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16. Uge i Afrika   (published in Tanzania)

December 9, 2012 by   Comments(1)

Hej alle :) 

Så lige en kort opdatering mere. Nu er tiden her i varmen ved at være slut, og kolde Danmark venter mig - men jeg er så klar! ;) 

Sidste fredag var min sidste dag på Mwananyamala hospital, har haft en spændende tid der, og oplevet mange ting - i kan høre meget mere om det når jeg kommer hjem :)! 

Lørdag gik bare med at pakke min kuffert, og jeg ved ikke hvordan man har 4 kg mere end da jeg tog hjemmefra, typisk !! Fik sagt farvel til min host familie i Dar, de har været rigtig søde! Blev hentet af en taxi søndag morgen kl. 5, herefter samlede vi. Kathrine op på et hotel, det var dejligt at se hende igen :) Så gik turen til lufthavnen, hvor vi havde er fly til zanzibar, de tog 20 minutter har aldrig haft sådan en kort fly tur :b .. Herefter skulle vi bare til vores hotel, som er rigtig hyggeligt! Dagene er gået på VERDENS BEDSTE strand, det er virkelig paradis - jeg elsker det !! Om aften hænger vi ud i baren eller ved et bål. Her på zanzibar er det ren afslapning kan i høre ;) .. Vi har været på en tur - blue safari, her sejlede vi ud i en skod båd (hvis jeg havde set båden hjemmefra var jeg aldrig taget afsted!!) først kom vi ud til en sandbanke her var vildt smukt! Herefter var vi ude og snorkle, hvilket også var sjovt at prøve! Så sejlede vi til en anden ø, hvor vi fik frokost (hummer, King fisk, konge rejer, blæksprutte ovs.) efter frokosten sejlede vi til en anden ø for at slappe af før turen gik tilbage til zanzibar. Turen tilbage var forfærdelig troede jeg skulle dø, båden vippede helt vildt og ...

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16. Uge i Afrika
16. Uge i Afrika

Insert ambitious title here (week 1)   (published in Peru)

December 8, 2012 by   Comments(0)

So having made it through a suprisingly seemless set of flights puerto awaited me. To greet me 30 degree heat,  and a tuk tuk, amasing! 

After gathering a few pieces from the market with elvira, we took the boat ride down the madre de rios to the lodge.   Having met everyone at the lodge and been shown around i tried to take im my surroundings a bit, but i still couldn´t believe i was actually in the jungle! 

so my first day of activities and i got enclosure mantainance in the morning fixing up frames, playing with the animals and cleaning the tapia pool, which was rank but still good fun. In the afternoon i was given animal kitchen which entailed putting the roof the new wooden structure, my peruvian guide oscar effortlesly scaled the beams whilst i gripped every muscle to stay 30ft in the air and hammer in the sheet alluminum!

After dinner we went cayman hunting. After pootling the boat up the river marine styley, stuart caught a glimpse of cayman eyes in his torchlight and seconds later, we were all gawking and taking photos of a small black cayman (pictures to follow)

Peace out James

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Insert ambitious title here (week 1)
Insert ambitious title here (week 1)

Change of plan!   (published in Nepal)

December 8, 2012 by   Comments(1)

This is a long one, bear with me... 

This week we have been in the emergency department of the hospital. We have seen a variety of patients, but there is a notable number of patients with respiratory illness such as exasperations of COPD. Interestingly, in ICU the majority of patients had pneumonia, which is probably attributed to the air pollution, dust, and smog. There has also been a recent increase in numbers of adolescents and young adults in ICU having to be ventilated with viral pneumonia, the doctor did not know the reason for the sudden increase.

Back to emergency- We watched a man who had been admitted in the throes of a seizure (and he continued to have them every minute or so through the night). He was intubated as a precaution to protect his airway, and once his family had paid for the service, was taken for a CT scan. The result of which showed a massive cerebral hemorrhage. The prognosis was not good and he was taken to ICU.

It must have been the day for them because a young girl was then admitted unconscious after a seizure, she had had a previous seizure two months prior, and had been prescribed medication she was required to take for two years seizure free, but 2 weeks after her prior seizure her family had thought her cured and stopped her taking the medication. Interestingly though after a CT scan was negative the nature of her seizures was investigated further and it was found that she has a convulsive disorder. She is currently in the psychiatric ward. 

In addition to this we have had a young man with two stab wounds (one in the base of his skull and one in his shoulder blade) from a traditional Nepali knife, a wee boy who tripped and bit off his tongue, and a penile fracture. 

I have found ...

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Change of plan!
Change of plan!

Small gestures   (published in Bolivia)

December 7, 2012 by   Comments(0)

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Most of time people don’t believe how small gestures can make a big difference in somebody else life.  However when you meet children for whom a hug, going to the cinema or a simple ice cream mean the world to them, you can bet that making the difference is not that difficult at all.

We appreciate the small gestures of our volunteers and we thought that this time it would be nice to thank the latest one of them: the visit of Maria Cristina's children to the ice cream shop.

Thanks a lot Alvaro!! We wish you the best in Norway!

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Small gestures
Small gestures

The new/old programme officer - Yousef El Miadi   (published in Morocco)

December 7, 2012 by   Comments(0)

Hello everyone!

This is a brief post to say that I'm an old, new face at Projects Abroad Morocco. It was such a nice experience that I spent with the Moroccan staff back in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and here I am again with a harmonic, enthusiastic and lovingly helpful team in Rabat. I'm delighted to get back to my rightful place, to do what I like, helping volunteers, with people that I like. I welcome our current and upcoming volunteers. I thank our previous ones and invite them once more to explore and enjoy a new challenge serving the community and living differently! The rest of the staff and I are here to help, hence if you have any question feel free to hit us up.



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The new/old programme officer - Yousef El Miadi
The new/old programme officer - Yousef El Miadi

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