a half months to go!

Update of my last week in India   (published in India)

September 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

This past week things at the hospital have been pretty slow and not much has happened, all the babies are been born at night time or (one time) right over my lunch break! So I have decided this week I am going to work night shifts and hopefully see some births!!! On Tuesday evening we went for a meal with all the other volunteers on a roof too of a fancy hotel, the food was incredible and it was lovely to meet people from all over the world and the UK!! On Wednesday we woke up early and went on a medical trip to Ayurveda medical hospital and started the day with yoga and then breakfast :) we had a tour of the research and development place and the hospital grounds and then had lunch! The food was incredible!!! Most of the afternoon we seemed to be waiting around for nothing while some people had massages, and it was very hot so that was a bit boring! When we got home a new girl had arrived, Heather from Scotland! she's so nice and is doing medicine and physiotherapy! At the hospital on Friday one of the trainee nurses spent time explaining to us some postnatal baby care including cord care and eye care which was really interesting! I was also interrogated by like 6 student nurses asking me every question under the sun about myself and England which was quite amusing! Friday night we met up with some of the boys from a close by host family and went to a mall near our homes for noodles then squeezed all 8 of us in one small rickshaw to go to the cinema! We saw a film in Tamil and the entire thing was an experience I will never forget the Indians cheer, clap and whistle during the movie- very bizarre! Seen as it was Heather's first weekend we took her to the tailors market which she fell in love with as we all did! I bought some gifts and a giant elephant wall hanging!! ...

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Update of my last week in India
Update of my last week in India

fun-PACKED-weekend   (published in Nepal)

September 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

So this weekend is one of my roommates, Christina’s, last weeked here in Nepal. She is from Denmark and is going home and will then be going to New York for 2 weeks to visit her sister. We all decided that we wanted to go into Thamel, which is like the touristy, fun, party town about a 15 minute cab ride from where we live. At the steep price of 4 dollars a night, we would all split a hotel for the weekend and hang out in Thamel. SO much fun happened this weekend!!!! Friday night when we got there we checked in, got changed, and all headed out to dinner. We went to this place called the “New Orleans Café” and it was incredible. Live Nepalese music from these really cool old dudes, outdoor terrace dining, delicious cocktails, and the meal cost me $5.50. WINNING!!!! Then we went out to the Purple Haze, which is that same rock club I went to last weekend and it was GREAT again. Then went to that same night club, Fire, which was also GREAT again. Fun times. Woke up on Saturday and went to the best restaurant I have found here OR2K (the one where you eat on the floor). I have only ever been there for dinner, but the breakfast blew my mind. It was incredible. We spent most of the day just walking around and exploring and watching Christina buy absolutely EVERYTHING from every single street vendor. She felt the need to buy everything because she wanted to use all of her money so she wouldn’t have to exchange it. Suuuuure Christina. Me and Cass decided that we both wanted to go get dreadlocks – so we did. Actually, we got one dreadlock each and then wrapped in these bright vibrant strings. I love it and I wantd another one, or two or three ☺ The other girls went out for a nice dinner but me and Cass just grabbed falafels on the street YUM ...

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Almindelig skoledag paa UCC   (published in Ghana)

September 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Det er ved at vaere et godt stykke tid siden skoleaaret begyndte, og har nu faaet en normal routine igen, og synes at det var ved at vaere paa tide at skrive et blogindlaeg omkring hvordan min tid paa skolen forloeber nu :PMoeder paa skolen lidt i 9 og finder mine ting frem, der er intet der har aendret sig der. Boernene starter med at gaa til morgensamling klokken 9 hvor de synger og ber og faar beskeder.

Efter morgensamlingen er slut, det tager som regel omkring 20-25 minutter, marcherer boernene ud til deres forskellige klassevaerelser, og undervisningen er klar til at gaa i gang. Medmindre det har regnet, for naar det regner i Ghana staar livet stille og det gaar ikke i gang foer et par timer efter regnen slutter. Der har vaeret nogle dage med meget regn, som har gjort at de fleste veje ikke har vaeret meget andet end mudder. Det har dermed gjort at mange af laererne foerst har haft mulighed for at moede klokken 11, og nogle af boernene kunne ikke naa frem. Men saadan er det bare i Ghana, det laerer man at leve med :D

Jeg begynder at undervise saa snart morgensamlingen er ovre. Enten er det boern paa 3-4 aar fra hvad de kalder nursery, som er klassen lige foer boernehaveklassen. Ellers er det nogle af de aeldre fra specialklassen som jeg kan vaelge at undervise. De kan enten have et handikap, eller ogsaa har de ikke faaet muligheden for at gaa i skole foer en alder af 14. Jeg underviser, som de plejer at vaere, i det helt grundlaeggende. De fleste af de smaa kan ikke skrive alfabetet eller tal, saa det er det jeg laerer dem. Det er meget forskelligt hvor hurtigt boernene laerer, men det virker som om de alle sammen opfatter lidt hver dag. Nogle gange hvordan man skriver og udtaler et bogstav, det lyder ikke af meget, men for dem er det ret vigtigt. Det er ...

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Almindelig skoledag paa UCC
Almindelig skoledag paa UCC

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