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Home!   (published in Cambodia)

September 3, 2015 by   Comments(0)

34 hours after leaving the apartment in Phnom Penh I arrived in a cold, wet Manchester! I didn't get much sleep on the flights so was looking forward to getting home. On the plane I sat next to a group of Rangers from the Lake District who had been doing similar voluntary work in Vietnam. They were really enthusiastic and told me all about their adventures!

Two trains and a coach ride later, I finally arrived home to some very excited dogs! After I had made a big fuss of them I had a shower, set a load going in the washing machine and went to bed!

After several loads of washing and lots of sleep I am feeling a bit more back to normal! I've spent the past two days with my niece who I have missed so much! I'm also very relieved not to have seen a single grain of rice since I have been back!


I've really enjoyed writing this blog and have recieved lots of positive feedback from it so thank you all for reading! Thank you to everyone who had helped me through the difficult times as well as enjoying the better news! Also, thank you to everyone who messaged me with advice and ideas to help the children! xxx

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Community Day: Mural painting at Escuela Cubujuquí   (published in Costa Rica)

September 2, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Last Tuesday, volunteers gathered in the gym of Escuela Cubujuquí with the painters of Catársis Taller, a San Jose-based art studio run by Maria Jose Sabaten and Kevin Gallo. The entire 5 x 3 meter East wall of the gym is covered with a mural of the Costa Rican countryside that was painted fifteen years ago. After years of abuse from rogue sports balls and students with pencils, the mural was showing its age.

Several weeks earlier, Maria and Kevin had begun to repaint the mural with a group of teaching and sports volunteers helping out with English and Sports classes held for local students during their annual 2-week long holidays in July. However, because of the size of the mural, it was impossible to complete.

So for the community day in August, volunteers gathered to make more progress on the mural, and after a couple of hours of 18 hands helping out, the mural is almost finished. A small amount of touching up is left on a more detailed area in the center, and Maria and Kevin will add shading and details to the rest.

The community day was a fantastic opportunity to not only give back a bit to one of our popular sports and teaching placements, but for volunteers to come out and get to know one another. Between classes, students stopped by to watch and help out, and at the end, everyone can look back on something tangible that they were able to take part in.

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Community Day: Mural painting at Escuela Cubujuquí
Community Day: Mural painting at Escuela Cubujuquí

Le temps va vite!!   (published in Togo)

September 2, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Dans une semaine, minute pour minute, je serai assise dans l'avion. Prête à vivre cette belle et grande aventure qui m'attend. Je suis très excitée. J'en ai même un peu le vertige. Une sensation particulière mais 100% positive. L'idée de me lancer dans ce voyage me rend très fier et marquera à jamais un tournant majeur de ma vie.

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Le temps va vite!!
Le temps va vite!!

Ready to goooooo   (published in Argentina)

September 1, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Wat een hectishe dagen waren me dat! Straks ga ik nog blij zijn dat ik 26u rust en stilte ga hebben en dat ik niks ga moeten doen. ;)

Mijn verjaardagsweekend was geslaagd! Zaterdag een prachtige dag met mijn vrienden beleefd, die we goed hebben afgesloten in brugge. Zondag nog genoten van mijn familie. Het deed echt raar om 'afscheid' te nemen van papa, oma,... Maar iedereen is zo trots op me en gelooft in me, dit doet deugd en geeft me kracht! 

Ik moet toegeven dat ik het toch wel wat onderschat had: het 'afscheid' nemen, alles voorbereiden en ten slotte men valiezen inpakken. Dit was een hele klus! Alles lag mooi klaar tot we maandag alles definitief in de valies gingen steken. Alles pastte erin, mama sloot de valies en toen ging de rits kapot: verdomme! Dan maar naar Blankenberge achter een nieuwe valies. 1 nieuwe valies werden er snel 2 toen mama het in haar hoofd had gekregen. Ik mocht de kleur kiezen: ik mocht kiezen tussen roos en oranje... Die keuze was natuurlijk snel gemaakt: ROOS!! Trots gingen we naar huis en laadden we alles over in de nieuwe valiezen, dit verliep vlot tot we het op de weegschaal zette... 2 kilo teveel in elke valies, de nieuwe valiezen wogen meer dan mijn vorige.. Maar na nog wat selecteren, is het dan toch gelukt! 

Voila nu kan mijn reis en avontuur echt beginnen! Ik ben er klaar voor maar die kriebeltjes in mijn buik zijn ook meer dan ooit aanwezig...


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Ready to goooooo
Ready to goooooo

Major Life Goals   (published in Philippines)

September 1, 2015 by   Comments(0)

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I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing organization. With Projects Abroad, I am able to be a part of completing someone's life goals. I have seen/heard it a lot of times. I have seen volunteers smiling from ear to ear as they are ticking one of their life goals.


I have learned that you only achieve your goals when you are out of your comfort zone. The same with life, it only begins when you go out there, we call it experience. Seeing and being a part of someone giving birth is truly an amazing experience.

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Major Life Goals
Major Life Goals

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