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19 - 22 March   (published in Mexico)

March 24, 2013 by   Comments(0)

First of all, apologies for the typos in the last post. I hit the save button or whatever before I checked and being the person I am, when I realised what I had done, I was very embarrassed.

I did make it to the Lagoon and sat in the shade for a while watching the surfers waiting for a wave. There were not many. Increasing seediness had me heading back to the hotel. I was very glad to be on the bus back home on Monday. I bailed on work Tuesday and Wednesday and ended up going to a doctor. The diagnosis: a bacterial infection from some tacos I ate. The doctor asked my interpreter,"Don't they have street stalls in Australia?" She was very surprised that all food vendors must have a licence and are checked by Health Inspectors.

Anyway, by Wednesday I had made a miraculous recovery and resumed my usual routine, except that I had a "bus" adventure on my way home. The buses I usually take, 1A or 1B, come from the Uni straight up Federico del Toro (where I live) to the plaza. I was sure I had caught a 6B at least once and it went my way (it had Central written on the windscreen) so on I hopped.  It headed up the right way then turned off. "No worries," I thought. "It will eventually get to where I am going." Except that it just got further and further from my direction. They stop at any corner so I could have got off and walked a couple of blocks but I kept thinking that it would eventually get to Centro. Well, it went all the way out to the markets, the big shopping Mall, the bus station and ended unp at the bus depot! I was not the only one still on and the driver made us wait until another bus came out to start a run. Then we were off down dirt roads and little back streets before coming again to the shopping Mall and then the bus station. By then I had had it so I ...

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19 - 22 March
19 - 22 March

Den første gæste skribent   (published in South Africa)

March 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Torsdag d. 21 marts:

Idag sov vi længe, det var rigtig godt da jeg har været syg en del af natten:( vi gik så ned i byen for at købe noget vand og frugttræsområder vores bus tur købte en 2 dags billet til de røde City busser. Vi tog bussen hele vejen rundt inde i byen og fik det hele med om bygninger og distrikter. Vi kørte op på Table Mountain også ned langs kysten, der er så flot langs kysten og vi fik set alle de voldsomme lejlighed og huserer ligger langs stranden, der kan man kun drømme sig hen. Vi stod af ved stop nr. 1, som er ned ved Waterfront. der gik vi i Two Oceans Aqvarium, der var en oplevelserne sig selv. Det var ikke noget vildt stort Aqvarium, men det var bare så gennemført. Fra fiskenet normale omgivelser til en klubben man kunne træde ind i og se på nemofiskene, fra et spejl hvor der ovenover stod "worlds most Dangerous Predator" til små vand citater fra kendte og ukendte mennesker på hver tredje fiske tank. Det var meget betagende.  I gik derefter på noget det hed FoodMarked, hvor der var alt mellem himmel og jord. Der var en dansk stand med smørebrød og hotdogs, der var en græsk stand med græsksalat og tazhiki(ikke helt sikker på hvordan det staves). Der var bare så meget. Vi tog så en bus hjem og gik i spar for at købe ind, og hvilken spar. Det var nok en af de lækreste butikker og billigste jeg nogensinde har oplevet. Vi fik købt ind og spiste mens vi bare hyggede på værelset. 

Fredag d. 22 marts: Gæste skribent, Sidse.

Vi stod op til nogenlunde fornuftig tid idag, kl 9.30 ;) Så tog vi med den ...

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Den første gæste skribent
Den første gæste skribent

Do I have any idea about what I've gotten myself in to?   (published in Tanzania)

March 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Jambo! Since arriving Tanzania one week ago, I've felt as sleepy as a sock. My world has pretty much been spinning, and I've been unable to "switch on" my brain properly. So, yesterday I went to a clinic to find out why. And the tests showed typhoid fever. (Thanks alot, Ghana!) But to be honest, I felt relieved to find a reason for feeling sick for so long. I've started on treatment now, and know for sure that it's going to get better soon. And I NEED to get better soon, because there's a safari coming up this saturday!:)

On the following saturday, I'll start to climb the Kilimanjaro. I'm going to do this with a guy called Remi, and I feel a bit nervous to be honest. Remi wanted us to sign up for the Machame-route, as this route is considered to be the most beautiful one. Beautiful sounded good to me, so despite of the fact that the guide gently advised us to re-consider our choice, I ended up doing the paying- and handshaking-part for Machame. After the guide left, I took a closer look at the description of the route... and it turns out that I've signed up for one of the most challenging ones. - As if climbing Kili itself woun't be challenging enough!! This route has no lodges, so we'll camp in tents! And it's going to be really cold, from what I've heard. On the last day, we'll start the climbing around midnight, so that we'll get to the peak before sunrise. The last part is described as very steep, and we're expected to walk for about 16 houres (!!!) in total this day - with basically no sleep the night before. I asked Mama Grace if she's had any other volunteers who've choosen the Machame route before. And her aswer was: No. Never.

So! Do I have any idea about what I've gotten myself in to? Definetely not. But I'll do whatever it takes to get to the top. And even ...

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Do I have any idea about what I've gotten myself in to?
Do I have any idea about what I've gotten myself in to?

Meine ersten Tage in Argentinien   (published in Argentina)

March 23, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Queridos Amigos

Ja, jetzt bin ich also hier und habe schon einiges zu erzählen. Aber alles schön der Reihe nach. Die Reise war lang und anstrengend. Als ich am Sonntagmorgen ein SMS der Swiss erhielt, dass mein Flug von Zürich nach Frankfurt infolge technischer Probleme kurzfristig annulliert wurde, setzte das schon einige zusätzliche Stresshormone in mir frei. Nachdem ich dann stundenlang keine Informationen erhielt, entschloss ich mich zum Flughafen zu fahren. Dort sagte man mir, dass nach einer Lösung für mich gesucht werde. Na ja, man fand sie: Schlussendlich flog ich mit der Air France über Paris nach Buenos Aires, statt mit der Lufthansa über Frankfurt. Nach dem Motto: Hauptsache man kommt irgendwie an. In Buenos Aires durfte ich dann noch  vom International zum Domestic Flughafen wechseln, eine Fahrt durch die halbe Stadt. Zum Glück hatte ich genug Zeit, das ging dann auch alles gut. In Córdoba wurde ich dann von einem Mitarbeiter von Projects Abroad abgeholt und zu meiner Unterkunft gebracht. Ich wohne bei Belen, sie ist 32, arbeitet und studiert. Sie ist soweit sehr nett und ich kann alles benützen, auch das sehr langsame Internet. Sie ist ziemlich beschäftigt und hat wenig Zeit für mich, auch mit den Mahlzeiten klappt es nicht so wie es sein sollte. Heute Abend gibt es ein Gespräch, es muss blitzartig etwas ändern, ansonsten muss ich am Montag reklamieren. Von diesen Hostfamiliys hört man sehr unterschiedliche Dinge von den anderen Volunteers. Es gibt solche die werden sehr verwöhnt, andere bekommen nicht das was ihnen zusteht, zu dieser Kategorie gehöre ich. Mein Zimmer ist natürlich nicht der Standard den wir uns gewohnt sind, aber das wusste ich. Am Morgen ...

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Meine ersten Tage in Argentinien
Meine ersten Tage in Argentinien

HAVING SOME GOOD OLE FUN!!!   (published in Jamaica)

March 22, 2013 by   Comments(0)

“Kick him dung!” “Change the ref!!” “Pass the ball!!” “Foul!!” These were shouts to be heard coming from Ridgemount Church Hall on Tuesday, March 19, 2013: local staff and volunteers having some good ole fun! Our Potluck & Games evening started off with a vibrant game of “football” with our spectators shouting advice alternately at their “Team” and together screaming for “Goal!!” at the appropriate time.  This warm up activity was followed by “Bat and Ball”, the Jamaican version of baseball with Team Luuk versus Team Kaspar. Interspersed with lots of running, yelling, falling and screaming, staff and volunteers teamed up and had a superb time. As the home runs increased the excitement soared and Team Luuk eventually won this game. Dandy Shandy was next on the agenda, testing the agility and flexibility of the participants as we tried our utmost to avoid the fat “scandal bag” ball which was being thrown at us.                          “One, Two, Three, Red Light!” or the equivalent of  in “Sonne, Mond und Sterne!”  German as was leant from Sara, really tested the participant’s speed, agility and balance.

 We then paused for the cultural exchange section where volunteers were asked to share a game from their home country with the group. Lisa, from Germany, introduced us to “Ha, Ha, Hoo!!” a game which sounded technical at first but soon had us all in giggles.

We  ended the Games section with a medley of relays: Potato race, Sack race and Math race. The competition was high and our flexibility skills were again tested as tall ...

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