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The best breakfasts from around the world   (published in Global News)

September 11, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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We've received some wonderful images from around the world showcasing our hash tag #breakfastabroad. From a typical Tico breakfast to delicious Indian eggs and Luna Miris, here are some of our favourite morning treats.

Breakfast from around the world:

An amazing looking breakfast from @markwijs. Indian scrambled eggs with garam masala, cumin and spinach topped with a mint tumeric yoghurt.

This ...

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The best breakfasts from around the world
The best breakfasts from around the world

Solomon Festival 2014: A Union of the Old and the Young by Asger Skovdal Jepsen, Denmark   (published in Romania)

September 30, 2014 by   Comments(0)

The weekend of the 20th and 21st of September this year marked a celebration of traditional Romanian values and rituals in the city of Brasov. It was a celebration of Romanian national unity and a promotion of Romanian traditions and culture. What’s more, it was also a union of the old and the young of Brasov, of the traditional groups and community of Schei. This event was known as Solomon Fest, or the Young Autumn Celebration.



By Asger Skovdal Jepsen


A mace soars upwards through the air, and as it reaches the top of its projection, time seems to stand still. As the seconds tick away, several thoughts race in my mind. What is the purpose of this? The significance? How long until the mace falls down again? And who will be there to catch it? What if the man who threw it into the air won’t be able to catch it and it falls right between his eyes? Suddenly the mace begins its travel downwards. It falls, falls straight into the outstretched hand of a costumed man. The crowd roars, as the man smiles and joins a big, coordinated circular dance in the middle. Just what is going on here? The yearly Brasovian Solomon Festival, that’s what.

The celebration started on Saturday the 20th, with a procession from the courtyard of the City Hall, accompanied with music and carts decorated with flowers. Local officials were also invited to join the young men of the Junii, the juniors. From here, the procession walked through the streets of Brasov, bypassing the Black Church and rejoining at Biblioteca Judeteana George Baritiu, to Schei. The group followed a route of Casa Armatei – Muresenilor Street – Council Square – Baritiu – Wear Schei – The Captain ...

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Solomon Festival 2014: A Union of the Old and the Young by Asger Skovdal Jepsen, Denmark
Solomon Festival 2014: A Union of the Old and the Young by Asger Skovdal Jepsen, Denmark

From beautiful to Horrible   (published in Cambodia)

September 30, 2014 by   Comments(0)

3 days have almost passed since I've been here. I arrived at Phnom Penh airport at 10 pm an got my ride to the volunteer appartment building. I went straight to bed after a quick tour and woke up at 5 am the next morning because of my jetlag and the hot temperature. I didn't had AC that night, but luckily Could move in tom another room wich has, but that's a story I won't be bothering you guys with.

So I went downstairs, did some chatting with the guys back home who were still awake, and a few hours later the other people slowly started to come downstairs. They are all amazing people, and I can't imagine any better types of people to be In a house with for 12 months. People come and go, but currently I have some company from 14 people Britain, Canads, USA, Scandinavia, th UK and Germany. But people come and go every week.

So after that first day, (Which was a Sunday so a day off) I started my Khmer project. The first day, I took care of some official bussines, got a City tour in a tuck-tuck, and went to the Royal Palace. The Royal palace was amazing, This building is exactly like those huge asian structures you see in the movies and on television. In the time Cambodia still had a king, most people loved him, and I've been told he was a good king. So there is reslly nothing that feels bad about the huge palace, it'sall so amazing. After we left the palace, we got ourself a fresh coconut, and enjoyed the milk on the way back home.

The next day was less amazing. Well, that's mostly because amazing is the wrong word for it.

Ince again I got picked up by a tuk-tuk, and we went to the prison museum. In short words, this is the place where all the people of Phnom Penh who were "suspicious" to the Khmer Rouge where hold captive and tortured. To give you a small idea of how it ...

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From beautiful to Horrible Hintzen/read/368592/from-beautiful-to-horrible
From beautiful to Horrible

National Holiday in China   (published in China)

September 30, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Golden Week

Tomorrow (October 1st) China celebrates its national day. October 1st is China’s national day because on this date in 1949 Chairman Mao announced, at a grand ceremony held in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, that the previously called ‘Republic of China’ would change its name to The People’s Republic of China. At this point, Mao’s communist forces had overturned the Kuomintang forces and as a consequence China would see a transition to a socialist era. Some may argue that elements of this era are still evident in the present day. One of the most important transitions that Mao implemented into society was the abandonment of land ownership and therefore a hierarchical society. In theory at least, this would result in equality among the Chinese people, hence the reason for the name change to the People’s Republic of China.

Mao believed that the rest of the world would inevitably follow the new way of the People’s Republic of China and during his speech on October 1st 1949 he said,  "The People's Central Government of PRC is the only legal government to stand for all people of PRC. Our government is willing to establish diplomatic relationship with any foreign government that agrees to abide by the principles of equality, mutual benefit, mutual respect for territorial integrity."

Every year since 1949, The People’s Republic of China has celebrated their national day on October 1st. However in the year 2000 the Chinese government decided to make the holiday a week long and name it Golden Week. Now China is having its 14th golden week and it is China’s second week long public holiday, the other being the Chinese New Year in January/February time.

People will be traveling across their country in their ...

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National Holiday in China
National Holiday in China

Jessica Porreye and her passion for animal care   (published in Mexico)

September 29, 2014 by   Comments(0)

When asked about her volunteering experience in Mexico, Jessica Porreye, from France, has only one answer in mind: “It has been the journey of my life”. And so it seems because when talking with her one can hear the passion with which she speaks about her work at the animal rehab center in Guadalajara. She loved everything she did, the people she worked with and the closeness with the animals of the center.

The animal rehab center is located in the north part of the city, not far from the historical center. An important part of the work done here is rescuing caring for exotic animals which do not belong to the local ecosystem and which have been bought and sold in the black market. Most are birds, from small parrots to falcons and eagles but they also have alligators, a crocodile, coyotes, turtles, and other types of small mammals.

Jessica is radiant with happiness when she speaks about how she grew as a human being thanks to the work she did: “Having worked at the animal center has not only enriched my knowledge about animals and how to handle them. It has also helped me enhanced my interpersonal relationships”. The staff of the center including Andrés Gonzalez (director of the center), Luiz Alberto Cayo and Tatjana Kotschenreuther, were all very welcoming and kind to her. Jessica remembers them all very dearly.

“The animal rehab center here in Guadalajara, Mexico, really needs the help of volunteers. Any help is always welcome.”

Jessica hopes that anyone who reads this and is willing to volunteer abroad chooses this placement: “There is an excellent work environment. People are nice, helpful and kind and the whole experience is like an adventure”, says Jessica.

Keeping herself busy is very important for ...

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Jessica Porreye and her passion for animal care
Jessica Porreye and her passion for animal care

History Made Flesh: How Brasov City Maintains its Historical and Cultural Identity (by Asger Skovdal Jepsen, Denmark)   (published in Romania)

September 29, 2014 by   Comments(0)

The City of Brasov, situated in Romania, has had a long and conflicting history in its existence. From the Saxon establishment and occupation of the city, to the first public uprisings against the Ceausescu government in 1987, Brasov has always been an epicentre of conflict and dramatic turnabouts in Romanian history. Indeed, one can still find and feel the after-effects of these historical happenings in the modern Brasov, if one is willing to look for them.



By Asger Skovdal Jepsen


The feeling I get from wondering around Brasov is that of a city aware of its history. Brasov has endured a lot throughout its existence, and is not afraid to show the worst parts of it – indeed, the people of Brasov have been very eager to preserve and tell the history of their city to anyone who might be willing to listen, whether it be through the reconstruction of their old bastions or public events, Brasov is willing to keep their history of their city to anyone who might be willing to listen, whether it be through the reconstruction of their old bastions or public events, Brasov is willing to keep their history alive. By observing the whole of the city, from the dreary cement blocks of the Soviet flats, to the ornate and fairy tale like Saxon houses, I quickly realised that the city of Brasov doesn’t have history – the city of Brasov itself IS history.

Brasov City was established in the 13th century as a German mercantile colony named Kronstadt by the Teutonic knights, on an ancient Dacian site. During this time, the Saxon settlers built ornate churches and town halls surrounded by a massive wall, built to defend the fortress from Turkish attacks, while the ...

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History Made Flesh: How Brasov City Maintains its Historical and Cultural Identity (by Asger Skovdal Jepsen, Denmark)
History Made Flesh: How Brasov City Maintains its Historical and Cultural Identity (by Asger Skovdal Jepsen, Denmark)

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