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The inner beautiful of Madurai , India by By Salome Fleur Becker - from Germany   (published in India)

May 21, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Salome Fleur Becker believes that India has to be experienced—something that she discovered as she tries to explain the enigmatic beautiful country that already feels like a second home, to her family and friends back home in GermanyHaving arrived in Madurai and lived here for several days now, I tried to explain to my friends and family back in Germany in the city of Freiburg im Breisgau about life in India.

I was confronted with a big problem when I tried to send them a really detailed description. It is not easy to describe an environment which is totally different from everything you experienced before. How should I tell them about the scent of the spicy food which is cooked at the roadside hotels? How could they imagine the lively traffic chaos, as they’ve never seen people driving on the wrong lane, using the horn even more than the gas pedal because it is the only rule everyone is obeying? 
And every time I tried, I had to start again, because it sounded too negative. Even if the displeasing things are more striking, it is absolutely untrue that India is not a beautiful and extraordinary country. It is extraordinary because its beauty is not made up of anything we are used to.
You can find it in the furrowed face of an old woman smiling a toothless smile as you walk by, or just by looking at the bright tones of red and orange when the sun is vanishing behind the mountains. It is shown in the helpfulness of people who are crossing your way, always trying to do their best, and in the colour of a saree coupled with the clinking sound of the bangles. I think a foreigner has to forget about all her concepts of beauty and lifestyle to be able to see those little but delightful details and to be open minded to absorb differences. There is so much to ...

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The inner beautiful of Madurai , India by By Salome Fleur Becker - from Germany
The inner beautiful of Madurai , India by By Salome Fleur Becker - from Germany

Its Almost Here!   (published in Senegal)

May 20, 2013 by   Comments(1)

Less than a week until my trip to Senegal!

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Its Almost Here!
Its Almost Here!

Care & Teaching Workshop in Mexico!   (published in Mexico)

May 20, 2013 by   Comments(0)

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We had a good day of work at the office in Projects Abroad Mexico. The first part of the Care & Teaching workshop took place last Friday! 

Prof. Consuelo Velasco held the workshop and gave some useful tips to care and teaching volunteers. A continuation of it will happen some time really soon. Any tip given by a professional of education is really helpful! 

Thank you to all the volunteers who attended and thank you to Consuelo! 

See you in the next one! 

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Care & Teaching Workshop in Mexico!
Care & Teaching Workshop in Mexico!

Sr. de Torrechayoc (and other things)   (published in Peru)

May 20, 2013 by   Comments(0)

I haven´t written anything for a while, more for lack of time than lack of things to say. But I shall remedy that now. 

This weekend was the biggest fiesta in Urubamba in the whole year (Easter included), and is in celebration of Senor de Torrechayoc (the patron saint of Urubamba/Jesus). It started on Saturday morning at 4am, and still isn´t over (midday on the Monday after). Peruvians, when givn the chance, really know how to party! We were very excited, as my host father and brother would both be dancing in the parades (the multiple is necessary, they had to do their parade 5 times in the end!), and my host father was singing a solo in the mass. 

At about 9am on saturday the procession started coming past our house on the way to the stadium, and it really was amazing. There were about 40 groups in total, each with a different dance and different costumes. The costumes were amazing, all brightly coloured, some with masks with huge hooked noses, some with hats covered in sparkly sequins and coloured ribbons down the back, some with huge platform boots (not strictly Peruvian but we´ll overlook that for now...), and some wearing big bear costumes (again, not sure of the Peruvian relevance!).  The closest parallel I can think of to their dancing was like Scottish dancing, normally two lines interacting with each other and spinning round. the similarities kind of end there, as I´m pretty sure they don´t get to use whips in Scottish dancing, and I don´t think there´s a ´joker´ who goes around playing tricks on the crowd. Basically Peuvian dancing is a whole lot cooler. 

They then arrived in the stadium, and we followed them in, where a mass was held (the only religious part I could see of the whole ...

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Sr. de Torrechayoc (and other things)
Sr. de Torrechayoc (and other things)

Fahrradtour ohne Ende   (published in Ghana)

May 20, 2013 by   Comments(1)

Das letzte Wochenende bin ich mal zu hause geblieben, weil ich mal ein ruhiges Wochenende machen wollte, lesen, schlafen und nichts anstrengendes machen :) Tja natuerlich laeuft das hier anders als geplant!Samstag war ich mit anderen verabredet eine Fahrradtour zu machen...ich weiss was ihr jetzt denkt "hat sie denn das Desaster mit der Wasserfalltour vergessen?" nein hatte ich nicht und ich war auch ein bisschen nervoes, aber geplant war urspruenglich eine 2 Stuendige Tour, eine Stunde zu einem Wasserfall, da ein bisschen schwimmen und eine Stunde wieder zurueck! Klang super und auch fuer mich machbar...aber dann  meinte der Fahrradverleihtyp es gaebe da auch eine andere Tour 4 Stunden hin zu einem Wasserfall und dann wird man dort abgeholt...Meine Freunde hier meinten dann alle, da wir ja den ganzen TAg haben koennten wir doch die 4 stuendige Tour machen....Ok, da ich ueberstimmt war und wir wirklich den ganzen Tag hatten hab ich zugestimmt! Unser Tourguide hiess Spiderman...ich mein, was soll mit einem Superheld schon passieren.Also nachdem wir mit Fahrrad und Helm ausgestattet waren gings los....naja nicht fuer mich, weil meine Kette direkt mal rausgesprungen ist...also stand ich mitten auf der Strasse und musste nach Spiderman rufen:) Gut, nachdem das dann wieder ganz war gings los. Am Anfang haben sie uns eine Karte mit den Hoehenangaben Anfang sollte es einen hohen Berg hochgehen, aber dann nur noch kleinere und flacher....Oh mann nach dem Berg hab ich gedacht, dass wird easy, aber die folgenden waren nicht wirklich klein...das gute war, dass wir eine 12 jaehrige dabei hatten, die auch oefters Pausen gebraucht hat:) Naja irgendwann bei der Haelfte hab ich echt gedacht ich pack das war auch einfach soo heiss, da wir eben nicht ...

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Fahrradtour ohne Ende
Fahrradtour ohne Ende

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