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På gensyn Danmark   (published in Thailand)

September 28, 2013 by   Comments(0)

”Rejse er at leve” skrev H. C. Andersen og jeg tror, det er længe siden, jeg har følt mig så levende – alle de følelser jeg har, jeg kan ikke helt finde ud af, om jeg skal smile eller græde. Smile, for drømmen igennem et par år kun er en flyvetur fra virkeligheden eller, græde af spændingen og nervøsiteten for, hvad der venter mig og at det på tegnebrættet nu skal føres ud i livet.

Jeg er sikker på, det bliver en oplevelse for livet og jeg nok også vil have øjeblikke, hvor det hele virker uoverskueligt og jeg bare gerne vil hjem til Danmark og min kære familie, men dem skal der være plads til og så skal jeg ellers bare ud at opleve naturen og kulturen og suge til mig.
Jeg vil forsøge så godt som muligt at skrive, hvad jeg oplever, men jeg lover ikke noget, for jeg tager det som det kommer :D

I må have det godt så længe, vi ses om 5 måneder

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På gensyn Danmark
På gensyn Danmark

Good news about CATD Orphanage!   (published in Bolivia)

September 27, 2013 by   Comments(0)

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Projects Abroad Bolivia has been a constant presence in many local orphanages and educations centers in our town thanks to the volunteering work done in the last 11 years.


It could be said that there is a piece of us in all the places where we have worked and because of that we were really glad when one of the special needs orphanages that we work with, CATD, was able to finish the renovation work of its building started some while ago.


To celebrate this, it was organized an event where several institutions, among them ours, were recognized by the Bolivian Social Services because of support given to this center.


We wanted to share this with you because this is an important recognition not only for Projects Abroad, but also for all the volunteers that have worked there.


We couldn't have accomplished this without you former volunteers of CATD.



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Good news about CATD Orphanage!
Good news about CATD Orphanage!

Coming up soon: Senegal August newsletter!   (published in Senegal)

September 27, 2013 by   Comments(0)

This is the Letter from the Editor of our Newsletter of August that you will soon be able to read:

"August was HOOOOOT, but the heat was not enough to stop our volunteers.
Our second group of 2 Week Specials have completed their work and we
welcomed our third and last group of 2 Weekers for 2013. "They all did a
really great job. We were glad to work with all of them," said Moussa, the
builder and El Hadji the painter.
In our Microfinance office we attended a really great example of solidarity
showed by Talibes that benefited from a loan.
"Memories of a Tubaab" is a beautiful story that Tzuria shared with us about
her experience in Senegal. Former Care volunteer Yucca Leonard couldn't
help sharing his very rich and memorable experience in Senegal.
Saint Louis is preparing the "2 Rakka Pilgrimage", Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba's
followers have started to come to Saint Louis to attend the prayers at Place
Faidherbe. More about this event in our next edition of the newsletter!
The celebration of the Korite was awesome! Now the city is getting busy
again with concerts and celebrations little by little! The volunteers’ favourite
place to go after work is still the "Flamingo", Sakis Tanor; a great musician
from Saint Louis often plays there during the week and even on weekend!

Always great to give you news from Senegal and to receive your feedback!''

Habib Diaw

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Coming up soon: Senegal August newsletter!
Coming up soon: Senegal August newsletter!

Care Volunteer Workshops   (published in South Africa)

September 27, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Care Volunteer Co-ordinator Grant Palanyandi set up and conducts weekly workshops for care volunteers in the community of Vrygrond. 

A qualified educator, Grant devised the workshops as a means through which volunteers can learn how to help the children at their care placements in the best way possible. Grant asks each volunteer a series of pertinent questions during each workshop, including their feelings on the worthwhileness of their projects, their role therein, Grant’s role in caring for them and the obstacles faced by both their projects and themselves. Technical issues such as the steps involved in opening up a crèche and the level of education of the staff are also discussed.

Care volunteers often face the same challenges, and the workshops provide a great space in which they can air their concerns and work on finding solutions together. They are also able to learn more each week about how to educate children – knowledge and skills that will be valuable to them throughout their lives.
At times Grant will allow guest speakers to run the workshops, and these are usually key caregivers (such as crèche owners, etc.) in the community. The volunteers always seem to be inspired by these stories of love and hardship.We have received great feedback about the success of the workshops in better equipping volunteers to make a real difference in the children’s lives.

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Care Volunteer Workshops
Care Volunteer Workshops

Literacy Project   (published in South Africa)

September 27, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Last year, Projects Abroad set up a Literacy Program at Floreat Primary School in Retreat. 

The establishment of the sub-project was inspired by the fact that 35% of the first graders were in fact repeating the year, in part due to their gross gap in literacy skills. 

The program, which was initially the brain child of volunteer Vivian Davis, facilitates one-on-one lessons between volunteers and struggling students. 

The lessons involve alphabet learning and reading, and Vivian has returned on numerous occasions with interactive learning materials such as books and games that are used in the classes. 

The Literacy Program is currently expanding, with more volunteers coming to work specifically as literacy teachers, and hourly literacy lessons taking place in the staff room at Floreat Primary.  

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Literacy Project
Literacy Project

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