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Animal Care volunteers at local dog shelter!   (published in Argentina)

October 29, 2013 by   Comments(0)

The shelter Refugio Revivir located in Villa Allende hosts around 300 street dogs that have been abandoned or brought in off the street. The dogs live in very basic conditions and are cared for by individuals who live on the premise and/or come in daily to help clean and feed the dogs. 

Projects Abroad animal care volunteers work here twice a week helping with the maintenance of the shelter, mainly cleaning the kennels and feeding and giving water to the dogs. They also help build new kennels and giving basic medications when necessary. Apart from food and water, the dogs just want love and attention and of course the volunteers help with that too!

The shelter depends heavily on donations from the community in food and supplies for the shelter.


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Animal Care volunteers at local dog shelter!
Animal Care volunteers at local dog shelter!

October Social: Mural Painting at two Pre-Schools   (published in Sri Lanka)

October 29, 2013 by   Comments(0)

October Social: Mural Painting

Location: Welipitiya Montessori School and Dutch Anne pre-school (Panadura)

Date: 25th October 2013

Time: 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Participation: 18 volunteers with Aruni, Nicky & Manjula

We had a wonderful time with the social outreach at Dutch Anne pre-school and Welipitiya Montessori. Before leaving to the place of happening, Volunteers gathered under the clock tower in Panadura town which is now a usual place to meet the volunteers at regular basis.

The task was to paint the murals on the walls at each place. Volunteers equally split into two groups counting nine volunteers for each group. One group took the responsibility of painting the Dutch Anne pre-school’s outside wall and the other group was sent to the Welipitiya Montessori. Both places are closer to each other so that one can walk from one place to another by maximum of 15 minutes.

At the start, it was a like a small competition between the two teams as both teams wanted to finish it with a style.  Everyone was busy sketching the alphabet, Mickey-mouse, trees, butterflies and drawing those on the walls.

Julie, French volunteer was a real gem as her hidden potentials shined as an able artist who drew the outlines of the murals. Other helped with paintings at Dutch-Anne pre-school.

Team Welipitiya drew wall arts of Mickey Mouses and painted the English letters on inside walls. At the end of the day, both teams rewarded with the fascinating murals. Well done all! Thanks for your efforts! J

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October Social: Mural Painting at two Pre-Schools
October Social: Mural Painting at two Pre-Schools

Seeing the Truth - Our Vrygrond Experience by D'neal Beukes & Kayleigh Trehearn   (published in South Africa)

October 29, 2013 by   Comments(0)

As Travel and Tourism students we are obliged to visit and gain a feel for a different organisation within the tourism industry as a learning experience. We however choose Projects Abroad as our main organisation. At first we weren’t entirely sure what the organisation was about and what they did as an organisation. We found ourselves very passionate and motivated to be a part of such an inspiring and life changing experience. We were told that we would be taken to see a variety of different projects within our time at Projects Abroad. Although what we experience was much unexpected and left us feeling as though there was still hope for the nation and its communities of South Africa.

On the 23rd of October 2013 we visited the community of Vrygrond which is situated near Muizenberg on the False Bay Coast. Vrygrond is known to be an informal settlement which is socially and economically disadvantaged. Our journey started off at the “Vrygrond Community Centre”, which is run by Projects Abroad where we met Grant whom gave us a basic understanding of what Projects Abroad have been and are doing for this deprive community. After hearing all the statistics with regards to rape, unemployment, poverty, drugs and absence of education we were found to be quite disheartened and taken back by such high figures within this community alone. Although pleasantly surprised at the amount of time and effort put in by Projects Abroad to better these circumstances for the better with the help of all their volunteers.

We were then taken on a township tour of the entire Vrygrond community.  Our first stop was the “Masikhule Educare” where Grant gave us a broad overview of the building structure and the involvement of Projects Abroad within this project. ...

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Seeing the Truth - Our Vrygrond Experience by D'neal Beukes & Kayleigh Trehearn
Seeing the Truth - Our Vrygrond Experience by D'neal Beukes & Kayleigh Trehearn

Vietnam will be in my heart   (published in Vietnam)

October 29, 2013 by   Comments(0)

By Sally Shephard, Assistant Country manager for Vietnam

I moved to Ha Noi in April 2012 with no real future plans. My return ticket for July was soon forgotten about.

I had been working in London as a Glass Artist, and a volunteer Art Teachers Assistant at a small charity for recovering addicts and adults with learning disabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed my work and was interested in finding out more about becoming an art teacher for special needs and adults. I was unwilling and financially unable to commit to a teaching course, so I decided to take a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language course) as a first step.

Through this course I met people who had plans to travel around the world. Travel has always been a passion of mine but not a primary plan at this time. I met someone who convinced me to take a trip to Vietnam for a few weeks. My answer was “Why not, I have no work booked until the summer”.

How my life has changed since that snap decision!!

I taught English for a few weeks and happened to stumble on a job advert for a position with Projects Abroad. Within two months of living in Ha Noi, I had signed a 10 month contract and was seriously rethinking my future.

My time with Projects Abroad has taught me more than I could have ever dreamed about. I had always wanted to work with people less fortunate, especially people with disabilities. I had attempted Psychology in school, but my grades were not good enough. I was convinced I would need to follow a different route as I am not smart enough to pursue a career in anything involving academic studies. Projects Abroad has allowed me to do all of these things and more.

Through my volunteers and the work they have been doing, I have learned more than any traveler could wish to learn about this ...

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Vietnam will be in my heart
Vietnam will be in my heart

Climbing up a standout Tiger Cave Temple   (published in Thailand)

October 29, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Tiger Cave Temple or locally known as Wat Tham Seua locates 5 miles northeast of Krabi town. In a jungle setting, walking up 1,237 steps leads you to the top of mountain where gilded Buddha statues situate 600 meters above Andaman Sea. This is like an adventure or some sort of exercise Ktown provides you.

At 10 in the morning we took a red taxi in front of City Market in town to the temple. This coasted us 50 baht each. About 15 minutes passed, we were dropped off in the temple’s main area which was surrounded by Limestone Mountains and caves. The temple itself was built inside the cave and decorated with pieces of skeletons and skulls.

The walk to the top of mountain was a steep climb of 1,237 uneven height steps past the trail of monkeys. As we took the first step up the hill in the jungle, we heard the sounds of life: birds singing beautifully; leaves rustling in the wind; and of course monkeys calling each other. We stopped to take pictures with them before we continued our hike.

We came across several stop points which offered us beautiful Andaman Sea views. And as if the founder knew people would be dehydrate and kept drinking water, many toilets were built at every stop points.

Trudging along, the steps were very steep before we reached the end of our walk. With our hearts beating at such a fast pace, we had to stop many times but we kept encouraging each other to keep walking because we knew we would feel extremely triumphant once we made it up there.

After climbing for 3 hours, we finally made it to the top. We were so proud of our achievement. We saw an infinite view of Andaman Sea and countless amounts of mountains around us. We lay down under the shade of the biggest Buddha statue and enjoy the breeze. By the time we came down, our legs were shaking; ...

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Climbing up a standout Tiger Cave Temple
Climbing up a standout Tiger Cave Temple

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