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eerst week 1/2   (published in Ghana)

September 19, 2013 by   Comments(1)

Hi iedereen! 

Dit is de eerste keer dat ik op internet zit sinds ik hier ben. Ik was net een uur bezig met een lang verhaal over alles wat er tot nu toe gebeurd is, maar toen was mijn tijd op en voordat ik het kon opslaan sloot de computer al af. Nu heb ik een nieuw uur gekocht, maar moet ik alles weer opnieuw typen! Dus misschien vergeet ik wel wat, haha!

Sinds ik zaterdag vertrokken ben is er alweer bijna een week voorbij, de tijd is echt gevlogen! Zaterdag vloog ik van Amsterdam naar Accra, en dat ging verbazingwekkend goed! Nyame van Projects abroad, de organisatie waarmee ik ben, haalde me op van het vliegveld en bracht me naar het hostal waar ik voor die nacht verbleef. Het was al donker buiten en toen ik aankwam, rond half 10, wou ik eigenlijk gelijk naar bed. Ik moest alleen nog wel mijn klamboe ophangen, en daar was ik van tevoren wel een beetje bang voor. Maar ook dat ging eigenlijk best goed, en ik ben niet gestoken die nacht. 

De volgende ochtend had ik om 7 uur ontbijt. Daar zat een jongen die zijn schilderijen probeerde te verkopen. Hij zei dat het super goedkoop was, maar ik had natuurlijk wel door dat hij ons naive westerlingen probeerde te naaien. Nadat ik op allerlei manieren van zijn gezeur probeerde af te komen zei k op een gegeven moment dat ik maar 3 cedi had (ghanese munteenheid, ongeveer 1 euro) en toen was hij snel klaar. Toen ik later in het gastgezin aan de andere volunteers vertelde over die man, zei een van de meisjes dat zij het wel had gekocht om van hem af te komen en dat iemand anders er zelfs 100 dollar voor had betaald! hhahah. Na het ontbijt, (pannekoek en brood met ei, geen bonen dus lisa!) haalde Fred van Projects Abroad me op om samen met de bus naar Kumasi te gaan. Dat is de stad waar ik verblijf. We kwamen aan bij de ...

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eerst week 1/2
eerst week 1/2

Hold that thought...   (published in Nepal)

September 19, 2013 by   Comments(2)

So there has been a change of plans.

As most of you know, today, September 19, was my originally planned departure date for Nepal.  However, I have had to reschedule for September 30 for reasons beyond my control.

This Monday, I spent from 9am until 2pm on the phone/computer desperately trying to figure out a way to get my India tourist visa completed in order for me to fly out today.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get any concrete answers and had no choice but to post-pone my departure and allow more time for the paperwork to be processed.  This also left me no choice but to spend an extra $500 for flight changes, ticket processing, etc. Hooray!

As you can imagine, I was not a happy camper on Monday. Good thing I had this witty Buzzfeed collection to keep me going:

So now you're asking yourself "now that she has an extra 11 days in the wild and crazy town of Beaver Falls, PA (birthplace of Joe Namath- nbd), what is she going to do with herself?"  Well let me tell you...

I am looking for odd jobs, babysitting, etc. to do to help earn a little cash.  I am running last-minute errands to prepare for my trip.  I am spending tons of time with family and the few friends I have that live near the area.  I am cooking s'mores on a small charcoal grill with my grandfather. I am asking my mom's landlord if he has any work for me to do in the apartment building.  You know, all the good stuff.

Assuming all goes well with my most recent application attempt at procuring and India tourist visa, I will be leaving first thing in the morning, September 30. 

I am hopeful that things will work out this time.  Please keep me in your thoughts and ...

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Hold that thought...
Hold that thought...

Anden uge i Saint-Louis   (published in Senegal)

September 19, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Vaersgo! Haaber I har det godt.

Hilsen Martin
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Anden uge i Saint-Louis
Anden uge i Saint-Louis

My four months volunteering in Peru   (published in Peru)

September 19, 2013 by   Comments(0)

My name is Roxane Sandox from Switzerland and I went to Peru to volunteer from January to May of this year.

I chose Peru for its culture, history and because it is a country in which I felt secure. Also, I could speak Spanish quite well, which was a really helping quality. I decided to work on the « Care » project, as I like being with children and knew I would be able to help and make links concretely with them.

I left Zürich (CH) on the 12th of January and arrived in Cuzco after 24 hours of flight. There, two members of Projects Abroad welcomed me. I also met another volunteer who had just arrived. We were driven to our families, in Calca, Sacred Valley, near Cuzco.

We found out that we were neighbors and she became one of my best friends there. I was living in a three-member family: the Grandmother, the Mother and her son, who was 14 years old. During my stay, the sister of my host-mom came from Italy where she lived, to stay a few weeks with us.

I was able to speak Spanish, which was helpful for me, because neither my family nor the inhabitants of the village could speak a lot of English.

I first worked at the "Summer school" of Calca for a month and a half. The children were on holidays, and they could come to our classes during the week so that they wouldn’t have a boring summer.

I worked with children from 4 to 12 years old, in different groups. There was no teacher with me, so I could decide what we were going to do and prepare my classes. During the first week, I was working on my own, but then another volunteer arrived, who was living and working with me. Even though the lessons were working well, we were always exhausted after class. We had two different groups per day, working during the morning. The afternoons were free, so that ...

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My four months volunteering in Peru
My four months volunteering in Peru

Independence Day at the Jewish Community Centre   (published in Moldova)

September 18, 2013 by   Comments(0)


By Maxime Westbrook from UK.

On Sunday the American Independence day was celebrated at the Jewish Community centre in the city with events through the day. It began in the buildings first floor hall with speeches too be given by the people of the centre and people from the US government and Peace Corps. The ideals of freedom being celebrated began with the Declaration of Independence 237 years ago it guaranteed the diversity of the nation in the Bill of Rights this aim of the American founding fathers is one still held too strongly in their beliefs. The US is currently helping Moldova to recognise these same rights for all their citizens.

The American philanthropist Irwin Jacobs from San Diego, California was the main sponsor of the centre helping it reach its current position of importance. The centre’s activities were also made possible by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Due to its incredible diversity as a country the day was focused on only one part of the US, Seattle which is located on the 47th

parallel which it shares with Moldova. This city there has people who represent the many different cultures around the world.

The first speaker of the day was Kara Macdonald, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Moldova to mark the event. She gave a speech about the history of the United States and what it stood for as well as the NGO’s which are helping the people here to improve themselves. She also talked about the Peace Corps which are largely involved in Moldova and sets up projects with locals throughout the country to help them develop their towns and villages as well as their language skills. They teach people English to help their future prospects in looking for work. 

The next speaker was Karl Donovan, another ...

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Independence Day at the Jewish Community Centre
Independence Day at the Jewish Community Centre

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