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The best breakfasts from around the world   (published in Global News)

September 11, 2014 by   Comments(0)

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We've received some wonderful images from around the world showcasing our hash tag #breakfastabroad. From a typical Tico breakfast to delicious Indian eggs and Luna Miris, here are some of our favourite morning treats.

Breakfast from around the world:

An amazing looking breakfast from @markwijs. Indian scrambled eggs with garam masala, cumin and spinach topped with a mint tumeric yoghurt.

This ...

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The best breakfasts from around the world
The best breakfasts from around the world

Chinese Breakfast!   (published in China)

October 21, 2014 by   Comments(0)

These little buns may look like an uncooked croissant, but in fact they are a delicious Chinese breakfast that is widely eaten across this vast land. The steamed bun is known as ‘baozi’ in China and each baozi can vary in size, colour and of course taste. The design of each baozi can also vary dramatically. In expensive restaurants they are eloquently designed, whereas on street stalls they sometimes look worse for wear, but nevertheless delicious!

 Inside these buns are different fillings and each destination adds their own unique taste. For example, our volunteers in Chengdu will generally encounter pretty spicy buns that are full of Sichuan peppers, whereas in Shanghai the buns are usually not spicy, with less filling, but they have a more juicy texture.

Although commonly eaten for breakfast, baozis can be a tasty snack at any time of the day. Even a midnight feast!

Baozis- One more reason why I firmly believe that Chinese food is the best in the world!

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Chinese Breakfast!
Chinese Breakfast!

If You Can Beat Me, Then I Will Beat Myself   (published in Morocco)

October 20, 2014 by   Comments(2)

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I don't think that I've ever had a volunteer trip that has gone as quickly as this one. The second week is already finished... but there's still more things that I have to do! I almost done with souvenir shopping, and I must say that buying gifts in Morocco is probably my only major complaint with the country. The selection is really quite terrible, and the shop owners will often refuse to acknowledge me. Seriously, today I spent 20 minutes in a shop, just standing there, and the owner was watching me carefully (I was the only one in there). Every time I would move, he would follow me. Mind you, he would not say one word to me, but he would stalk me the like ominous wraith that he is. I walked right on out without buying a single thing.

I will have to get over this pride of wanting actual service, because there are some shops that I want to look at a little more closely where the owners completely ignore me. But in a country where the selection is so limited, I really have no choice. Nizah was telling me earlier today that this is a common problem in Morocco, and that it even happens to her. Like any right thinking human being, she commented that she becomes upset when that happens.

Now, this doesn't happen with every shop. I went to a jewelry shop today with a woman who greeted me in French (if I do receive a salutation, it's always in French), and I told her that I only speak English and Spanish. She was delighted to help me out in Spanish. Another woman, a girl about my age, who worked at the perfume shop helped me out in French. There was a barrier there, but she was glad to assist me. That actually took me aback, because you know how our generation can be...

Keeping up with complaining, my placement is not really going as well as I thought it would. The problem is ...

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If You Can Beat Me, Then I Will Beat Myself
If You Can Beat Me, Then I Will Beat Myself

9. - 20. Oktober   (published in Mexico)

October 20, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Halbzeit! Nun bin ich 1 1/2 Monate hier und so langsam beginne ich mich nach dem Luxus zu sehen der mich zuhause erwartet. Dennoch geniesse ich alles in vollen Zuegen. Die Wochentage laufen nach wie vor gleich ab und man nutzt die Wochenenden fuer ein wenig Luxus und Entspannung. So besuchten wir letztes Wochenende den sehr touristischen Ort Puerto Vallarta, welcher gleichzeitig die Hauptstadt der Schwulen in Mexiko ist. Das viel stark auf, da ueberall Regenboegen vor Bars und Clubs zu sehen waren. Am Sonntag (12.10.) unternahmen wir eine Tour mit einem Catamaran. Dort gab es zu unserer grossen Freude eine offene Bar. Wir hatten ausserdem die Moeglichkeit fuer ca. 10 Minuten zu schnorcheln, was allerdings nicht allzu spassig war, da wir Schwimmwesten anziehen mussten. Das beste an der Tour war der Spaziergang zu einem weiteren Wasserfall, unter dem man baden, duschen und sogar rutschen konnte, wenn man sich anstrengte. Zurueck auf dem Boot trafen wir Daniel (ein Amerikaner aus Colorado), seine Frau und seine Tochter. Daniel lud uns zu sich ins Hotel ein, wo wir dann den Rest des Nachmittags verbrachten.

Zurueck im Camp begann der Alltag wieder, welcher nur von einem kurzen Migraeneanfall meinerseits unterbrochen wurde. Dieses Wochende blieben wir im Camp und entspannten dort. Gestern grillten wir und assen bis zum umfallen ;) 

Gestern und heute hatten wir zum ersten mal seit langem wieder Regen. Das ist ziemlich angenehm, da die Temperatur ein wenig sinkt. 

Das war es soweit wieder von meiner Seite.


Viele Gruesse 

Euer Lucas

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9. - 20. Oktober
9. - 20. Oktober

Social Boat Trip!   (published in China)

October 20, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Social Boat Trip!

Every week the Projects Abroad team arranges a social event for the volunteers. In China, we try and arrange something that the volunteers cannot do in their home country, something that is specifically Chinese or a special trip such as a group visit to one of the many attractions in our two destinations of Shanghai and Chengdu. Examples of these socials include a cooking class with Chinese cuisine, tai chi or Chinese kung fu.

For our most recent social we went on a boat trip tour of what is considered to be Shanghai’s most famous site, the Bund. The magnificently lit up skyline is on the Pudong side of the Yangtze River (in Shanghai there are two areas, Pudong and Puxi) and it is most likely on the front of every recent guide book about Shanghai. Before 1990 these buildings weren’t here.. In fact pre-1990 Pudong was predominantly grass fields and rice terraces! It’s hard to believe considering the number of high rise sky scrapers that are there today!

Anyway, ten of us enjoyed a boat tour on the Yangtze River and had a close view of this fascinating spectacle in the futuristic metropolis that is Shanghai! We have such an amazing group of volunteers from across the World and all of the Projects Abroad team can’t wait until the next social! 

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Social Boat Trip!
Social Boat Trip!

Why We Love China Reason #11   (published in China)

October 20, 2014 by   Comments(0)

Why we love China, reason #11: C.V/resume exchanging.

 The parents and grandparents of people who are getting to the age where 'they should be married' but have yet to find a partner, meet up and discuss potential marriage arrangements! This is in People's Park in Chengdu and I have just realised that this lady doesn't seem to be too happy that I took a photo! 

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Why We Love China Reason #11
Why We Love China Reason #11

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