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my first few days   (published in Sri Lanka)

September 4, 2013 by   Comments(5)

Well....what a crazy and dramatic start to my trip!! I was so excited when i got to the airport and when i got on the plane.... But as soon as the plane got up in the skies and the seat belt signs came off i was so unwell and passed out... i spent the next 5 hours laid on a makeshift bed at the back of the plane and was told i had extremely low blood pressure, very low oxygen levels and low blood sugar, so i spent the entire flight from Manchester to Dubai laid down hooked up to oxygen and attached to a monitor!! Emirates staff were absolutely amazing though and took good care of me. They had a wheelchair waiting for me at Dubai as i still couldn't walk properly... however after being grounded for about 15 minutes i was absolutely fine!! The second leg of the flight i slept all the way... apart from being woken by the cabin supervisor, who had been emailed to keep an eye on me from the crew on the previous flight.... talk about drama!!!

By the time i got here i was feeling so tired and a bit emotional and not really like it was real that i was in Sri Lanka!! I arrived at a host family but then i moved as there had been a bit of a mix up, on the way to the other host family i managed to break my suitcase wheels, which i am NOT happy about. God knows how i will get the case back home!! The day i arrived was a bit of a blur and its not really been until today that i have felt OK about everything!!

Yesterday was madenss, it was also amazing as i got to witness 3 births in around 90 minutes!! Earlier in the day i was introduced to my placement supervisor, Mr Ramanikye, who said to come back after lunch and report to the Special Care Baby Unit. The only instructions i was given was to NEVER go into Labour Room without him!! I returned back to the Special Care ...

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my first few days Marling/read/304847/my-first-few-days
my first few days

Catholic University of America graduate spends one month in Vietnam gaining a different view on medicine   (published in Vietnam)

September 4, 2013 by   Comments(0)

“Volunteering means discovering, introducing and understanding” – this definition fits perfectly with the volunteer experience of the young graduate Timmy Le (22). Having always wanted to experience volunteering, Timmy signed up with Projects Abroad and travelled to Vietnam where he participated in their Medical Project. His placement was at the paediatric cerebral palsy department at The National Acupuncture Hospital where he had the opportunity to learn about interesting Eastern medicine and treatment methods.

A typical day at the hospital started at 7:45am. As soon as he put on his white coat, Timmy began his work, which would range from removing acupuncture needles from patients, placing the electrodes for electronic acupuncture or drawing medication up for patients. Later during the day, he also gave advice to the patients’ parents on how to stretch their children’s muscles, so that the muscle fibers would not be spastic.

Having grown up with cerebral palsy himself, Timmy was able to understand what the paediatric patients and their parents were going through. One of the biggest motivations and sources of delight for Timmy was his patients: “I absolutely loved seeing my patients every day and the excitement on their faces when they saw me. The hospital environment is very professional and at the same time, it feels like everyone is family because everyone wants to help each other out when their children are receiving treatment, which is a characteristic of the Vietnamese culture of communistic rather than individualistic that we have in Western culture.”

Since acupuncture is a foreign healing practice to Western people and the complex concept has such a long history, Timmy had to put a lot of efforts into communicating ...

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Catholic University of America graduate spends one month in Vietnam gaining a different view on medicine
Catholic University of America graduate spends one month in Vietnam gaining a different view on medicine

Indien: here I come   (published in India)

September 4, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Så er den store dag endelig kommet hvor at jeg rejser det sidste stykke ned til Indien.

Forventet ankomst til Madurai er i morgen torsdag klokken 5.20 dansk tid, 8.50 indisk tid.

Det sker efter et par gode dage i Jordan, hvor jeg har set Døde Hav, Vandret i Jordans svar på Gran Canyon, fået god mad, ligget ved poolen, blevet spurgt om jeg var skuespiller og slappet af, så alt i alt 5 gode dage.

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Indien: here I come
Indien: here I come

End of the Summer Care Kindergarten 2013   (published in Senegal)

September 4, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Last Friday, was the end of the Summer Care Kindergarten and there was a big celebration in the hall of the kindergarten Daaray Guneyi. And like every year there were food, drinks and music! The kids were very happy and they were dancing non-stop ^^.

It was so funny and the music was so good that our volunteer coordinator, Cheikh and Joke couldn’t help doing some dance steps! Every year, during the summer vacation, Projects Abroad organises a free summer kindergarten where our volunteers can work and take care of children from the areas around the kindergarten. They did arts and crafts activities, sang songs, played music, took trips to the beach, and many other activities.

Our Country Director, Moctar attended the event and congratulated the staff at the Kindergarten for their great work :)

It was great fun and in the end the children received many gifts from the "Tatas" (Senegalese supervisors),our volunteer Karine Defaye and our desk officer, Joke.

Well done to all the volunteers that have contributed to the success of this great project!

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End of the Summer Care Kindergarten 2013
End of the Summer Care Kindergarten 2013

Salle de soins   (published in Senegal)

September 3, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Here are some photos of me at work. The man I'm looking after had an operation and so I was cleaning and re-bandaging the incision.

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Salle de soins
Salle de soins

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