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MANDELA DAY: 18 JULY 2014. Little Shine Nursery School   (published in South Africa)

July 22, 2014 by   Comments(0)


Our staff and volunteers had a great time painting and playing with the kids fro Little Shine Nursery School for their 67 minutes of their Mandela day.

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MANDELA DAY: 18 JULY 2014. Little Shine Nursery School
MANDELA DAY: 18 JULY 2014. Little Shine Nursery School

Nelson Mandela International Day   (published in Fiji)

July 22, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Nelson Mandela International Day in Fiji was recognized well by Projects Abroad Fiji.  

As part of the Projects Abroad Global campaign, volunteers and staff dedicated 67 minutes to give back to the community.  67 minutes representing 67 years Mandela fought for the freedom of his country from the domination of apartheid.

Projects Abroad Volunteers in Nadi and Lautoka gave food hampers to residents of Navakai Hart in Nadi and Sandalwood Hart in Lautoka who were grateful for the kind donation. 

The Shark Conservation Volunteers based in Pacific Harbour worked with the children and staff of the Multi-Cultural School on a morning of environmental awareness which was followed by a beach clean-up where the team collected over 20 bags of trash.

Overall, it was a great opportunity for Projects Abroad Fiji to reach out to the needy people in our local community and make a difference.

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Nelson Mandela International Day
Nelson Mandela International Day

Day 7 & 8   (published in Mexico)

July 22, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Day 7 & 8: Didn't get a chance to write on the past couple days. On Saturday, the O'leary's, two new volunteers arrived at the house, so we mostly just cleaned and got everything ready for their arrival. Dr. O'Leary is an anesthesiologist, and his son Sean is going to be a junior at Notre Dame. They're both very nice, and it's great to have someone to speak English with! :) They're both going to be working at the hospital with me, so it'll be great to have some company on the bus rides! Jesus, Senora Berta's son, took the three of us to Tlaquepaque, a pueblito close to Guadalajara. There was so much going on; lots of traditional art being sold along the street. some elaborate cathedrals, food vendors, and people everywhere. We ended up at an open air building that housed five different restaraunts, with all their chairs circled around one big center stage. Every restaurant had their own mariachi band wandering throughout the tables. While we were there, some dancers entered the stage and preformed several traditional dances, including the dance of Jalisco. It was beautiful; they were so talented, never missing a step. The women wore these gorgeous dresses with huge skirts meant for twirling. It was a fantastic night!

Today, Sunday, Aurore and I met in the center of the city to do some exploring. We found some great stores, even one where everything was 3 pesos! We also went looking for a park, running and found ourselves in a rather sketchy area. We made it to the park ok though. which was really cute. There was even a little outdoor pavilion where some older couples were learning how to salsa dance.

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Day 7 & 8
Day 7 & 8

A Volunteer Story   (published in Philippines)

July 22, 2014 by   Comments(0)

  Being a volunteer for 3 weeks has been a wonderful and amazing journey. Coming to the Philippines was for me going to this unknown part of the world, which seemed completely different from other places I have been before. Before I came and on my way I wasn’t expecting to meet such amazing people, and have this amazing adventure here in the Philippines. When I arrived, I was ushered by Sir Aki, this very friendly, hilarious and nice man that knows everything about history in the world and especially in the Philippines. He was so open, so interested to know me. It was a warm welcome. From Cebu City to Bogo City, I experienced different environment from the gigantic and crowded city with building everywhere, lots of cars and traffic, to this little city full of nice and caring people, with a significant amount of tricycle and a huge amount of dogs. Working at Bogo Central School 1 has been a wonderful experience. Playing with the kids, dancing, singing with them, helping them with their writing and helping Ms. Flores was great.

  I discovered things about me such as being patient with the kids, being creative, working under the supervision of someone, communicate with the kids even if we don’t speak the same language and so on. I had so much fun with these kids full of energy, curious, enthusiastic and excited about everything and anything all the time. It was funny, interesting and quite weird to know how my hair amazed the entire school and how all the kids wanted to touch it. I became the attraction of the school and had so much new friends that came everyday say hi to me, such lovely and loving kids.

  Outside the school I met really nice people, the other volunteers, doing a different project than me but with who I hanged out all ...

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A Volunteer Story
A Volunteer Story

A Worthwhile Experience   (published in Philippines)

July 22, 2014 by   Comments(0)

  After quitting his job from Denmark as a carpenter, Oliver Bokk joined Projects Abroad as a Disaster Relief Volunteer. He wanted to travel the world while doing something meaningful too. He did some research and found ten organizations who offered volunteering, but only Projects Abroad offered building projects that he was interested in. He chose to travel the Philippines because aside from wanting to learn the Philippine culture, suffered greatly from typhoon Haiyan last year.

  The Disaster Relief Project in the Philippines aims to help communities who suffered because of the typhoon in the northern part of the country. Volunteers assist in returning facilities back to working order.

  Oliver was assigned in Dakit Elementary School and he enjoyed it. He was a carpenter for four years in his home country so he wanted to see the difference of how it is done in the Philippines.

  “It was the best eight weeks of my life”, he said. “Volunteering with Projects Abroad has been a rewarding experience because aside from rebuilding, I also built lasting friendship and beautiful memories. I shall truly cherish the volunteers that I have worked with and the local people that I got to know.”

  At the Disaster Relief Project, Oliver plastered walls, painted, mixed cement and did foundation work for the classrooms. He was happy and productive since he got enough responsibility. He learned that everyone should seize the day and everyone should enjoy every single day working or volunteering.

  At first, adapting to the culture in the Philippines seemed too much for Oliver. He thought he wouldn’t be able to handle it, but he was surprised. He was living in Danish lifestyle but as the days ...

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A Worthwhile Experience
A Worthwhile Experience

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