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Building Relations (and Fences) with our Neighbours   (published in Botswana)

October 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

The night was really cold, but during the morning on could tell it was going to be a really hot day! After breakfast, we put all our things for 3 days (food, clothes, sleeping bags etc) and the mattresses into cars. Fully loaded, we drove to Limpopo River Lodge!

When we arrived, we unloaded all our things into the main house which would be our home for the next few days. We are here to help out with conservation work on a neighbouring property! After settling in, we headed to the property of a farmer whose cattle are being attacked by lion. We wanted to optimise the fence so that the cattle are protected and the lion are not able to get in and attack the cattle. Today, we only were there to have a look at the damage to the fence and work out the best way to fix the fence with the resources we had.

After lunch, we collected old and unused wire fencing from the same property, which had fallen down.

The main reason to remove the wire was so that animals cannot get hurt or killed by this old wire, as well as to remove any snare making materials for potential poachers. At the end of the day we had removed half of the wire from the road. A great job! It was a good day and the conservation of nature got one small step further!


Gerrit Suhlmann, Germany, 2 month stay

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Building Relations (and Fences) with our Neighbours
Building Relations (and Fences) with our Neighbours

2 Leopards, 2 Kills, 1 Day!   (published in Botswana)

October 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Being my second day here at the camp, I consider myself very lucky, as today we saw two leopards!

This morning, my team went out to clear some bush to make space for a new road. This is to divert our vehicles from using the existing main route, which goes very close to a waterhole and disturbing animals from drinking. We worked hard and made good progress. There is still more to do!

In the afternoon, we went to Mamtumi hide, which is an outpost near a water hole. Usually there are elephants here apparently, but not today. While we watched, we recorded any animal or bird that came into our view. At the end of the activity, Elsa heard from AB that there was a leopard with a fresh kill nearby and that he would radio her when he had found it. A few moments later he radioed to say he had found it and we headed out to join him. There we found the leopard up a tree and with a half eaten impala kill. As we watched it, suddenly a hyena came by, but it soon left again.

We heard again over the radio of another leop

ard that had been spotted near by with another kill. We drove there to have a look. This leopard had also pulled its kill up into a tree, and this tree was closer to the road so we could see this one a little better. Such a fantastic day!

Enjoy your stay here, I know I will!

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2 Leopards, 2 Kills, 1 Day!
2 Leopards, 2 Kills, 1 Day!

Hard Work and Botswana Fast Food   (published in Botswana)

October 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

This morning, we woke up at 7am to begin the first activity of the day. We had to remove all of the rubbish and the wire near the main road. We found a lot of rubbish and especially plenty of wire. It was long and a little bit hard under the sun, but it is very important to do this activity, to keep the nature clean and to protect the wildlife and the bush. We came back to the camp around 11am, so we slept a little bit, listened to music and for me, I was waiting for lunch because Jane is a great cook and I was really hungry!!

In the afternoon, we went out into the bush for the second activity, waterhole protection, with AB. We did a very good job and to finish the activity, the sky gave us a beautiful sunset. It is so different to the sunsets in my country, it was AMAZING!

We went back to the camp around 6pm and took a shower. On the menu for dinner was Africa’s Macdo. Huummm, so nice! Thank you Jane, I prefer this one to the real Macdo. In the evening, we stayed in the living room for a long time, talking and listening to music. Finally we went to bed at exactly 12:41am. A good day, as usual!

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Hard Work and Botswana Fast Food
Hard Work and Botswana Fast Food

Indtryk. At lære en ny kultur at kende.   (published in Nepal)

October 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Nu har jeg allerede været i Chitwan i en måned, og jeg har brugt lidt tid på at tænke over de indtryk jeg har fået af landet, nepaleserne og deres kultur.

Varmen:   I starten skulle jeg virkelig vænne mig til varmen og ikke mindst fugtigheden her i Chitwan. Alt mit tøj er konstant gennemblødt af sved og huden er konstant fugtig og klam. Også om aftenen.  Især de første aftener, syntes jeg det var ret vildt, at sidde stille og spise aftensmad, mens sveden bare haglede af mig. Jeg har endnu ikke brugt min medbragte bodylotion, da min hud føles helt mættet af fugt. I starten reagerede min krop samtidig på varmen, ved at tilbageholde væske. Dvs mine fingre og fødder/ankler svulmede op og blev ømme. Jeg drikker 3 liter filtreret vand dagligt, plus det te, cola eller andet jeg indtager i løbet af dagen.  Men efterhånden er det blevet mere tåleligt for mig at tolerere varmen, og heldigvis går vi koldere tider i møde!

Strømafbrydelser:  Hver dag er der strømafbrydelser. Både i løbet af dagen og i længere perioder om aftenen. Vi taler timer. Hos værtsfamilien har de en lille nødgenerator, som kan producere nød-lys om aftenen, men alt andet elektronik virker ikke. Dvs at loftventilatorerne ikke virker og at man ikke kan lade telefon eller andet op. Vejene bliver også helt mørke når der ikke er strøm, så man er meget afhængig af sin lommelygte hvis man skal hjem efter solnedgang, hvilket er efter kl. 18.30. Når det er meget varmt om aftenen og strømmen går, kan jeg ikke holde ud at være på mit ...

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Indtryk. At lære en ny kultur at kende.
Indtryk. At lære en ny kultur at kende.

Vegetarian Food Recipe: Stir-fried Broccoli   (published in China)

October 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Stir-fried Broccoli


Photo by Pinot & Dita



Table salt


Roughly 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Deep-ish frying pan with lid (or wok)

Fresh ginger or chopped prepared ginger in water as opposed to olive oil

Fresh garlic or chopped prepared garlic in water as opposed to olive oil

Steps to cook

1. Slice or separate the broccoli into long, narrow pieces as shown in the above picture. If you use broccoli, keep much more of the stem attached per piece than you would for most American dishes.

2. If using fresh garlic and ginger, peel then mince by chopping with a knife. Use about 1/2-1 tablespoon per head of broccoli depending on how strong you want these flavours. If using prepared garlic and ginger, use 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of each per head.

3. Pour oil into pan then turn on medium-high to heat the oil.

4. Add broccoli, garlic and ginger; stir to coat in oil; lightly sprinkle salt over whole pan; add water to pan until ingredients are almost covered; then cover pan for approximately 2 minutes. (The heat will be high enough if the water is boiling before you cover it.)

5. Uncover pan to check to see if broccoli is sufficiently cooked. It should not be mushy but soft enough to cut through the center of with a metal spatula. Add water as necessary to keep from burning.

6. If broccoli is not yet cooked, repeat steps 4 and 5 in intervals of a minute or less until it is cooked.

7. Once broccoli is sufficiently cooked, uncover pan and stir ingredients until most of the water evaporates.

8. Serve immediately on a plate or in a shallow, wide bowl with oil from pan as part of a family-style Chinese meal. It is easiest to eat with chopsticks but possible to eat with a fork and knife.

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Vegetarian Food Recipe: Stir-fried Broccoli
Vegetarian Food Recipe: Stir-fried Broccoli

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