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Weekend   (published in Togo)

September 27, 2016 by   Comments(0)

This weekend myself and the other 5 volunteers currently here went to Togoville and Agbodrafou. We were quite a mixed group; a German, Danish, French, American, French Canadian, and of course Australian, but the numbers were perfect for filling up a car.

At Agbodrafou we fiercely negotiated a price for a boat across Lake Togo (which is actually a lagoon), as we were convinced they were giving us the, 'Yovo,' price and unecessary special treatment. After bargaining as hard as we could we waited, then climbed into the human-powered wood canoe and went across. On the beach we were greeted by two guides- one was an obvious fraud and the other held an official card and gave us a good price so we went with him. It was a good and interesting, albeit slow, tour with a two hour lunch interlude. It included the Church, a view voodoo monuments and the pier built for the Pope who came in the 70s after an apparation of the Virgin Mary appeared on the Lake. We then finished the tour back at the beach and crossed a rather choppy lake as it began to spit.

We then went to the Slave House in Agbodrafou. While waiting for the tour guide, we perused a little shop run by a very nice lady who made all the artefacts with her mother. I picked up a cute couple of things as did everyone else, then we began the, 'tour,' of the house. It was actually quite interesting as it was mostly in it's orginal state and we were able to go under the house to where the slaves were kept by the Portugeuse traders. We heard the history of how the house was hidden in a great forest to conceal it from the British, who were attempting to abolish slavery. Before the tour we called the driver who had driven us from Palm Beach and waited a while for him, then headed back to Lome, where we went to a particularly fancy ...

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Voorbereidingen   (published in Tanzania)

September 26, 2016 by   Comments(0)

Hallo allemaal,

Vandaag over 1 week, op 3 oktober, vertrekt  mijn vlucht (KL569) om 10.15 naar Tanzania. Als het goed is landen we om 21:50 in Dar Es Salaam, de stad waar we de komende 8 weken zullen wonen en werken.

Hier ga ik samen met mijn vriendin Hanneke deelnemen aan het verloskunde project. Via de onderstaande link kun je zien wat dit project in houdt.

We gaan werken in het Mwananyamala Regional Hospital, (Igure St. Mwananyamala, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). Hier werken 62 artsen, 180 verpleegkundigen op 240 bedden. Van een werkdag kunnen we verwachten dat onze dienst om 8.00 begint tot 15.00. We kunnen er uiteraard voor kiezen om langere werkdagen te maken.

Al bijna een jaar geleden hebben we dit geregeld. Eerst op het werk. Een maand vakantie met daaropvolgend een maand onbetaald verlof moest geregeld worden. Nu was dat bij mij snel gebeurd en konden we ons opgeven als vrijwilliger. Weer een paar maanden later hebben we ons vliegticket geboekt. We vliegen met KLM, op de heenweg met 1 tussenstop en op de terugweg vliegen we in een directe vlucht terug naar Amsterdam.

Na een aantal bezoeken bij de GGD zijn de nodige inentingen gehaald, en kregen we een recept voor malaria pillen. 

Na twee keer een bezoek gebracht te hebben aan de Tanzaniaanse Ambassade in Den Haag, hebben we het eerste deel van ons visum gekregen. Het tweede deel moeten we in Dar Es Salaam halen, gelijk na onze aankomst op het vliegveld.

Verder hebben we handalcohol, handschoenen, steriele OK-pakken, mondkapjes, haarnetjes etc. geregeld. En uitaaraard een voorraadje oploskoffie, voor het geval ik daar 's ...

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Koh Lanta   (published in Thailand)

September 26, 2016 by   Comments(1)

Wat een ontzettend leuke week hebben we weer gehad!

Maandag zijn we samen met Pi Earb, pi Nou en de andere vrijwilligers vertrokken naar koh Lanta. Na 3 uurtjes met de bus kwamen we aan bij ons hotel. Het zag er echt super mooi uit! Het leek een soort klein bungalow park met een mooi zwembad en aan het strand. Het voelde gelijk aan als vakantie. We hadden een mooie kamer met een groot bed en een warme douche!! Daar was iedereen nog het meest enthousiast over, een warme douche haha. In de middag zijn we de stad een beetje gaan verkennen, maar er was niet zo heel veel te beleven. Koh lanta is niet zo heel toeristisch.

De volgende morgen zijn we naar de school gegaan waar we ons kamp geven. Alle kinderen stonden ons al op te wachten, super schattig! We hadden in totaal 46 kinderen, die hebben we verdeeld in 2 teams samen met ons. We begonnen smorgens met spelletjes, daarna gaven we engelse les. We zijn begonnen met het leren van het alfabet en hun eigen naam schrijven. Alle kinderen zijn zo ontzettend gemotiveerd om engels te leren. Toen het gelukt was om hun eigen naam te schrijven waren ze ook super trots. Dat was echt heel leuk om te zien! Na de Engelse les hebben we nog een knutsel activiteit gedaan. Alle kinderen waren zo vrolijk en lief, ze zijn echt zo dankbaar dat je komt. Dat geeft echt een goed gevoel!  In de middag konden we lekker relaxen aan het zwembad, heeerlijk! 

De volgende dag toen we aankwamen riepen alle kinderen al; goooodmorning teachers!! Onze dag begon gelijk goed haha. Na de spelletjes zijn we weer verder gegaan met Engels, dit keer over het lichaam. Het hoofd, de oren, de neus etc. Dit vonden ze soms nog wel lastig, maar het ging toch best goed. De volgende dag hebben we het gehad over de kleuren en vormen. De kleuren kende de meeste ...

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Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta

The end of week 2!   (published in Fiji)

September 25, 2016 by   Comments(0)

Oh my have I only been at my placements two weeks?? It seems so much longer! Kindy is going great I really feel part of the team. It's so lovely to hear when I arrive at 8am each morning the children shout 'Good morning teacher'. They really are cute. Natalyia (16 year old volunteer from Australia) and I did some great craft activities based on wild animals. We really were creative and 3G and Pinterest really came in handy! Fijian birds next week, that's proving to be a little more tricky!! My afternoons have been tricky! For one reason or  another I ended up teaching the class on my own Monday, Wednesday and Thursdmay afternoon with no warning! Decided to do some Jolly Phonics with them as letter names rather than sounds seems to be the way they have been taught. Thank heavens for my iPhone, 3G and Debbie back at home who managed to get the sound track and corresponding pictures to me. It wasn't straight forward for the children to be able to listen to the sounds but once again my phone came into its own!!  Next week hopefully Cassie (volunteer from Australia) and I are going to be doing phonics with the 'slow readers' so they were called at school. Right in my comfort zone. I really felt that I helped one family at kindy this week. Their son is autistic and so I was able to share lots of information with the little boys mum and once I'm home I will be emailing things out to her. It's so sad to see and hear about the lack of provision for parents and children over here with special needs. As lots of you know working with parents and children with special needs are real passions of mine. The little boys Mum is doing amazingly with him but like lots of parents I have worked with there are some tough decisions to be made shortly. My heart went out to her when ...

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The end of week 2!
The end of week 2!

English Classes   (published in Togo)

September 23, 2016 by   Comments(0)

So things have changed a bit in the last two weeks. In the beginning, most of the kids in the orphanage had lessons in the morning, and this is when my English classes took place. About three weeks ago two days of testing were then held and after that, all the classes finished. I just happened to decide that it would also be a good time to test the progress of my students, so they all had tests too. This also meant, however, that my students thought English classes were over as well. I told them I was here for another two months and planned on teaching English for that whole time but they paid no attention to me. After a week of feeling really quite worried, upset and useless and being faced with the prospect of working at another orphanage, I concluded that there were still children who wanted to learn English so came up with an alternative plan. I went to them individually, asked them if they were interested in continuing, told them they could say no, and let them choose the day and duration of their classes. Everyone I spoke to were happy to continue; some wanted an hour long lesson four days a week, some for two days a week, and some for just 30 minutes once a week, but the one on one aspect seems to have boosted their enthusiasm and so far it’s going quite well. Sometimes it’s hard to think of things to teach for a whole hour and I’ve had one boy who took his time to come to class on Friday, but I told him, he was the one that chose to work on Friday for an hour, if he didn’t want to come, he didn’t have to, but not to waste my time. Some other children who I hadn’t approached, came to me on their own accord to organise a lesson, which was really lovely, so hopefully this can continue until they start school on the 17th of ...

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English Classes
English Classes

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