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In Chengdu July/August?   (published in China)

May 26, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Hi! I'm going to be volunteering in Chengdu this July/August. I'm writing this blog post really to see if I can find anyone that's in Chengdu at a similar time??? If you are please comment! Hattie

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In Chengdu July/August?
In Chengdu July/August?

Island Time   (published in Fiji)

May 25, 2015 by   Comments(0)

This weekend I decided to go with the other volunteers to Wayalailai Island in the Yasawa group. On Saturday morning we took a bus to the Marina in Lautoka where we boarded a boat to take us to the island. Once we got to the island we were given a warm welcome and shown to a small house. Originally we were going to stay in the dorms, but we were upgraded to a small cabin because the dorms were full. Then we proceeded to take a boat out to the reef and snorkel with sharks. The sharks that we saw were reef sharks and were over a meter long. Though the sharks were amazing to watch swim, my favorite creature was there blue and black striped fish that were only about 10 cm long.

Once we were back at the island we ate a lunch and went snorkeling. The coral reef in Fiji is absolutely amazing. There are a multitude of different types of coral, fish, clams, starfish, and other creatures. My favorite coral was red and looked like a tree with a lot of braches, but grew in a single plane (was flat). The starfish were a beautiful purple color. We saw clown fish. The reefs were interesting because there were portions of the reef that were thriving and then other portions that were completely destroyed by small tropical storms. This picture was taken by my friend Josefine

Next we went hiking to the highest point on the island to see the sun set. In order to get to the other side of the island we took a boat. The hike was long and treacherous. Upon looking at the mountain I did not believe that we were going to the way top but we did it. Half way up the mountain there is a wobley rock. The rock is roughly the size of a school bus but if pushes in the right way it wobbles. I stood the rock while as other wobbled the rock. I hoped that today would not be the day the rock would ...

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Island Time
Island Time

The Advantage of Fear   (published in Fiji)

May 25, 2015 by   Comments(0)

On Friday was Community day. Community day is the where all the volunteers from the teaching, care, and nutrition programs get together and do one community-oriented project together. This month we are building a greenhouse for a Muslim school in Leutoka, just an hour away from Nadi. The school also asked if we would conduct health screening for the teachers while we were at their school. Conducting health screenings on teachers is particularly beneficial for the community because they may impart what they learn onto their students, which adds even more value to our work. At the school I preformed the blood pressure and blood glucose test for all the teachers. The blood pressure test is very easy to do because we have an automated blood pressure cuff. The blood glucose on the other hand takes a little more skilled and is the participants worse favorite part o the screening, because it involves pricking their figure. Another aspect that is not ideal is we use small needles instead of retractable needles such that you actually have to lightly impale them. Initially I was concerned about this because me and needles do not have the best relationship but this fear many have given me an advantage. I know exactly how much anxiety can be centered on puncturing one flesh thus I tried to distract that participant and make it quick. Overall the day went well I the teachers were very thankful that we came.

After leaving Leutoka, I went home and spent some time with my host brothers. My host brothers are 4 and 7 years old. We painted notebook paper and made paper airplanes. Below is a picture of my host brothers when they were taking selfies with my phone. They have an incedible aptitude for navigating my phone and taking pictures. I live in a duplex. My family lives on the top ...

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The Advantage of Fear
The Advantage of Fear

Nepal Herco en Petra   (published in Nepal)

May 25, 2015 by   Comments(0)


we are going to Nepal at 5 juni 2015.

we arrived at Kathmandu on 6 juni.

it is our first time that we going to do something like this.

i write in dutch because that is easier  for me.

hallo lieve vrienden en familie,

over 2 weken zitten wij in Nepal.

nu nog met van alles druk.

vandaag een mail gestuurd naar jullie allemaal

groeten Petra 

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Nepal Herco en Petra
Nepal Herco en Petra

Smiles!   (published in Fiji)

May 25, 2015 by   Comments(0)

On Thursday we went to Narewa village, which is a Fijian Village near Nadi Town. Narewa is much different than the towns in Fiji. The houses are constructed by the native Fijians and there are no major roads though the village but rather small alleys. Children run around the village and play while all the adults help care for them. Today we are conducing heath screening in the village. Health screenings consist of height, weight, body mass index, percentage of fat, blood pressure, blood glucose, physical activity test, and health counseling. Upon arriving in the village and setting up our materials for health screenings, two village small girls peeked their head around the corner with the most beautiful smiles. One of the other volunteers had toys for the kids in the village which we set out for girls. At first they were apprehensive about the new toys but their curiosity overruled and they each picked out a toy. The girls then ran back to their friends and soon more kids came to play with the toys.

After the women’s church service ended in the village, many came to the health screening. Since it was only my second day in the program, I got trained in to help with the blood pressure and blood glucose testing. Roughly one dozen people came to the health screening that day which brought to total up to eighty people who had been screened for that village. Next week we will present the information about the village’s health status to them and provide more counseling.

After going to the village, we went to Nadi Primary school to lead Zumba for the students. The kids love Zumba and it provides them with 30 minutes of exercise. At first I was very nervous about Zumba because we did not have time to practice ahead of time, but I just followed the ...

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