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Zanzibar og andet gøgl   (published in Tanzania)

March 28, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Hej igen !

Jeg har nu været her i over 4 uger, altså mere end 1/4 af min samlede tid hernede(!), og det er gået ret hurtigt hvis jeg selv skal sige det. Der er sket en del siden sidst hernede, en masse gode oplevelser og nogle enkelte knap så sjove ting..

For at starte med de dårlige nyheder så tog Mette hjem i går, hende kommer jeg til at savne men vi nåede heldigvis at gå byen tynd for butikker og enkelte museer inden hun tog afsted, derudover var der vores tur til Zanzibar som er et godt og dejligt minde :D Jeg må også, desværre, erkende at regnsæsonen er startet hernede nu .. Det betyder koldere morgener og aftener, flere strømsvigt og selvfølgelig regn. Det regner hver dag, men det regner ikke hele dagen, oftest om morgenen, aftenen eller natten så det er stadigvæk til at overkomme ;)

Det var de "dårlige nyheder" nu til de gode :) Som jeg nævnte sidst ville vi få en ny housemate - Kate, udover Kate har vi også fået en tysk housemate - Janina. De er begge rigtigt søde og de arbejder på det børnehjem jeg selv skal starte på d. 20 april :)

En tur på Africafe til lidt kage med Mette, Kate og Janina:

Mette og jeg var også fire dage på Zanzibar med to andre danske piger, Caroline og Lise, hvor vi også var sammen med Nina og Sofie. Vi havde en super god tur og det var også rigtigt hyggeligt at se Nina og Sofie igen :D

Vi boede i det nordlige Zanzibar, et sted der hedder Kendwa, et sted der hed Sunset Kendwa Bungalows. Vi ankom ved frokosttid torsdag, så torsdag og fredag var bare ren afslapning på stranden, en rigtig bounty strand med lækkert blåt vand og en ...

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Zanzibar og andet gøgl
Zanzibar og andet gøgl

Counting down the days   (published in Ghana)

March 28, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Cape Coast, maandag 23 maart 14:47 

Dat was het weekend alweer! Dit keer was het een bewolkt paradijs, maar Cape Coast blijft nog steeds fantastisch! Vrijdag middag zijn we, na heel veel vertraging dankzij het verkeer in Accra, met z’n vieren (Puk, Spencer, Aoife en ik) vertrokken richting Cape Coast. Aangekomen bij Oasis hotel kregen we een dorm voor nog geen 5 euro per nacht, die we met 8 anderen deelden. Prima deal! Een van de kamergenoten was Howard, een Engelse jongen die in Amsterdam studeert en nu in Ghana zijn onderzoek doet. ’s Avonds zijn we met hem, en natuurlijk Andy, Katie, Nathan en Sara (nieuw in Cape Coast), bij de bar van Oasis blijven hangen: alle nieuwkomers moeten natuurlijk ingewijd worden met de Alomo Bitters. Helaas moesten wij er ook weer aan geloven, wat het begin was van een gezellige en late nacht, inclusief dansen in een tropische regenbui, zoeken naar krabben in de zee en Afrikaanse danslessen van de lokale bevolking.

Het leek me dan ook verstandig om het zaterdag een beetje rustig aan te doen. Terwijl de rest op pad ging naar de Canopy Walk in Kakum park bleven Andy, Katie, Howard en ik achter in Cape Coast. Omdat Cape Coast ook op de planning staat wanneer papa en mama in Ghana komen, heb ik besloten dit weekend de meeste hotspots over te slaan… Wel wilde ik graag het ziekenhuis zien waar Andy en Katie deze maanden werken, en dat hebben we zaterdag dan ook gedaan! Ze waarschuwden me dat het een klein ziekenhuis is en waarschijnlijk niets vergeleken met het gigantische Korle Bu, dus ik stelde me een kleine Fevers Unit voor. Haha in vergelijking met dat, was het Cape Coast ziekenhuis alsnog super groot. Korle Bu in Accra is een gespecialiseerd ziekenhuis en is eigenlijk een groot terrein met de verschillende ...

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Counting down the days
Counting down the days

John and Wendy   (published in Tanzania)

March 28, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Hello All – Well our journey is coming quickly to an end unfortunately! Zanzibar what a place it was full of history and the people of Zanzibar are still very traditional (conservative) we found it a little harder to break the ice but having a little Swahili made all the difference in the world. Being a tourist haven I suppose the locals become a little more protective and sometimes from what we observe from Westerners, Europeans etc we can’t blame them. On departure John and I were humbled by the compliments we received about our family from staff and people around the establishment we are also sure we will take them up on their offer to return one day. The boys enjoyed interacting with the locals and staff learning about the area and history and once again the people don’t let you down when we met a boy who was happy to practise his English and share his knowledge about the reef we were exploring and also showing us a pregnant starfish. The boys loved the turtles spending an hour and a half feeding and playing with them. So much to share but the boys can do that. Arriving back into Kilimanjaro was another flight adventure but fortunately Cooper made it only feeling ill this time, I must admit landing is rough and the one wheel landing quite interesting if you would say that – Cooper did share ‘thank God I don’t have to fly into there again because next time I come I am stopping at Dar as Salam and driving the rest of the way’. Just a note Flynn is still with us but unfortunately on the last day of Zanzibar he fell ill they were thinking malaria (he would have been the most unlucky child in the world as he has only had three mosquito bites and on anti malaria medication) but thankfully he has tonsillitis and a chest infection. ...

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John and Wendy
John and Wendy

Flynn and Zanzibar   (published in Tanzania)

March 28, 2015 by   Comments(0)

Our last days in Zanzibar: we watched the kids and adults play soccer in the rain where they were in deep puddles up to their knees, they were able to dodge rocks and tree stumps on a homemade soccer pitch with goals made with sticks and string. We watched the locals build and repair their dhow boats. It was interesting to watch how they repaired their boats daily by burning underneath and the edges; this helps to reseal the boats so there are no holes and cleans the seaweed off. They crouch beside their boats and each part they slowly do by hand. We also went to the Turtle aquarium with our Danish friends Mads and Signe where we learnt about how the turtle’s natural environment has been destroyed by buildings on the beach plus the tourist walking along the beach. So now they have a turtle aquarium which is building numbers by release about 48 turtles back in the sea each February (there is a day each year you can go and watch the release of the turtles). They tag the turtles they release but don’t have the equipment to track them. The local fisherman help the turtles by bring injured turtles to the aquarium to rehabilitate. We were able to feed the turtles that were between 12 and 19 years old kelp. The baby and sick turtles were kept separate but we could look at them. I enjoyed Zanzibar because I got to see the turtles, tortoises, snorkelling, exploring the reefs, learning about the history and meeting new people.


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Flynn and Zanzibar
Flynn and Zanzibar

On Nepali Time   (published in Nepal)

March 26, 2015 by   Comments(3)

I am starting to get into the rhythm of daily life in Nepal. I have learned that everything here happens on Nepali time, which essentially means it will happen sooner or later... Most likely later. So we allow an hour for breakfast each morning at the hotel and no one worries when the driver doesn't arrive at the hotel at 9:30 when he said he would. At first it made me anxious, especially when a truck full of bricks was blocking the hotel entrance and we had to wait an extra hour for them to unload all of the bricks before I could go to the airport to pick up my lost luggage. But now that I have my luggage and I have settled in I find that the delays make the days seem longer and more relaxing.

Today marks my 5th day in Nepal and I have done so much already. A couple nights ago we went to a traditional Daal bhat restaurant to experience true Nepali culture. Daal bhat is dish of rice served with various sides that can be mixed together such as chicken curry and sautéed vegetables. At the restaurant we sat on fancy cushions on the floor and while we were eating there was a musical performance and dancers. During the days we have been traveling to Clark School, just outside of the city, to paint some of the classrooms. After spending a couple days painting a base coat, today we finally started painting the murals we designed onto the walls. As we painted we could hear the students in the other room singing out the capitals of countries around the world. Although it is in an area where there is no running water and trash lines the dirt roads, the school is full of life and the kids are so excited when we arrive. As I continue to work in Kathmandu, I am developing a new appreciation for the simplest things, such as a smile on a child's face or being able to take a ...

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On Nepali Time
On Nepali Time

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