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Ni timers hiking, intet vand og skyderi   (published in Ghana)

May 4, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Vaagende op i dag, kl. 04 og taenkte ”GUD, jeg bor i Afrika! Jeg har en hverdag og venner i Ghana! Jeg har et job i Ensapatu, Cape Coast! Hvordan er det sket?!!!”

I sidste weekend, var det Nete som var alene hjemme, mens jeg rejse i weekenden og nu er det saa blevet min tur til at vaere alene hjemme – og egentlig taenkte jeg, det skal nok blive hyggeligt, det bliver godt med lidt tid til ingenting, bare saadan lave ingenting kun mig og mig.. Nu er klokken 16.04, det vil sige at det er mindre end ni timer siden hun tog afsted og JEG KEDER MIG – paa trods af, at Line og jeg tog ind til byen for at spise pancakes til morgenmad, mums!!

Wli I sidste weekend, tog Ayleen, Adrian og jeg paa tur til Wli Waterfalls – en serioes lang tur, men det var nogle okay tro-tros vi koerte med, en af den havde endda aircon (det var bare alt for koldt, saa vi blev noedt til at sidde med vores langeaermet/trykke troejer paa.) det er mere vejene fra Cape til Accra og fra Accra til Hohoe der var problemet.Men det var en helt fantastisk tur, vi ”besteg” Ghanas hoejeste (uofficielt) bjerg – uofficielt fordi bjerget ligger paa/er graensen mellem Togo og Ghana. Vi besoegte en lansbyskole og en landsby i Togo, hvor vi blev vist rundt i byen af de lokale – da det er sjaeldent der kommer hvide mennesker i de små bjerglandsbyer baade i Ghana og i Togo, var vi noget af en attraktion. Saa blev vi foert ind i hoevdingenshytte, hvor vi skulle drikke snaps med ham – foerst haelder man lidt paa jorden (endelig ikke for meget, det er jo alkohol!) til vores forfaedre og saa ellers ned med resten – ad!! Saa fik jeg da ogsaa jeg et aegteskabstilbud fra selveste hoevdingen – der matte jeg takke paent nej, da vores guide ikke synes det ...

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Ni timers hiking, intet vand og skyderi
Ni timers hiking, intet vand og skyderi

Senegal Success: One Love   (published in Senegal)

May 4, 2013 by   Comments(0)

Volunteering Abroad – A Senegalese Success Story

 Want to 'volunteer' abroad but are feeling fairly cynical about what's out there? Here's some first hand experience that will give you something positve to think about.

 I used to be very cynical about the whole process of volunteering abroad and the companies that offer this experience. I was determined to visit my country of choice: Senegal. Though I'd considered going independently on my first trip, I'd done the maths and taken into account my family's pleas of 'No, don't go alone, do trip, anything just don't go alone on your first trip' and decided to go with an organisation. Whilst for some, a single quest into the wilderness of choice Ray Mears style may be perfect for them, my family fortunately know me well enough to encourage me otherwise (if you knew me, you'd know). I searched around and one organisation offered me all that I wanted from an 'organised' trip giving me time and space for independence and personal research too. I found 'Projects Abroad'.

 I wanted independence to live and work in a country very different to my native soil and have the safety net of someone I trusted being there if something were to go wrong. My expectations were exceeded. I signed up and paid for the trip (I'll address payments later). Even before setting off, Joke and Fina, both delightful and charming young ladies and part of the Projects Abroad team kept continuous contact. They checked my flight times, told me who'd be there to meet me at the airport answered all my questions and phoned me to check all was good. After a long trip: two flights and a brief stay over in a hotel in Dakar, I woke to the cheery sound of Habib's voice and smily face at my hotel door. Habib, from Projects Abroad, was ...

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Senegal Success: One Love
Senegal Success: One Love

First 2 days!   (published in Tanzania)

May 4, 2013 by   Comments(1)

Hello everyone in Holland!


Here's my first Tanzanian blog!


Day 1:

I woke up at 6 AM in the morning, to get the last stuff for my trip to Tanzania! We left at seven, to go to the airport. When I arrived there, we had a really nice breakfast at a small restaurant. I had to checck in at 9, so we had to hurry, so I said goodbye to my parents, and went to the plane. The flight was really boring, it took 8 and a half hours, and I had no idea what to do!

When I landed, I quickly got out, so I could go get my luggage. When I got outside, there we're a lot of people outside, but I managed to find the sign easily. Appearently, there we're 4 other volunteers in the plane aswell, so I wasn't alone. 

We drove for an hour to our host family, they had a really nice house, and really friendly people. There we're 2 other volunteers aswell, a Japanese girl and an American guy, really nice. I ate a really nice stew in the evening. I slept in a room with 2 beds, and a private bathroom with no light, haha! 

Day 2:

I slept allright, and had a really nice breakfast in the morning. I have no cultureshock at all, so I was happy about that!


We had an introduction in the afternoon, in the office and then we went into town. It's so different here, but really nice, and it's also really cheap. We had a social in the evening, so I met a lot of other volunteers, we had a great night!


This is the end, until next time!

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First 2 days!
First 2 days!

Medical Outreach   (published in Tanzania)

May 4, 2013 by   Comments(2)

Dear readers.

So yesterday was another amazing day. Today the entire medical volunteers in Arusha, piled into a land rover and drove out to an orphanage outside of the city called Tmani for Children. We went out to the orphanage as a medical outreach with a doctor from one of the local hospitals. The aim of our visit was to assess, diagnose and treat their medical problems. There were children from 2 months old to children in their teens. Even some of the older members of the surrounding community came to make use of the services we were offering.

My job for the day was to assist in the dispensing of the medications that the doctor prescribed. I learned two things that day. Number 1: I don’t want to be a pharmacist, and Number 2: no matter where in the world you are Doctors handwriting always is pathetic and illegible. One little boy had an umbilical hernia that stuck out about 15 centimetres. The doctor was then able to make an appointment for it to be operated on. Although in a place like Arusha there is only so much that can be done in an environment that isn’t completely sterile.  We saw around 30 people that day and seeing their smiling faces as you gave them the medications that would make them feel better was priceless. Even though they find themselves in the situation they are in they still have their happy smiles.

Today is the weekend so finally get to relax for a while. Meeting up with the Safari guy this afternoon to finalize our safari for next weekend- exciting!!! Thanks everyone that has been reading along with my travels and asking my friends and family how I am doing. It’s nice to know that back in Australia there are people looking out for me.

Until the next post my faithful readers


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Medical Outreach
Medical Outreach

Empanada Recipe!   (published in Argentina)

May 3, 2013 by   Comments(0)

At last weeks' social we learned how to make a traditional Argentine food - empandas! Below is the recipe to make the tasty filling and also the dough! Enjoy and good luck! 

The Filling  - Makes one dozen (12) empanadas

¼ kilo onions

¼ kilo ground beef

100 g green onion (chopped finely)

50g olives (sliced)

2 hard boiled eggs (sliced)

Condiments: (to taste)

Paprika Pepper Cumin Crushed red pepper

Olive oil (to taste)


In a pan, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Put the onions, sliced finely, in a frying pan and add a pinch of salt. Saute until the onions are translucent, then add in the beef. Cook the ground beef, chopping as it cooks with a flat spatula to maintain ground beef texture. Cook until the beef is thoroughly cooked, add salt and pepper for taste. Stir in the paprika, cumin, and crushed red pepper and mix well. Lastly, mix in hard boiled eggs, olives and green onions.  Place the mixture aside, letting cool. For best results let the filling cool completely before filling into empanada rounds. While waiting, you can make the dough for the empanadas!

The Dough

½ k flour

200g butter


350 CC wáter

1 pinch of salt

Preparation:In a bowl, mix in flour, salt and paprika. Mix in butter and water. Continue mixing until a forming a solid mass.Move to a countertop and begin kneading the dough. Once kneaded, let sit in refridgerator about a half our. Once cooled, cut into rounds, about six inches in diameter.

Putting it all together...

Pre-heat the oven. Put the rounds on a lightly floured work surface. With a tablespoon put a little of the meat filling in the centre of the dough round. For sealing, you’ll need a small glass of ...

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Empanada Recipe!
Empanada Recipe!

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